Monday, 2 April 2012

Return to Me

You have flown away and left me alone in my own world of quiet contemplation
Where pain and loneliness are the only friends who whisper sweet love to my ears

If I only knew where you are now
If I only knew if you could hear my cry

Fly home and return to me
where this vacant heart awaits.


Art: Return to Me, color pencil on paper


  1. What beautiful words to go with a stunning piece, great sense of loss, melancholy and maybe wandering what the world shall bring.....

  2. Such sad and moving words to accompany this lovely girl. Beautiful and heartfelt work, as always, Amalia.

  3. Lovely strong image of the feelings of sadness and loss heightened by the transformation of the bird. Crafted expertly as well.

  4. such tender and poignant words
    i looked and looked at your wonderful girl, what is so different, i sense it is the size of her head next to her body, such a wonderful effect!

  5. Beautiful work Amalia, full of feeling but so sad. I hope she gets her wish :)
    Jess xx

  6. What a story in this painting! Lovely melancholy...

  7. I really love the new touch of realism in your faces Amalia. I love the older ones too, but these are even more soulful than the previous ones and they draw me in. :) Lovely!

  8. Lovely new style emerging here! I too love the new faces!
    Is she available in your shop?
    Hugs my dear!

  9. I haven't been here for a while. This is wonderful!
    (and touching)

  10. Awww, so very sad. She is gorgeous, and so is her love. I hope he comes back with a gift and remorse and many stories to tell. Sigh


  11. This is beautiful, Amalia.

    Your art made me think of this: I had an African Grey parrot fly away once, it left me feeling pretty much like this poem. Don't want to go through that again. It was months before I could drive anywhere without constantly scanning the trees.

  12. And now when the bird is almost sewn, its lack is bigger, the girl's sadness is deeper and the hope has nearly disapeared. But the memory of the bird will be alive forever! And who knows? Maybe another one will appear one day? (I like the open door of the cage.)

    I found thanslated in English one of the most beautiful poems by the French poet Jacques Prévert!


    First of all, paint a cage
    with an opened little door
    then paint something attractive
    something simple
    something beautiful
    something of benefit for the bird
    Put the picture on a tree
    in a garden
    in a wood
    or in a forest
    hide yourself behind the tree

    Sometimes the bird arrives quickly
    but sometimes it takes years
    Don't be discouraged
    wait for years if necessary
    the rapidity or the slowness of the arrival
    doesn't have any relationship
    with the result of the picture

    When the bird comes
    if it comes
    keep the deepest silence
    wait until the bird enters the cage
    and when entered in
    Close the door softly with the brush
    then remove one by the one all the bars
    care not to touch any feather of the bird

    Then draw the portrait of the tree
    choosing the most beautiful branch
    for the bird
    paint also the green foliage and the coolness
    of the beasts of the grass in the summer's heat
    and then, wait that the bird starts singing

    If the bird doesn't sing
    it's a bad sign
    it means that the picture is wrong
    but if it sings it's a good sign
    it means that you can sign

    so you tear with sweetness
    a feather from the bird
    and write your name in a corner of the painting.

  13. This is gorgeous! This is my first IF post and I am amazed at the variation of interpretation and abounding talent.

  14. love it! I think she's gorgeous!

  15. So lovely Amalia! the words and the artwork! It is better to love and lost than to never embroidered at all :o)

  16. Hey Amalia, sometimes I think that you ar so clever - and othertimes I think that you are so, so clever! Well sew sew in this case. Now 'clever' is not a dirty word - it just says that you make me jealous :)

    The falling feathers are the star - it has that nice temporal connotation - what has gone before and what might be - butthe thing that caught me was the flatness of the bird ion the tapestry _ I had this inner feeling the girl had caught the bird and somehow imprissonned it.

    A changein dimension so to speak - a bit of spelling perhaps...

    I won't be keyboarding for a while soon, so I will see you but not talk so much - maybe that's agood thing :)

    Be careful, she is not wearing a thimble.



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