Monday, 17 September 2012

It's Never Too Early for Halloween

That's right! I know that it's still a month away from Halloween, but it is always such a highly anticipated event of the year, so there's no reason why we can't spice up our dwellings and get ready for the Spooks to come out! :)

Don't you just love Halloween? :)

Spider kisses,


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  1. My absolute favorite Holiday!! What a wonderful way to start getting in the mood for ghouls and spooks!

    Thank you for including my Haunted House door hanger :)

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    1. I couldn't agree more Amalia. Fun post! I started decorating on August 18th this year, so I'm already almost a month into the season! I'm having a couple of fun fall giveaways on my web log! And BTW - Cool door hanger, Cameron!

    2. (Misspelled Amalia in first try, sorry)

  3. thank you for showing my work. Halloween is a great time :)

  4. I love Halloween too, it's not celebrated enough in the UK though, well not in my area!!! :o(

    Love that painting by the poppy tree, she is one of my favourite Halloween artists!!

  5. It's always interesting for me to see how you celebrate Halloween! This is a feast that "stepped into" our Feast Calendar just in the last several years and children and teens love it... We've run already workshops on the theme and we are going to have another one this year. I wish you great emotions with the kids on that day, Amaila!


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