Saturday, 4 February 2012

Inspiring Art: Dilka Bear

It's early Saturday morning here, always such a blissful time for me. And what could be more gratifying than sharing with you one of my favorite artists? :)

Well my lovelies, Meet Dilka Bear. For those of you who aren't already acquainted with Dilka Bear's work, then this is the time to do so. I first saw her art a couple of years ago and I don't think I've ever felt happier "stumbling" before, especially into shining treasures like her marvelous work. Just take a look, I'm sure you'll agree with me...

Being a huge admirer of Pop Surrealism, there's just no reason for me not to fall in love with the poignant work of this Italian artist. Each of her mysteriously beautiful characters seems to hold a secret of their own and I can't help but wonder if they'd ever tell! If you like what you see here, then you'll love seeing more on her flickr stream and fan page

Have an inspiring weekend, everyone!



  1. I'm familiar with her work, but enjoyed seeing these illustrations again. Thanks for sharing Amalia. I hope you enjoy your Saturday.

  2. Very intriguing and mystical. Wow! Each image holds promise of some wonderful, haunting tale. Very, very cool works. Thanks, Amalia!

  3. I tell you! Art makes everything look perfect, even hydrocephalic looking kids. They actually look beautiful!

  4. ~magically drawn littles one she has created...i love the houses in the tree and the one where she is listening to the player...i wonder what she hears...i have never seen her work before but look forward to stumbling over for a visit...beautiful work...thank you so for sharing...wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead my well and much love light and blesisngs~

  5. Her work is very distinctive! I'm a fan, too. Thank you for sharing some of her work. And I hoping that you had a most delightful day today!

  6. A hoof chair! Wow..her work is beautifully illustrated and transports me to a different place altogether. Thank you for sharing her work with us, Amalia! I hope you are enjoying a lovely Sunday as well, and I'm sending a virtual box of fine chocolates to you..we must indulge sometime, right?! : )

  7. Hmm I was going to ask ces what these heads would represent and I see that she has saved my from googling head with wide eyes and small lips.

    Well how are the depths of that forest in your head? You know it's probably Ces's acorns grown into giant oa-kes.

    You know in Oz we have worms in the beack sand that eat you if you fall asleep for too long. So that means your wife can come back from a long walk and just find a pair of swimmers and a diving watch where once had been a husband!

    So there is a moral there :)

    This art is sublime and eerie and alien and so well balanced. The figures in it challange us with their beauty as well as their gaze. They almsot say to us: "go on, I dare you to say that you are more perfect than us, when you are obviously not. Who are you to be the arbiters of taste?"

    Well they would have said that I reckon but I have my laptop speakers on mute.

    So equally they could have said 'tea with two sugars and a small dash of bitters..."

    thanks for sharing

    PS i am sending linda a duck billed platypus. I have some grass that is growing over at my blog. I will send some by courier as well :)

    Hope you are well and life has settled down to normality (that last part sounds like a curse!)

  8. Hey when I make a comment it tells me "Your comment has been saved".

    That kinda makes me feel all religious....

  9. I love her work too. I came across her a couple of years ago too and I've noticed recently how much more they've really 'spoken to me'. I'm already a FB fan of hers but I think now you've reminded me I'll slip off there for a few minutes of joy! :)
    Jess xx

  10. Yeah, she's good. And each piece has a little story to tell, too. That's the best part for me.

  11. These characters are so sulky!

  12. I think the one with the pomegranate actually represents the story of persephone in greek mythology. She ate 3 pomegranate seeds (coincidence?? i think not!) in the underworld and thats what forced her to return there every year....she hated it....hence the tears?
    .....thats just a guess though....


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