Thursday, 5 January 2012

Shining under the Clouds

So it's 2012. Twelve long years after all the "millennium" buzz and fuss...and where are we at now? Hmm. I'm still asking myself the same question every year, and most likely for the years ahead too. Like anyone working in the creative fields, it's probably best for me to think about where my art is heading this year. A couple of friends had already asked me why my work seems to be changing into a different direction these days...what's with all the sudden "cuteness"? And all I could do was laugh.

Call for Rain, mixed mediums, 2011

To be honest, I have been undergoing self therapy for some time now. A going-mad-prevention kind of therapy, to be exact (^_^). I must admit the last few months of 2011 had been immensely hard for my fragile soul and tapping too deep into my inner thoughts was a huge no-no at the time. Hence the "cute" drawings, as my friends had kindly put it. Sometimes it's best to think only of happy thoughts and put aside the heavy stuff for days with bluer skies.

I can only hope this new year will bring us more wonderful moments to cherish and plenty of time to reflect, no matter how hard life gets.

Best wishes to all,

Amalia, oxx


  1. Greetings Amalia

    Happy New year to you my friend. Or as Jack might say 'my fiend'. Hmm.... I'm sorry you are going 'cute'. You know how deeply disturbing I find that? :)

    But seriously, yes life is like that, we need to examine it occasionally, but you are too young to be having these thoughts.

    Just be true to yourself is a good expression. But I never figured out what it means. Not yet anyway :) I reckon if we were true to ourselves then we'd dump everything, walk out the door (after putting on our best walking shoes) hire or steel a motorbike and ride off into the sunrise.

    Sound great eh?

    Cute or not, your work still makes me think. And anything that makes me think has to be a miracle .... :)

    see you I hope your New Year is Magical and full of Interesting things with Wings that aren't creepy bug things.

    I saw a snake yesterday. Lucky it saw me first :)

  2. I've really got to get a new head

  3. Dearest Amalia, I am sorry to hear that life has been heavy for you. It can be burdensome at times. I pray that the new year brings you joy and happiness with plenty of time for creative pursuits. Like Andrew, I find your work thought provoking regardless of the "cuteness" level. Your style shines through and your illustrations are always wonderful. Don't worry, we all feel a little mad at times. It wouldn't be life without the ups and downs. The downs make us cherish the ups that much more.

  4. Aaaww, honey! I hope the blues will go away soon. My goodness, a new baby is a lot of work!!! I love your new direction. It is very soothing and peaceful. I think Andrew said everything here for me. Aside from being true, will you also accept that you are exhausted? I am. I am very tired and I did not even have a baby. Take care dearest one. Tsup!

  5. Amalia,
    i love your art whether it is cute, tender, full of emotion, love, childlike or deeper..... you have a lovely and unique way of expressing yourself.

    sending love for a new year that brings our heart to the surface infusing what we experience and share.

  6. I love all your work and sometimes we have to switch creative moods to pull us out of a dark place. Blessings to you and yours in 2012.

  7. What thoughtful words. I think even the more 'cutey' works still have a depth about them - a place that you can go if you choose to contemplate the more serious stuff. Your work is always powerful and speaks. Wishes for you for 2012 - magic

  8. Best wishes to you for 2012 Amalia. Hope you work through this difficult time. Art is a great healer and if you want to go cute then just go with the flow. It's all beautiful.

  9. Hey Amalia! I feel joy when I look at your work. Some may call it cute, but I find it uplifting. I’m glad that even through tough times, you are able to create such wonderful art. Sometimes we become stifled with negative thoughts, but you continue to send rays of sunshine through the clouds. Hope your 2012 is filled with overflowing blessings and happiness for you and all your loved ones.

  10. Wishing you all the best for the new year!
    Your art is just great (so don't listen to your friends to much :)
    Keep up the good work!

  11. As artists we have to go with the flow. I'm feeling quiet at the moment and I'm sure my artwork is reflecting this. I'm usually one for very bright colours but I'm instead I'm finding I'm in need of harmony.
    I love all your art, whatever mood it conveys and our more 'whimsical' pieces are not all they seem on the surface are they? ;o)
    Jess xx

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  13. Sorry, the last post seemed to post itself twice! :o) x

  14. My dear Amalia,
    Happy New Year! Let all the new moments, emotions and experiences be exciting and nice ones! And may the hard moments turn to be easy ones for you, with the support and love around!
    I like all your drawings, I even can't call the newest ones "cute", I just feel their impact and it's always strong and deep.
    Bit stil... when it's really hard - take a breath and try to smile...

  15. Hi Amalia! Happy New Year! I'm sorry you have been feeling blue. You are stronger than you think. We are so lucky to have art to lift our spirits... and little baby toes to kiss!

  16. Happy New Year to you and I hope it's a blessed one. And one that is filled with bluer skies to mend your soul. Life, sadly, is like a jump rope..up and then down. But, it makes you the person who you're meant to be, so the trick is to just be you and you'll make it through.

    Nothing wrong with cute at all...I think your work is gorgeous and full of soul, which gives it such a whimsical beauty. Keep up the fantastic work!<3

  17. Happy New Year, Amalia. I love whatever art you create - it's an extension of your soul and should reflect the emotions you are feeling at the time of creation. It's good to change. :) Wishing you a year of happiness, magic and love!

  18. Everything you do is stunning and inspiring! Especially the cute stuff. ;-) And, this latest piece is no different. I ADORE IT. So, take time to nurture yourself but, please don't stop. I love it all. xx

  19. theres so much emotions in your art
    so pretty
    we share the passion :)
    check out my art
    follow me if you like me :)

  20. Hi Amalia! I adore all of your beautiful work. It always has depth and is beautiful to look at. I love the amazing shades in this girl's dress. I hope that you have an amazing new year full of happiness :) Hugs, Lauren

  21. I for one love your Cute drawings! I can totally relate to not wanting to dig too deep - life sometimes demands that we just skim on the surface for a bit, enjoying the fresh air and resting be for plunging back in.
    Self preservation? Sounds fine to me!

    Hugs to you dear Amalia and I wish you the very best this New Year! Smiles too of course

  22. Hello Amalia, I just came to give you a kick in the kneecap ....


    No I didn't. I have a pin on the end of a very long stick that means I can sit in the seat of the table next to you in the restaraunt and get your attention.

    Much more subtle eh?

    Hope you are feeling better :)

    see you

    Hang Ten!

  23. A beautiful and very poetic illustration. I love the idea of clouds on strings!

    Ah, yes. Sometimes there's only a thin shell of cuteness and smiles holding together a goopy mess of tears and anguish. Best not to crack that shell lest you are prepared to clean up a giant mess. Life can be hard, and sometimes it is not the life we asked for. But I know you will prevail because you are a dreamer of happy endings.



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