Monday, 14 May 2012

Images in a Day

Hello lovelies. How did your weekend go? I must say mine was like a huge tall glass of ice tea after days of going thirsty. Haha! We spent the whole Saturday outside, enjoying nature and finally getting our deserved dose of fresh air. Started off the day by visiting Mount Tangkuban Perahu National Park, admiring the beauty of the Queen Crater, and remembering the first time I had seen it as a child. It's always wonderful to relive your childhood memories and sharing a new one with your own children, isn't it? After that, we followed a trail and ventured into the woods. Something I have not done in a long time! The trees seemed to muffle the sounds from the nearby road and all we could hear were the birds chirping and the wind whistling softly. Then we ended the day horse riding and strawberry picking. All in all, it was a fantastic day and as you can see, my two older kids sure thought the same. How I wish we could have more days like this....

What about you? I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine. :)



  1. How fabulous! May you have many more iced tea days!

  2. Dear friend, it's so thrilling to have a glimpse at your world! I don't remember to have seen other photos of nature, taken by you! Thanks for showing us the beautiful places you visited - I haven't seen a volcano crater up so far!
    Your beautiful children look so happy - one day they'll share those Saturday memories with their kids...:))
    I wish you, too, many more days "in fresh air"!xx

    What about my Saturday - you can read about it in my last post when you have time...

  3. Wow your weekend was waaaaay better than mine, your photos are fabulous.
    I didn't do much at all, just hung around the house being lazy lol ;o)

  4. Ah... it sounds like pure bliss. That's some pretty amazing scenery you've got going there too!!

  5. it looks like you had a wonderful time and created new memories for your family.

    i spent the day in nature with a friend as well, spring is leaning towards summer with hotter days.

    happy mother's day to you too~

  6. I saw these lovely photos earlier but I was at work. Oh my, how majestic. Indonesia, I think has more volcanoes than any other country. However, the real jewels are you lovely epsilons. Aw Amalia, they are do lovable. They look like really good children. What treasures you have. Take care. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day. Tsup!!!

  7. what a beautiful day and what beautiful photos! May you have many more days that are just as lovely :)

  8. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! What a beautiful, beautiful day! Your kids are soooo adorable, and so lucky to have spent this day with you. Just think. Years from now, they will be with their own kids, reliving this day and loving it. Thank you for sharing these photos! xoxo

  9. Memang kalau lagi kangen, di mana mana ketemu... Indonesia! Belum pernah petik Strawberry di sana...
    dan belum pernah sadar, bahwa hutannya kalau difoto nggak jauh beda dari hutan di sini.


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