Thursday, 19 April 2012

Images in a Day

The morning starts with a bouquet of pencils...


...and the day ended with my afternoon coffee smelling so deliciously. :)

So how are you, my lovelies? What have you been up to? I've been busy doing quite a lot of commissioned work lately. A few drawings are still waiting to be finished and my hand has been working hard mostly throughout the day. It's a shame that I don't have more time to work on my personal stuff... I have a couple of ideas in my head that might require using some of my long neglected craft supplies! Those poor things, they've been asleep far too long. :)

Well the good thing is, I have been spending more time in the nursery too. Just playing with baby Rayyan who turned 6 months a couple of weeks ago. He's really such a sweet, friendly and lovely little bundle of joy. I think he's probably my easiest one to handle! So calm and generally sweet tempered, he hardly ever cries and always has a smile on his face. We all just love him so much...and spoil him rotten with oodles of hugs and kisses!

And before I forget, just a quick reminder that my giveaway is still up and running. So please feel free to take part by leaving a comment on the post. Who knows, your name might come out as the winner! :)

Have a fantastic day, everyone!



  1. Precious images! I love sharing your art and your little one is just so amazingly beautiful! How sweet your life is!

    Hugs and smiles

  2. sounds like a wonderful day.

    have a sweet spring.

  3. Forget EVERYTHING!!! Give me the baby! He is PRECIOUS!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH MY GOSSSSSSHHHHHH!!! Totally darling. How can one's day be not blessed? AAAAWWWWW!!!

  4. Those are adorable pics! I love that baby! And a bouquet of pencils would be my dream morning!

  5. WOW! Amalia..the commission is GORGEOUS! I have to say, I was stolen by your precious Rayyan..what an angel! How do you even get any work done with such a precious gem in your midst? I'm so happy you have light and love in your world, shows in your wonderful work. : )

  6. DANGIT, girl! You had a most fantastic day! Look at your incredible creations. First, your commission -- holy moly, that's gorgeous! WHOA! And then your adorable, adorable, sweet little boy! AWWWWWW!!! Look at that sweet wittle face! I'd just smother him in kisses all day. Top it all off with a nice, delicious cuppa, and that's heaven.

    Sigh. :)

  7. Those humble pencils you transform as if by magic into beautiful artwork!
    Your liitle boy is very gorgeous, no wonder he gets showered in hugs and kisses every day, who could resist! :)
    Jess xx

  8. Beautiful images, Amal. That commission piece is so lovely and baby Rayyan looks so adorable. Glad to hear that you're busy and happy:)

  9. ohhhh Rayyan is a darling! Amazing how time passes!

    I love your drawing, such beautiful swaying hair.

    and your photographs each one is quite artful.

    wishing you time for all you desire.


  10. Your baby is so adorable, that is a face that makes one smile!

    Not to mention, he has a beautiful face.

    Your drawing is spendid. Your do amazing things with colored pencils. I love your work.

    :-} Lorraine

  11. What a sweet little baby you can just tell he is so happy. Lovely photo's they fill me with a sense of peace. x

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