Thursday, 3 September 2015


I found myself wandering aimlessly online last night. Hopping from blog to blog, from one site to another, not really knowing what I was searching for. Of course, like most people, I ended up on Pinterest. Naturally. :)

As usual, the amount of possibilities got me excited. I started checking out so many things and ended up pinning what seemed like a thousand pins as ideas for my blog posts. Truly, it was something I have missed ever since my long blogging break. So here I am, ready to show you some of my glorious finds. A little bohemian dream just for you... (please click each image to visit the link)

And something sweet to add into the ambience...

Now of course, my blog post wouldn't be complete without a snippet of art as a finale. So let me show you an original pencil drawing that I created a few months ago about a girl and her Dreamcatcher. It's already found a new loving home, but prints are available in my shop.

Sweet dreams tonight, my lovelies...


  1. What a gorgeous selection Amalia! Thank you so much for including my Labradorite Bangle here! xx VitrineDesigns

  2. such lovely and inspiring treasures you have found.
    thank you for sharing them.

    your drawing is lovely, tender and overflows with feeling. such a beauty.
    sweet days and nights to you Amalia.

  3. Ooooooh myyyyyy, your little dreamcatcher girl is an absolute doll. So beautiful!

    I love looking at all your finds. So many wonderful things! And isn't it great that we can go traveling to see treasures around the world without ever leaving our chair? Digital wanderlust.



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