Saturday, 5 May 2012

Working Away

I have been swamped with commissioned work and staying up late every night for the past couple of weeks. It's been quite tough, especially because I still have to take care of the three little birdies during the day. It's a good thing I can steal an hour or two of sleep while nursing the baby, but still, I have been living like a bat for days and I'm sure that can't be good.

Funny, though. As much as I like doing these commissions, I find it a little depressing that I don't have any time left to do my own personal work. Do you know what it's like to have visions and ideas in your head but can do very little to pour them out because you're working on something else? My God, it's nerve wrecking! See that Pink Bunny up there? Well, he was in my head while I was working on a sketch one night. And because he's so cute and adorable, I thought it would be better to have him on paper instead of letting him jump around and distract me up there. To my surprise, I felt much better. Maybe you just can't surpress some things. I know I'm glad I let it out, even it if had cost me time. :)

Anyway, I really wish I'd get the chance to visit my favorite blogs and wonderful friends very soon. Sorry for being so quiet lately, I hope life is good where you are!



  1. ah, this is so charming.

    i do know exactly what you mean! if a pink bunny wants to live as a piece of your art, it might just haunt you until you do so! ;-)

  2. I'm glad this little rabbit didn't leave you at peace until you got him free! And now we are all going to exclaim "Ah!" and "Oh!", when seeing him! But in fact we are in awe of the way you drew this fluffy long-eared sweetie!:)
    There's nothing to apologize for, Amalia! You have all our excuses, for you are a busy mummy before all! But you manage greatly with your everyday tasks and it's always a big pleasure for me to get in touch with a new art piece of yours!
    Please, let the "disturbing" images of future drawings lead your hand...:))
    Be happy and smiling!xx

  3. How beautiful!
    And yes, life is good, and super busy. Which is good, but I'm aching to work on non-commissioned art as well!! Still - WONDERFUL to actually be swamped with work and be able to do so many kinds of work, everything I love.

  4. Better to cost you time, than your sanity :)

    He is quite adorable, indeed!

    How wonderful, though, to have your work be in such wishes for continued success :)

  5. He does look full of energy, about to jump forward? :) Stunningly beautiful work Amalia, no wonder you're inundated with requests! The work can wait, your own health and rest are important. Please find time to rest? :)
    Jess xx

  6. Yes, I totally understand. It's a circle. It's good to have commissions and people wanting your work, but sad and somewhat depressing to have no time to let out your inner vision.

  7. I'm glad you took the time to make the bunny. So cute! Good luck with all your time management and projects!

  8. Awww! He's a magical bunny pulled from a magical place. I love the shape of his head! Adorable!

    I hope you find a happy medium, dear Amalia. I love it when you play.


  9. Thank you for sharing your bunny with us. I’m so glad he escaped your imagination and let us enjoy him! Glad you are busy Amalia! God bless you and your precious family.

  10. What happened to my comment? I remember very clearly that I commented about how I admired the bunny rabbit and its texture and then I rode on it and it hopped away to an island where there was a red brick road leading to a tunnel that emerged on an island resort where all the servers were well built and conditioned men wearing skimpy speedos and the owner of the resort was a beautiful witch who twitched her nose... well, something like that. Take it easy sweetie. Take a break sometimes and smell the air minus the pollens. Tsup!


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