Sunday, 15 January 2012

Picture Perfect

When I was little, one of my favorite games was to play house. Not a day would pass by for me without building the perfect home under my mom's precious lacy curtains, surrounded by an array of dining chairs as my sturdy walls. Of course, I had my own family too. An old teddy bear as Daddy, a rag doll as my darling baby, and myself as Mommy. Oh, we were just the most perfect family there ever was.

Take Flight, mixed mediums on paper

What I didn't learn as a child, was that building a family is also work, work, work. That image in my head of a picture perfect household became a mental goal to pursue and some days proved to be a lot harder than the rest. In fact, I think I remember feeling so tired and disappointed at some point that I wonder how on earth I could ever be so gullible to carry on that perfect image too far into my adulthood. Well, serves me right for living behind rose tinted glasses most of my life.

But don't worry, I have not broken down and about to give up on that pretty image. I think as an artist, I am truly blessed to have the ability to render any picture I have in my head and turn it into something more vivid and real for myself. I have learned to trim all excess frills and ribbons that once decorated my frame, and carry on with my journey with an image that suits me for who I am.

So to those of you about to tie the knot and head into the wilds of marriage and family life, please try to keep in mind that not everyday will be a carnival ride with cotton candy and colorful balloons. But when it is, be thankful and savor each moment that lasts. Just a little advice, from one student to another. :)


Amalia, oxx


I have 24 unopened mails in my inbox and some I know are from my lovely blogger friends. I'm sorry for being too quiet lately and not replying to any of them. You are truly some of the sweetest people I have ever came across and thank you for being so kind to check up on me. More hugs to you! oxx


  1. Hello beautiful!!!!!!!

    Hah! Whoever said that marriage and raising a family is not hard work, must be a fiction script writer. Hey, hang in there, sweet. Your work is still amazing and that is a good sign. I hope you find the time to pamper yourself. Three young children is a lot. Just remember now, you still have to go through the teenage years. :D

    We all survive it and I think the world is a better place because we persevere.

    Be kind to yourself and sometimes it's okay when the dishes are left unwashed, overnight.


  2. Hehehehh! SHAKE IT!!! SHAKE IT baby! Hahaha! Love you! TSUP!!!

  3. Hey the trick to married life is to not speak to your partner.

    That way you never have fights, see?

    Easy. :)

    Hope you are well and the leaves all all viridian green (knocked back a liddle of course)

    not too much yellow hansa

    welcome back to the land of blog

  4. Playing house and school were my all time favorite activities. I thought being a grown up must be such a wonderful thing. I'm still playing those things, it's just not as much fun as it used to be!
    I love the steam punky machine she's riding, and the moon with doors.
    Bless you for being able to fit drawing into your schedule with three young ones!

  5. Very well said! And I love the painting! Your children are so lucky to have such a creative, insightful mother!

  6. This is lovely...Your honesty is beautiful....I am with you on this and I can totally relate....HUGS my friend from one student to another - thank you for sharing helps to know I am not the only one expecting cotton candy!

  7. Yes, I hear you;things are never as pretty as we imagined them to be, are they? ;) I'm with Ces, relax a little, breath and take some time for your self, where ever you can sneak it in. Hugs Amalia :)

  8. lovely to make peace with who we are and how life is.

    your art is wonderful and i love looking at it and contemplating what you are expressing.

    sending love

  9. nice work. I have not been here for long time, you know family , sheep.........and other things to do.
    Hopefully I will be here more on regular base !

  10. Oooooh, I LOVE this! I love the contraption and the windows in the moon. I love her boots. :)

    Marriage is definitely work work work. Motherhood is most definitely work work work work work. Sometimes I see young people in love and I want to tell them everything I've learned over the years. Not that they'd listen, though. There are some things people have to learn for themselves.

    I think it also helps to know that you're not alone in this.

    Keep your chin up, my dear. Don't give up. Most importantly, forgive yourself and take the time to replenish your soul.

  11. What a wonderful image, and such good advice to go along with it! :)

  12. ~oh gosh...i may just have to agree with andrew't it funny how we create this world in which we are going to live and then reality sets in...far different somedays than what we expect...but life is a journey...regardless of carnival ride days or smooth sailing seas...each is an adventure with a lesson to be learned...and as you said...savor the moments...cause they come and go so quickly...many happy calm peaceful cotton candy filled days ahead for you...i adore this drawing and the sweet memory taking me back to my childhood days as well...much love light and blessings my dear friend~

  13. Yes life does take us on quite the ride doesn't it dear friend, sometimes magical and sometimes quite frankly it is uphill slogging all the way! But those sweet cotton candy moments you speak of (and render so beautifully with your art!) are the cream, the cream indeed. With age comes the knowledge and gift of being able to realize and savor those little gifts AS THEY ARE HAPPENING.

    Hugs and support from us. Keep your chin up, take care of yourself, and love those babies.

    Life can be delicious yes!

    Oh and of course lots of happy smiles sent your way.

  14. a very beautiful expression Amalia.
    I believe its the downs and then the ups which makes life more exciting and dramatic to live... if everyday was as rosy as the previous one then probably we as mere mortals wud take dat for granted and stop appreciating it. So therefore I think to savour the joys of life completely, we need to experience a few sorrows too...

  15. So beautiful. Your style is such a pleasure to look at. Families are a funny amazed that you have managed to juggle so much!

  16. Family life is the most difficult yet the most rewarding thing in the world. The years you're living through now, you'll look back and see even more beauty in them than ever before as the passing of time makes them all the more precious. The other thing that's amazed me now that most of my children have grown up is that the time we actually have them with us is so very quick, a brief moment in our lives.
    Your work continues to delight Amalia, you're doing a fantastic job with you art and being a mum. Keep up the good work!
    Jess xx

  17. it truly is much work!
    + in play + in real,
    your house is indeed
    beautiful, dear amalia.

  18. Such a thoughtful and beautiful post, Amalia, dearest! I do hope that the new year brings light and peace to you. You are so very right about marriage and raising a family being hard's been some of the hardest yet most rewarding work I've ever done though. You take good care and I am sending you big hugs and a slice o' warm homemade apple pie. Tsup!!

  19. Super fantastic advice Amalia! and super super fantastic fantastic work! contentment and celebration are two of my favorite “life” words. Thanks dear Amalia


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