Friday, 25 May 2012

Craft Ideas - Flying Fairies

I wanted to surprise my daughter with a little something yesterday, and while she was at school, I got out my crafting box, then started getting busy...

First, I used these printouts of fairies and colored them in.

Then I cut them out along the shapes, leaving a small gap between the line and the edges for easier manuveure.

Next, stick the cutout fairies onto cardstock paper and cut along the edges once more.

After that, punch a hole on the top and attach a ribbon for hanging.

And there you have it... flying fairies to brighten up your little sweetling's room!
(which by the way she loved!)

If you'd like to get cracking and make something similar, my fairies are available here.

Have fun, everyone!


  1. so adorable!
    you are such a lovely mother.
    I can only imagine the wonderful memories that your children will have and then pass on to their friends and children.

  2. How sweet - there are so cute - it's such fun doing little 'treats' for your kids. Those are the things that they will remember.

  3. your work always makes me smile!!!! so cute!!!!

  4. What little girl dreams are made of :)

  5. How clever! They're delightful and what a lucky little girl! She'll remember this all her life. :)
    Jess xx

  6. so sweet!

    hope you have a lovely day.

  7. How lovely, dear! So sweet and delicate... I love them!


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