Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Monster Abduction (Scary!!!)

Now who would post about Halloween on the 2nd of November? Hmm, I don't know... maybe a cranky, sleep deprived mommy who had planned on doing it before the actual Hallow's Eve, but got abducted by the diaper monster right before she did? Hehe. Yeah, she would be it (make that me!). I'm sure the sight of the beautiful dark circles around my eyes alone would scare the bejiggers out of everyone, but I'll spare you just this once. :)

So instead I'll show you this drawing I made while the diaper monster wasn't looking...

Beastlings, graphite on paper

...which was something I thoroughly enjoyed! Especially because I haven't been drawing cute characters for a while now. It's always fun to play, isn't it? In fact, I think it would be a good therapy for me, considering the load I'm taking right now. Believe me, it's serious business to raise children, and so far the best advice I've been giving myself is to stop, inhale, exhale, count to five, then carry on.... well, it works for me. Most of the time, anyway. The Beastlings itself is inspired by my three kids, of course. Salma the calm and self reserved, Kinaya the bubbly easy going boy, and Rayyan...who is still too tiny and in need of protection from big brother and sister.

And speaking of Halloween, here are some of the cutest spooky themed treasures I found on Etsy...

1 - Original art by moonandlion
2 -  ACEO print by DanitaArt
3 - Skull decoration garland by RawBone Studio
4 - Art print by atpalicis

So anyway, how was your Hallow's Eve? Was your party a huge success? Well, I hope you all had monstrous fun and came home with your bags full of treats!

A BIG hug from the monster's lair,

Amalia, oxx


  1. love your beastlings and your style!

  2. Really nice drawing! Very cute and scary characters.

  3. Oh you poor thing - do I remember those days. I was telling my daughter (now 20) the other day how desperate I felt when I brought her home and couldn't get her to sleep the first few weeks. I love your monster and girl, glad to see you still have some time to be creative. Hang in there - they grow so fast - enjoy every minute (diapers and no sleep - all of it)What a stunning old book behind your art

  4. You're amazing to have found the time and energy to make this beautiful drawing! I love the pencil shading. :) I love the Etsy finds too! I'm going to pop over and have a closer look, thanks Amalia!
    Jess xx

  5. Nappy days.....!!!

    Gorgeous drawing my friend. Glad you managed to squeeze it in among the diaper/nappy changing!

  6. Wow...Wonderful drawing! These beastlings are spooky, yet very cute! I'm glad the diaper monster allowed you enough time to draw this. :) Well done!

  7. So fun! I love your style. I love them all!

  8. Super drawing - Addams-family-ish, but cuter. Great pencil work. The girl is my favorite with the unexpected tentacle legs! She seems so calm. Probably the oldest. :)

  9. oh i love your monstery art!
    tired, me too, sometimes sleep is hard to find....
    wishing you lovely rest and sleep!

  10. Hi Amalia - I haven't been around for a while--so busy these days with a new teaching job. We had a big (and unusual for this time of year) snowstorm here and school has been cancelled for three days! So I had a chance to stop by your blog. It's always a delight. I just love your new header--so beautiful! Your latest post is my cup of tea. I love all things Halloween, especially creepy/cute things. Your little illustration is no exception in it's creepy endearingness (my made up word). I'm happy to know you are still finding time to create and keep up with your blog, shop, etc. Clare is right. Enjoy the moments now. They do go by faster than you can imagine.

  11. Hi Amalia! Congratulations on your your new little addition. They are such a blessing, diapers and all! I love your creepy but cute Halloween characters. Hope you had a good one!

  12. Hahahahaha!!! Awww, who couldn't love these little beasties? Oooh, love those tentacles. Very subtle yet effective. And I love the way you've drawn ghosty's hands. They are expressive in and of themselves.

    I always feel like Fagin from Oliver Twist, sending out my little begger children to get candy for me. Hehehehe. Candy. Yum.

    Happy November!

  13. Oh, how generous your Diaper-Monster is! I hope he'll leave you free minutes in future, too!!
    I enjoy your new characters, besides drawn with a pencil - I adore that! The hunchbacked one could be a hero of a long story with... secrets, lost letters, keys, towers, moon nights, steps in the dark, someone to be rescued, fear and... love! Do you see how you inspire me, Amalia, in the middle of the night?:-)
    I feel so ashamed that you, such a busy Mum, have found time to post and I, too busy to sew puppets for our new performance, cannot do that...:(
    I hope that although tired, you feel happy!! I'm so, so glad for you, dearest friend!xxx

  14. WOW... Your work left me speechless and in love. I LOVE your style.

    I'll be on my way now to stalk the rest of your illustrative works!

  15. This is really nice work :) i love your style :D

  16. If this is scary, then I want scary! Hello, beautiful. I love your photo there on the side bar, beautiful. Amazing how inspired and productive you are. I think you just ante up the bar on motherhood!!! Take good care. Tsup!!!

  17. Ooooo.....those Beastlings are wonderful!!!

    Having children is a HUGE (albeit wonderful) undertaking...sleep will have to wait til I'm old and gray (-er)....but then, I'll have to get up every hour to pee...haha!

    So glad to be a happy new Follower!

  18. I don't want to think about those tentacles, too creepy, I prefer to think she's wearing an earthworm skirt, more explainable.

    But what shall we do about that poor boy's lazy eye?? There are exercises to correct that, I believe.

  19. Heh how are you she of no big belly? :) "got abducted by the diaper monster right before she did". Ahh your sense of humour is as good as your work, and your work is rocketing. :) Cute eh? If I answrede the door and those cute scary creatures were standing there I think that I would be running around looking for diapers myself - no that doesn't sound right :) heh. Glad that you are having fun being a mum again. Oh the joy, just think, only twenty years to go...

    Me, I am still saving up for some. I will send my DNA away one day and get some ready mades :)

  20. Oh, my goodness, these are hilarious!! And I love it that they are your kids! My, my, is that octopus dress wash and wear? I must get myself one!

  21. I so love your beastlings Amalia. Great sketch! love it, love it :)


  22. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your drawing!!!

    I'm in the same sleep-deprived land, so I sooooo relate!

    Glad I found your blog!!! Great stuff :)


  23. Your drawing is adorable and brilliant :-}

    I am so happy to find your blog!
    Do pop by and say hi to my ceramic animal friends, if you have time.
    xx HUGS Lorraine xx


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