Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Golden Wings

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”Roman Payne

When I was little, I liked to pretend that I lived in a beautiful dream. One that would never end, even when the sun rises in the East. That dream would have everything and anything my heart desired, no matter how ridiculous or bizarre. I could be a queen, a fairy, a tree, or a golden butterfly dancing in the wind. My life would be perfectly lovely, and no evil monster would ever enter the picture. Well, these days as I've gotten older, I have learned to understand that nothing is perfect. At least not the way I dreamed it. And if you have lived the kind of life I have (I'll spare the details for the time being), you'll also learn to believe that dreams can play all sorts of tricks on you. I mean this, with no resentment whatsoever. ;)

People used to say to me that I should dream as high as the stars, and that if I worked hard, I would, in good time, have that dream in my hands. But what they didn't tell me, is that "working hard" is not always enough. There are people who set out into the world with barely nothing and find their dream in a blink of an eye. Some may take forever and still end up with disappointment. So what does it take, to finally live that dream? Will power? Faith? Hope? Or just mere Luck? I think it's one ultimate question with a different answer for everyone.

I'd like to think that the universe is there to provide us with an unlimited source of possibilities. That as long as you see no boundaries, then there is still hope of undiscovered paths to take. Maybe one will take me to that life I dreamed about. Maybe someday life will be kind and let the stars shine bright enough for me to see in the dark.

In the mean time, I will hold on to what I have and be grateful for the sunshine they bring me each day. I know someday soon the universe will lead me to where the golden butterflies roam.

Much Love,


  1. I think that dreams need to be kept alive and many's the time I thought I'd give up and accept I'll never reach there.We just have to keep on going, reaching for those bright stars! Beautiful artwork Amalia!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Melancholy, but with hope. I love the depth in her face and the drips of gold. Brilliant! So true, hard work only gets you so far. Here's hoping all your dreams come true. xo


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