Friday, 9 March 2012

A Whimsical Tale

I'm very indecisive. Yes, I am. I don't know why, but I guess it's probably the two little fishies in me swimming in opposite directions, always trying to venture into different waters (I'm sure many Pisceans would agree). Sometimes it makes me lose focus and prevent me from completing even the most simple of tasks. But many times it can help open up plenty of different possibilities in creating a single artwork alone.

Unsurprisingly, I find it a struggle to walk in one main path and staying put. Now it might sound weird, but I must admit that it's emotionally draining, but in the same time, very satisfying. :)
So tell me, do think it shows in my work? Do you sometimes find a similar problem as I do? Well now that you know this little secret...don't be surprised when you see sudden changes here on my blog or in my work...I'm probably just having one of those days. :))

Have a happy one, lovelies!



  1. Amalia, your work has changed through the years for the best! I remember the first time I came here.

    "I'm very indecisive. Yes, I am."

    Well, I have to say, you are decisive about being indecisive!!! Hehhe.

    Have a truly lovely day.


    Maria Victoria Isabella Christina Cecilia ***

  2. As a fellow-Piscean,I can fully understand your senitments here. Beautiful work,

  3. Your works are so beautiful, I think that being indecisive is a blessing in art, it enriches it day by day and makes you step always forward.♥!


  4. I like your new blog header!
    I've never thought of pisceans like that, it's a very interesting thought. I LOVE the pictures you have here in this post, the 'kitty' is so gorgeous!
    Jess xx

  5. How different we are all, but yet together in a way, in this blogging space, appreciating something in the others, needing the contact with them, admiring and loving them... Such a variety of characters and natures... I am Aries and I always go ahead with my horns, really stubborn sometimes, always ready to fulfil the things I've begun to their end... The feeling of indecisiveness is not typical for me, but it's so wonderful that it leads you to such discoveries in your personal artistic development, Amalia!
    The new pictures are just wonderful! Oh, and drawn with colour pencils - what a miracle!! They are whimsical, but look quite natural in fact! I like the Kitty very much!
    I'm just amazed how you manage to create such beauties with two little kids and a baby, needing cares! I'm sending you hugs across the miles!xx
    P.S. The new header is LO-VE-LY!!!

  6. Your indecisiveness makes your work interesting. I can relate, I tend to be pretty indecisive too. I just want to draw all of my ideas and whims but never have enough time. I love the new header too! totally cute! Have a great weekend Amalia.

  7. Your work is always evolving but for the better! I love seeing what you are up to and it never seems anything but magical! I want to live in your world :-)

    Hugs and smiles

  8. in my opinion, changing is not a bad thing. people changes always and the change such a lot of things. its exciting and interesting to change yourself and to grow by doing the things you love.

    i like your works. go on like this and change and grow as much as you can.

  9. Beautiful! If this is what comes from indecision, then I think it's a wonderful thing. I would never think of these combinations. Keep swimming in whatever direction works for you :)

  10. Let's not call it indecisiveness, shall we? Rather, it's called 'Being Open to New Possibilities.' I am tickled by the different directions your work takes. It's like an initial 'Oooooh' followed by a delighted 'Ohhhhh!' It's wonderful and whimsical. And I sooo love your new header! Hehehehe! Have a beautiful weekend. Swim, fishie, swim!

  11. for me, it does not show in your work. just the fact that you create so much seems as though you are able to make a choice and follow through. But i do know that piscean trait.... for me it is more seeing SO many facets to a perspective that it is hard to choose or say one is more right over another!
    love each piece~

  12. Hey, you know I get to 'chhose an identity' when I make a post? That's what it says at the bottom of the box anyways. So today I am going to be a heterosexual Cary Grant. Except he is really, really old, or dead, so that would be a bad choice I guess. Plus he had a weird chin....

    Ripples? Me? Moi? Heh. Yes Jabba the Hut meets Danny Devito :) You got mein one.

    Well, love your new header.
    For a start.

    But your art, is just so whimsical - the way you put things together that didn't go before, but once you put them together, the observer says 'ahh yes, that's how it should be, that's how it is," - and (why didn't I think of that!)

    I can see those two fishes swimming in all sorts of directions - so well put, the choices that we have in life, so big and small, are never clear cut.

    I think you have been picking the right ones though

    Chow from Oz :) :)

    sorry to be late, I have had a white rabbit moment, - I have an appointment with the vet on Moonday - maybe he will fix me ....


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