Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Art Inspires: Mab Graves

Have you ever dreamed of finding a treasure chest buried in the sand as a child? I remember wishing for gold, diamonds and rubies so I could go to the store and buy all the toys and books I wanted, then spare some to give to the poor. But after seeing Mab Graves astounding work of art, I think I would have loved having a chest of her genius work all to myself...


Her brilliant jewelry collection has captured so many hearts (including mine!) and I'm always anxious to see her new addition every time I pay her shop a visit. Now don't you think these are some of the prettiest trinkets you've ever seen? I just love her incredible details and surreal ideas (yep, those are MEAT charms you're seeing there!). Now, f I could only find that genie.... maybe he could zap up one of these gorgeous necklaces and make me a very happy woman. :)

Stay inspired, everyone!

Find Mab Graves' brilliant work here:
Official website
Facebook Page

**All images taken from Mab Graves' Etsy shop**


  1. oh, i just love the art that captures your fancy. thank you for sharing another wonderful artist!

    lovely week to you~

  2. Very cool work!! Thanks for sharing Mab Graves!! Btw.... love your banner!!

  3. Wow! Her work is quite cool. Thanks for introducing her to us! :) When I was little, I used to dig holes in the yard searching for who knows what? LOL I fancied myself an archaeologist!!!

  4. Whoooaaa! The girl in blue looks possessed, it looks cool! I want to know how you find these artists. You have a very eclectic selection.

  5. Wow! Beautiful pieces! Very cool jewelry. Thanks for the introduction!

  6. Mab? Now isn't that name with resonance,

    just like her work. Did I say magical? No, I didn't, well I shall then -

    magical, you can imagine Shakespeare would have had a ball

    you pick out the bestest artists to show us Amalia - thank you

  7. These are great. If this is your thing you should look for strangling on etsy too. I have one of her prints and it is so pretty! a similar type of style to this!
    Daisy Dayz


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