Thursday, 5 November 2009

IF - "Skinny"

Have you ever wondered why some people could get away with eating almost anything they like? That they could gobble up a huge portion of lunch and the fats just never seem to end up on their thighs??? Well, it's that magical 'metabolism factor' that keeps these people amazingly skinny, no matter what they eat, however fatty the food they're consuming. The envy is just too much to bare...Honestly, it's the kind of thing that would eventually break even the toughest diet and the strongest willpower, leading those poor miserable souls of slim-figure wannabes right back to square one. (Based on a true story of yours truly...haha!)

PS: I wanted to do something different this time, just a little refreshing break from my usual style :)


  1. masa si teh...
    ngga ah saya mah lebih cenderung kepada yg berbau-bau mistis... seperti nyi roro kidul... ato minimal nyi blorong :D

  2. ...ngemeng2...
    nih si translucentblue-dot-com-dot-por tiap jumat bukannya banyak2 berzikir malah mosting gambar...

  3. kita buka usaha warnet aja gituh biar bisa ol 24jam... bisa paket 'begadang' ko plus kopi.

  4. hi! I love this illustration. I only write/draw about these issues. Metabolism is just one of those things we inherit...but every body of every size is amazing.

  5. this is great! I love the looks on the faces.

  6. Expressive faces-- I feel their pain!

    (Love your blog name too!)

  7. I like your style and use of color. This is very expressive!


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