Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Romance is in the Air

I'm a hopeless romantic. Some of you may already know. And although taking care of two bouncy kids and a babbling baby everyday is nowhere near a perfect picture of romance, I'm glad I still have plenty of romantic flair up in my head to play around with. Here is a new series of original hand drawn ACEOs in my shop, Be Still My Heart...

Jewelry by Winterwillow

I had so much fun making them! And of course, they're a great way to collect my original art in a very affordable way. How about you? Have you created any romance inspired art lately? Please feel free to leave your link here so I can pay a visit. :)

And a little heads up! I'm going to have a very special post published in a few days... For the first time, I will have a guest writer in my blog! I'm super excited! Well, I hope I'll see you then. Meanwhile, have a wonderful Valentine's Day, everyone!


  1. If cutting paper hearts in different forms and hanging them all around the house, giving heart pendants to friends and holding a "Valentine's" workshop for children and parents (with my husband!)sounds romantic, then I am such a person, too...:)
    And you... you are the Romantic Fairy! These girls are soooo tender, each of them has her story, I can't take my eyes off them!
    Have a wonderful day, Amalia!! And let love shines always in your life! xox

  2. They're gorgeous Amalia, so sweet and gentle. I really love the way you've photographed them too, adding romance in a lovely way!
    Jess xx

  3. oh, they are each so lovely! i love the romantic in you and how you share this in your art and words with us. Lovely Valentine's to you and yours.

  4. They are just wonderful! Love your little ladies. Happy Valentine's day! :)

  5. Such sweet little ladies! Aaah, romance. Happy Valentine's Day, lovely. xoxo

  6. Lovely, lovely illustrations, Amalia! I wish you and yours a wonderful Valentine's day. Lots of squishes and hugs!

  7. Hi Amalia - and Happy Valentine's Day! Love your new little art works - they are so sweet. :) Enjoy your day!

  8. All of them are beautiful!
    I love them...

  9. So Sweet, they really draw you in as if ready to speak. Karen

  10. amalia, i'm here from anne's.

    such soft soulful eyes. i think it takes hard earned wisdom to draw soulful eyes.

    nice to meet you,


  11. waw!your art is just so beautiful!i find it somewhat sadly romantic(sorry to say,i have just admired your art n not so much read what you have written aboiut it, so i might have gotten it all wrong!.. it's quite late n my brain is tired^^' -will catch up!), anyho. found you through erin k's blog themuchacafe, n man. i'm happy i did. beautiful art!i'll be happily following your work from now on. :3

  12. Oh, my! What a talented artists you are! I'd just published a post about my favorite headers. Then I bumped into yours and HAD to include your beautiful header to the list! :)

    Hope you're having a great week!



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