Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Love Letter

The candle was burning bright in front of him, but somehow Terence was seeing nothing else but black.
He winced and then closed his eyes to think hard, but no words came to his mind. Blank, blank, blank.
“This is hopeless!” He exclaimed, throwing his head back and felt the sore on his neck from the long hour he had spent in front of the unwritten scroll.
“There, there, my boy. This is never an easy matter. Just take your time”, Rufus said with soothing words, “Try picturing her beautiful face, her enchanting smile, her glorious hair…”
Rufus’ voice trailed off in Terence’s mind as he again closed his eyes to see the image of his one true love. A smile appeared on his face. Then as if involuntarily guided by a hidden strength, he began to scribble the first simple words of his heart’s overflowing surge of feelings, “My dearest Eliza…”

(Amalia K, 2009)


  1. Wow Amalia, This is wonderful! Love the lighting and the tone. Great expression too. Nice work!!

  2. Wow, lovely illustration. You have such a wonderful soft touch, really beautiful!

  3. wooowwww 0_0
    teh aku ga ngerti deh, knapa kamu ga diseriusin aja sih, kata kamu waktu itu karna susah di indonesia ga appreciate sama freelance illustrators, masa gambar kamu kan bagus2, kalo gw mah udah jelas2 ngasal hahaha :D tapi kalo kamu masa iyah "waiting list" seperti yg kamu bilang????

  4. Oh, Amalia! This is glorious! What a magical image you've illustrated so beautifully. I hope this is a picture book soon..it would be wonderful!

  5. Thanks so much you all, you don't know how much your comments mean to me! :)

  6. What lovely colors and soft texture you have in your illustrations!

  7. i with you? waduh... kalo i with you mah kayanya terlalu PD hahaha :D

    Soalnya kalo kamu mah Teh udah "pasti" nasibnya, kalo nasib gw cuman yang di atas yg tau (dan si bos ayam tentunya, seandainya dia butuh kasir suatu hari nanti) LOL

    Ga percaya kalo gambar kamu "waiting list", kalo gambar si doi (you-know-who, we dont speak the name) nah baru gw percaya...



  8. What a great style you have, Amalia! Your illustrations have a 3D feel! I love the hair and the eyes, so expressive!

  9. Wow, great illustration, interpretation and composition of colors are great. You used crayons?

  10. Dear Guto de Oliveira, thanks for your kind words...I actually use colored pencils for most of my works. But sometimes when I'm brave enough I would use watercolor or gouache.

  11. Great Illustration!
    I love the lighting and mood created!

  12. I appreciate your drawings :) they're soooo lovely with character :)...bagusss banget


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