Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sponsor Love ♥ An Ode to the Creepy Cute

Hello friends! I hope your day is wonderful! I'm back for another feature of my wonderful sponsor... Get ready to feast your eyes upon these sweet, creepy-cute lovelies. They're just so adorable, I even had a hard time choosing which ones to include here! :)

Little Nore

Meet the cute characters of Little Nore, an online shop created by UK based artist and illustrator, Heidi M. She loves to create wide eyed, pouty-mouthed beauties with a tad of cute and creepy edge through a variety of mixed media techniques. With a passion for story telling, Heidi loves to convey a story in each painting she creates, bringing her characters to life in their own unique way. If you're interested to follow Heidi's artistic journey and inspirations, hop on over to her fantastic blog and watch how she creates each of her work with plenty of love.

Links: Blog ♥ Shop ♥ Facebook Page ♥ Twitter


And here are some more creepy cuties I found while wandering on, just click on the image to visit the link....

Have fun browsing! :)

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  1. I love these creepy cuties!! Especially the little vampire girl...adorable!

  2. thank you for sharing two wonderful artists with us Amalia!

    i have just returned from Italy and was enjoying your ACEO i bought recently, it really is wonderful, thank you so much!


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