Monday, 20 February 2012

Side-Benched. Unfortunately.

Hello there. I hope you're all well and happy. Me? Not so much at the moment. In fact I feel awful. The whole house has been infected by this annoyingly curious bug and now everyone is sick, including my 4 months old baby. Usually I'm quite tough when it comes to fighting off bugs and viruses, but this one is a nasty kind and sadly, I've been unwillingly side-benched. I guess illness is a way of reminding us how human and fragile we are, don't you think? Just a simple flu is enough to make you feel weak and eventually you'd have to put everything to a halt. Whether you like it or not. :((

I did plan on sharing something special with you, but I don't really have the strength to put it up for posting right now (mind you, I'm typing this in snail speed and my brain is not cooperating). So here's something I did before the "party pooper bug" came visiting...

Follow My Leap, pencils and digital medium

So anyway, enjoy your day. Don't forget to eat your fruits and veggies, get plenty of rest and soak up the sunshine. You never know what kind of bugs are lurking in the shadows....


  1. Oh my gosh, at first I thought your house was infested with bugs like termites!!!! Ugh. Okay. Rest, pleanty of fluids and stay in bed with baby. Get well soon.

    I hate getting sick!

    Be well.

    Virtual kiss: no germs. TSUP!!!!

    I love her shoes!!! She looks so cute! - your leaping girl.

  2. I know how you feel, we have all been sick, sick, sick for weeks. It just keeps hanging on and won't let go. Arghhhh. I finally have a little energy again, but not much. :( I hope that it leaves your household much more quickly than our nasty bug is leaving ours.

  3. Your work is AMAZING!!!
    I wish I could watch you create it.

  4. Here's hoping that you feel better VERY soon. Love the new art that you've shown here - so playful and whimsical like all your work. :) Take care of yourself, Amalia!

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear! There has been a nasty stomach bug going around my daughter's school....I'm taking my vitamins, drinking my green smoothies....and crossing my fingers that it skips us!

    This image is on an adventure with her cute shoes, her best friend...and a little faith

    Get well soon!!

  6. Hope you feel better soon - those nasty little bugs - be gone. This art work is incredible - you have such a wonderful style, and your work has a lovely surreal feel about it.

  7. Yes, you never know what illnesses or accidents are ready to attack you, while you are feeling well and happy... I wish a quick recovery to the whole family! I suppose that the mood in the house is low, so take a lot of sleep and try to discover new ways to entertain the little ones (if this is possible!) Some days ago I had an accident that showed me how precious health is. I'm still recovering from the stress...
    The drawing is taking us to a different, dreamy world, where everything impossible or dangerous looks so tempting and inviting us to try or at least to dream of it... Take care, dear friend!xox

  8. beautiful image here-
    feel better soon!

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon.. beautiful picture.. but then all of your art is wonderful... can not wait to see the other you have in store for us...

    blessings your way

  10. Yes, leap! Leap with all your heart. She is a drop of pure sweetness. Love her bouncing braids!

    Aww, Amalia. I hope you and your family get better. I heard a doctor once say that getting sick is proof that you have an active and healthy immune system. For what that's worth. :) Feel better, sweets.

  11. oh darn, so sorry to hear that you are all sick. I am sick too, but not as bad as you. I can do the things i do, well staying home... but I am sorry to hear. So hard to see a wee baby sick!

    Sending healing light.

    wonderful art piece~

  12. Sorry to hear about your bug, families quite often share everything when it comes to these things.....Love "Follow My Leap".....

  13. Sorry about your bug infestation. Like Ces I thought it was something worse, like tsetse fly or elephantiasis. Count your blessings!

    Here's wishing you health and back to the drawing table soon!

  14. Sorry to hear that, I hope those horrible bugs leave your house very soon.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely girl and her cat.

  15. I hope you are feeling better!! Wonderful illustration, by the way :)

  16. Oh goodness, that stinks!! I'm hopeful you're all better now!! And gosh, this is one gorgeous piece, Amalia..your illustrations are just magical (I've said it before and I'll keep sayin' it!) : )


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