Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Golden Era

Hello my lovelies! The weekend is finally here and I can't wait to just unwind (for a change!) after quite a busy week . So how did yours go? Had any special projects that got you running around like the Easter Bunny? :)

Well, this drawing was one of the commissions I've had to work on. As much as I like drawing custom portraits, what I like even more is creating the specific themes for them. For this particular one, I had the privilege to work with a super lovely lady, Victoria, who is a huge fan of The Ziegfeld Girls. So you can imagine my enthusiasm as I plunge myself researching for the perfect 1920s outfits. I swear, those days people can look their best effortlessly! The ladies with their stylish cloche hats and fur coats, the men with their suits and matching hats. Don't you just wish you could live in that golden era? :)

Unsurprisingly, I ended up spending hours just admiring Ziegfeld's gorgeous girls, and like most of my admirations, it lead to a couple of drawings of my own...


But what's special about these two drawings is that I finally have the chance to answer some of my followers' requests to create affordable originals for them to collect. So here they are, just for you. :)

I hope this weekend brings you plenty of happy moments and time to unwind.



  1. I love your commissioned piece, it is wonderful, i can only imagine that it will be loved.

    your other gals are wonderful too, so charming. Yes! wonderful clothing era!

  2. You really are amazing. That portrait is fantastic! Wow, Just wow!!!

    You know, today, I actually took care of a baby for 15 minutes. He cried so I gave him back to his mommy. Heheheh.


  3. The portrait is so expressive, sure they will love it! Have a great weekend, Karen

  4. I've always liked those styles too. Love seeing what you did with the inspiration, especially the commissioned piece.

  5. They look wonderful! I love it


  6. GOOD HEAVENS, Amalia! That portrait is spectacular! WOW! There is a lot of personality in their eyes alone. I love the smile lines on the gentleman! This is really something special and unique.

    And your flapper girls are beautiful! What a fantastic era, eh? Absolutely dreamy and fun.

    Hope you are enjoying a relaxing and wonderful weekend!

  7. Wow Amalia, these are wonderful. I love that portrait. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Unfortunately it is nearly over ;)

  8. A wonderful protrait, Amaila! I remember one you had shown many posts ago... I think the couple was standing back to back again.
    These new girls are gorgeous! The style of the 20-s is so coquettish and pretty, yet elegant. I hope you'll draw a whole series of such ladies, because it "suits" you in a way! Have a lovely new week!xox

  9. Your work is amazing! I love the portrait of the couple - you are so gifted ♥

  10. Such wonderful creations!!! I know Victoria will love the piece she commissioned from you. Hope you enjoyed the weekend!

  11. Amalia, I just saw this on craftgawker so I'm commenting again! It really stands out in the sea of photos on craftgawker. Gorgeous!!!


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