Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shop Update: Paper Goods Loving


I was rummaging through my boxes the other day and found some (very, very) old correspondence which dated as early as 1989. I had just moved to the UK that year and I received quite a lot of mail from my old friends back in Indonesia. A few letters, some birthday cards, and even a handmade shadow puppet my good friend had so lovingly made for me. Do you like making handmade cards for your loved ones? I've seen quite a few online craft classes in the internet, and I think I might add that to my wish list. :)

Anyway, it was such a sweet moment to just sit and read them all again, so I was inspired to make some vintage themed handmade cards (while daydreaming about my schooldays!). They're all available in my shop and anxiously await all of you corresponding lovers out there! :)



  1. How lovely, Amalia! As always are your wonderful works. Thanks for sharing, friend.

    Big hugs
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  2. Hey, I see you are getting back in touch with your inner child - I wish I could do that but I left mine in a shop somewhere last year....

    So innocent these are, they have a wonderful glow, I'm sure they'd create that same glow in anyone who received them :)

  3. They are just so so sweet! :) I miss letter-writing. I still do love to send cards, though!!!!! I get so excited to see them in the mail.:)

  4. Hey :) The chickens are for decoration ! But I like the theory that they are personifying human emotion :) (If only I was that smart!)

  5. Such a lovely blog! So glad I found you; I'm now a follower!
    Anne ♥♥

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhh! These are so sweet and beautiful. They make me aspire to have better handwriting.

    Lovely as always. Yay for good ol' fashioned letters!

  7. letters and cards are full of memories, lovely that you gave yourself a moment to enjoy and then follow your inspiration to create. they each are charming!

  8. Awwwww, these are so sweet. They make me wish that I were better at corresponding ;)

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  10. The cards are more than lovely! Those people who will receive them some day, do not suppose this at all - how could they? But, oh, what a sweet surprise is waiting for them!!
    I like especially the girl with the key!:)
    The letters and postcards we keep - sweet memories, smiles, sighs and even tears... I must open my old correspondence boxes with thorn edges!:) And "sink" into my past, and feel my younger, nearly forgotten "me"!
    Thanks for this post, Amalia!!:)xx

  11. I’m loving your paper goods loving! Love the cards! Nice work Amalia!


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