Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Strength in Simplicity

Oh my. I can't believe I've been gone for so long! Sorry about that. I've been so caught up at home, spending more time with my kids that the blog got a little neglected. But hey! Wait till you see what I have for you now. :)

As you may already know, I love, love, love working with graphite pencils. There's a kind of simplicity and strength in graphite drawings that somehow makes you want to dwell inside them and Well, if you feel the same way I do, then you'll love this parade of stunning graphite works from some of my favorite artists over at Society6... (click on image to visit the link)

Incredible, aren't they? They make me want to lock myself inside the studio and draw one graphite piece in perfect details! LOL. I realize that most artists like to sketch their ideas, and some of these sketches sometimes end up as finished black and white drawings. So, how about you? Have you created any graphite drawings lately?

Big hug,

PS: Remember, I still have an awesome giveaway running with prizes from artist Melissa Kojima... so please join us if you haven't already! :)


  1. incredible indeed!
    sometimes i think it takes huge talent to make a pencil drawing like these, the same as an amazing painting. To pull off 'incredible' with just the color of a pencil and the paper is beautiful! thank you for sharing these .

  2. so much beauty :) Thank you Amalia!

  3. Wow. These are gorgeous. Real masters of graphite. I love graphite so much. And these artists remind me of the many reasons to love this medium.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous work..thank you for sharing the link with us Amalia! I, too, am so amazed at the depth that pure graphite can convey. Sending you a warm hug as we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states...thank you so much for your friendship - I am so grateful & blessed to have it! xoxo

  5. Oh, yes, yes, yes, I LOVE graphite. My first love. :) I can see why you want to lock yourself away with graphite. Me too! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Family trumps blog, every time. :) xoxoxo

  6. i really love the last one of a bird-cat! great piece!

  7. What gorgeous work from all of these artists. Thanks for sharing.


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