Friday, 9 November 2012

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, watercolor & pencils on paper, 2012

Did you have a diary when you were young? Did you pour your heart and soul into the pages of your precious journal every day? Remember feeling safe and content that every tiny secret is guarded by its lock? Well to be honest, I don't think I could have gotten through childhood without mine...

Yes, I was quite an introvert back then. I spent most of my days in the comfort of my room with a stack of papers and a pencil in hand. The first time I wrote in a diary, I didn’t even know what to write. It seemed silly at first to write what I thought, since I already talked to myself about everything. LOL. But when I started doodling in my diary, throwing words and doodles together, my diary and I became inseparable. It was like finding a friend who willingly listened to everything I had to say. A very rare thing to have, wouldn’t you say? I think one of the best things about having a diary or journal as a child was the thought that it was okay to express my feelings. Whether I was sad, angry or just plain happy.

Not to mention that doodling also made it so much more fun and creatively enticing for my growing soul. Something that has helped shaped my personality as an artist today, if I may say so myself. I guess that is why art journaling has become a popular form of art. It’s such a brilliant way to express your ideas and creativity, both with words and images. Here are some inspiring art journals from the wonderful land of bloggers... (please click the image to visit the link)

I'm sorry to say, though, that I have not written in a journal ever since I was a teenage girl. I guess the newly found excitement in life back then took over all interests, and as most girls that age, I also learned the art of confiding in real friends. But after writing this post, I strongly feel that I might start an art journal of my own. Wouldn't that be fabulous? How about you? Do you write an art journal? Do tell! :)


  1. I would reommend it to my clients but you know I don't do as I teach. Reading your post I think I would finally give it a go, you have inspired me.

  2. this is a beautiful party of a diary post! love!
    as for myself, i turn to a journal at the times
    i feel most stuck, passionate, pivotal, pleading,
    in need of turning the next page...+ it is always
    a trustworthy friend.

  3. That's a lovely painting! I didn't keep a diary when I was young. I was so introverted that even a diary seemed like another person! Nowadays things are different and I've been keeping visual diaries for years. I even share them on my blog for the world to see! Art journals are lovely things aren't they?
    jess x

  4. Oh my goodness, those pages are amazing! And journaling is quite the rage nowadays, I think there would be a lot of interest in this, if you could reach people with this type of art, in addition to your gorgeous little girl paintings! The painting today of the child with the notebook, and the text you wrote, really pull on my heartstrings. As a teacher for 30 years, I knew so many children who lost themselves in writing and drawing as though it were their only salvation in a confusing world...

  5. Wonderful! I still keep a journal, sort of. I tend to forget about it until something important happens or when I need to work something out in my mind, but my journal is very boring in comparison to yours. I hope you do start doing this again.

  6. Cool illustration ; )
    I actually do write a journal - ironically as an illustrator without the use of picture. Every once in a while I go back to read an old one, usually for a good chuckle at whatever I was thinking at the time.

  7. Oh, what a sweetheart! She with her book full of secrets. Wonderful! And those journal pages are mind blowing. How I wish I could express myself like that! I've never kept a journal for myself. I always felt embarrassed about putting my deepest, darkest secrets down in writing. But for a while, I did keep journals dedicated to my children -- something they can read when they are older about what they were doing as babies and toddlers. :) xoxo

  8. your sweet piece is a joy to see
    I remember looking at my first empty book that my mother gave me
    i loved the idea of filling the pages
    i do have books full of writings from over the years, but rarely feel guided to write a journal these days. I mostly draw and paint in them now.
    such a lovely post full of art.

  9. Amalia, she is beautiful.. it reminded me of my first diary ever.

  10. i love the girl you painted, it could have been me when i was young. I was always buying diarys and filling them in for a few weeks or months and then it would all fizzle out. interestingly what you said i always and still do talk to myself about everything, so maybe the call was not there for me then. After long ill health i finally came back to being creative through art journalling, i loved it and immersed myself. It offered me a gateway back into a magical land.


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