Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Morning Ride

The sun has awaken. His soft rays penetrating the thick layers of fog that settles above the water and across the land. A mesmerizing scenery that captivates my heart and soul. And while the creatures slowly stir, I close my eyes to inhale the crisp chilly air that encloses this world beyond its wings. One breath at a time.

Yes, this moment is mine. 
When nothing is there to hold me back
When all I feel is peace and confidence that all will be well. 
At least for today.

To all living creatures.
With love,


Original art: The Morning Ride, pencil on paper


  1. Oooohhh! I love her eyes. They are so dreamy! I hope her transportation does not get her wet! :) Tsup!

  2. Lovely picture and beautiful words to go with it


  3. your words touch my heart

    your art is sublime
    and yes, her eyes are wonderful ~

  4. She has such a beautiful serene expression. I guess she's not worried about her mode of transportation!
    Beautiful drawing and words to go with it.

  5. Wow Amalia, wow, wow, wow, wow !! Ahh this is superb. Gah, you said you look like a crocacidle over at Jack's - but now I see your real side p- he serene side.

    This is my favourite of your recent works ...

    You know the preraphalites of coure - there women are beautiful because they all have interpupillary distances of about 74 mills - whereas the average for a human been is about 64 mil - so it turns out that the wider your eyes are the easier you can judge distances for throwing spears and catching food - so wife eyes are valued in our species and consequently qe often find them beautiful - along with perfect symmetry (suggesting lack of disease or serious injury)

    I love the blow up snake. :) Better than changing diapers any day - have you tried taking the kids out in the yard and hosing them down - beats washing dirty nappys .. :)

    hope you are feeling beterererer

  6. Your new faces are lovely Amalia, she looks so serene riding upon her magical creature. I love it.

  7. Wow, such a lovely style. Her gaze is calm but penetrating. I just love the serpent with the head of a hobby horse. Beautiful lace details too.

  8. It's around dawn, I think... The nature is still sleepy... And who's bubbling in the water?
    Yes, I agree that this girl has a completely new expression! The form of her eyes, the small path between the nose and the mouth... She's looking through me somewhere ahead, in her thoughts...
    Just lovely! I want to believe that a day can depend on our thoughts and expectations about it!
    Wonderful words, Amalia!!
    By the way, do you know this? -
    I hope you feel well and happy with your kids!:)))

  9. She is GORGEOUS, Amalia..and her magical creature is adorable too..the fine detailed craftsmanship in your work is simply outstanding. Always so wonderful to see your kind are so sweet! Hope all is well in your world, Amalia..hug those babies for me! : )

  10. Hey Amalia! Andrew used the word I was going to use....Wow!... and he used it four times! No wait... five times :o) I’m so glad you found time from being swamped to share this wonderful work of art with us.

  11. Awesome colors and grey values.

  12. A wonderful picture and lovely poem. You are amazing!
    Jess xx

  13. I want one! I want one! Forget My Little Pony. This creature is a thousand times more wonderful. What curves! Oh, Amalia, she is captivatingly beautiful. She is a perfect blend of realism and fantasy. This instantly made me catch my breath, and then I let out a long 'Oooooh!'

  14. So very lovely and magical! Your art transports me to another place, Amalia. :)


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