Friday, 23 November 2012

A Little Detour

I haven't been feeling too well lately. Up there in my head, that is. Not that I'm losing my sanity (because that went out the window ages ago. LOL!), but more like experiencing an "off" feeling... unfocused, dreamlike moments. Like sleep walking. Have you ever felt like that before? The first thing that came to mind was that it's probably the outcome of being sleep deprived, but then I have been sleep deprived for so long, I'm already used to it. Of course, the pile of work waiting on my drawing table is probably contributing some amount of stress and I guess it's normal that my mind wander off whenever I try to get them done.

Funny, isn't it? How your heart tends to rebel when you force yourself to work, when really what you want to do is play? I have to admit that my "working switch" has been on for far too long than I usually allow it. It almost feels like I'm slowing down and I'm getting behind on deadlines. *SIGH* I guess that's a classic working hazard, even if you're blessed enough to do what you love for a living.

Anyway, are you wondering how Alice fits into all this? Well she is actually a little "detour" I took one afternoon while working on a project. At first she started out as a doodle, but then before I knew it the day was half spent and she was nearly done. Maybe we both experienced that same unbelievable boredom and decided to jump into the rabbit hole instead. :D

Alice up there is now mingling with the others over at The Wish Forest, and here is a fabulous Etsy treasury with the same theme that included my Pink Bunny (it's so gorgeous, I just had to share it with you!)...

If I Had a World of My Own... by Ania Cooper

The Mad Hatter's Te...

seance. lily dale spiri...

Ocean - Limited edition...

Moss and Ivy - natural ...

Original photograph - O...

Eat Me Toppers Alice in...

Black Friday gifts, Lon...

Grey Occasion Flower Gi...

WINTER SALE Fine Art Pr...

Black Friday Etsy-Hair ...

Sweet grey teapot detai...

Hand Painted Skeleton K...

Drink me bottle necklac...

vintage otigiri bird de...

Alice in Wonderland Bra...

The Little Blue and Gre...

I hope whatever you're doing today, is keeping you lively and cheerful. But should you feel like taking a detour, be sure to come back and check in with reality! :)



  1. i loved seeing your charming piece unfold! thank you for sharing that. yes, sometimes life seems dreamy or like a dream and lack of sleep surely can add to that.

    wonderful treasury indeed~

  2. Sometimes life down the rabbit hole is just way more interesting.

  3. Hi Amalia,
    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling less than bouncy. It's not surprising if you're not managing to catch up on sleep along with a list of deadlines demanding your attention. This time of year is particularly busy isn't it and the cold weather doesn't help matters (is it cold where you are?) We're so lucky as artists to escape reality with our art but I know that's difficult to do when you have to fulfill someone else's dreams on paper. I hope YOU find time to dream, your pictures help others to do that, thankyou for your wonderful blog.♥
    jess x

  4. Oh I sure know what you mean :)
    In these situations my body usually decides, "ok, you need a break", so I come down with a silly flu or cold and then I have no choice but to rest. You have such amazing talent, I love your works :)

    xx, Erika

  5. Oh, I love Alice and this treasury with your pink rabbit. I added your Alice to my Pinterest board, "Crazy About Alice in Wonderland" ( It's fun to hear the story behind it.

    Yeah, I think when you don't take enough breaks the spirit can rebel even if your work is something you love. Breaks are good, refreshing and help you come back to your work with more energy than just trying to plow through it.

    I get that way too and need to take my own advice. Best wishes to you, Amalia and to all your blog readers!

  6. I love all things Alice and yours is absolutely beautiful! Love her little boots, and I'm glad to see she finally caught the White Rabbit. :) You have the loveliest detours.

    Supreme Eater is a Very Important Rank! Without eaters, I'd have no reason to bake. Noms away!!!

  7. Hai Amalia, I like your art :)
    very enjoyed in here.. ^^


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