Monday, 16 April 2012

Treasuring the Moment and A Special Giveaway

A brand new week is here! And I'm so excited because I can finally share this very special post with you. I'm sure spring has already settled in nicely in most parts of the world. The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and love is strongly in the air. No doubt wedding bells are sounding off their pretty sound and lovers are bound together in the precious knot that entwines their hearts forever as one. Inspired by the 1920s themed custom portrait I did recently, here is a new piece I created to celebrate the beautiful season...

The Bride, pencils and digital mediums (original available here)

And to step further into the celebration, let me introduce to you, two inspiring sisters who work each day, creating treasures for that special moment in life!

Meet the twins, Aundrea and Erin. They are the creators behind Meadowbelle Market, a shop at Etsy that specializes in modern wedding jewelry with a twist of vintage. As little girls, these ladies had always dreamed of working closely together one day and now their business is proof that dreams really do come true. Together, they design and create beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry, from rings to necklaces, bracelets to earrings, even personalized charms!

Don't you think they're gorgeous? Well, you're in luck, because Aundrea and Erin are letting me host a special giveaway for them right here! And this is the beautiful piece you can win...


All you need to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment right here. The giveaway will be closed on 22nd April and a winner will be announced in the following week.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Did it bring up some wonderful memories of your wedding day? And how about you, brides-to-be? Feeling inspired? :)

Hugs and kisses to you!


Meadowbelle Market links:
Etsy shop


  1. Amalia, I absolutely LOVE the wedding illustration you did! It is amazing; both the quality of the work and the genuine period ambiance you have captured are perfect.
    Exceptional work~~sorry I have been vacant for a while. ;-)


  2. Gorgeous illustration of the bride, Amalia..your work is so very timeless and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your positivity, for there's a lot of happiness in this post. I thank you too for the chance at this lovely giveaway..goodness, their work is wonderful! Have a lovely week ahead, Amalia!!

  3. beautiful! :)

  4. OOOOOOH! Isn't she amazing! Such a serene expression, and sooooooo very romantic. I'm loving this! And the jewelry is fantastic! They can make any normal girl feel like the bride.

  5. I love your art! i love the embroidery lace-like details!
    So very lovely~

    yes, beautiful jewelry. lovely give away!
    i remember when i was young i had a jewelry store take a round disc and put my initial on one side and my boyfriends on the other, we both had one, loved that!

  6. So incredibly talented; I adore the bride drawing

  7. Another glorious picture from you and thanxs for sharing your friends etsy site, they have very beautiful pieces.....

  8. Amalia,
    Your bride is so beautiful!!!
    The jewelry is wonderful ~ so nice of you to showcase it like this and what a generous and grand giveaway. Very exciting.
    ♥ audrey

  9. I LOVE your drawing of the vintage bride! The bridal jewellery is pretty but I don't know of anyone getting married in the foreseeable future so I won't take part in the giveaway this time. :)
    Jess xx

  10. You don't need to enter me in your lovely giveaway (since I just recently won one) - but I wanted to say just how much I LOVED your wedding illustration. So totally the blushing bride - and so delicate, too. Hope you have been very well!

  11. such a lovely drawing and giveaway!! please count me in! blessings~ abigail

  12. Your illustration is gorgeous, I love the floatyness of her veil, so very pretty!!

  13. love the portrait Amalia. It's beautiful! These girls are very talented, their jewelry is wonderful.

  14. your illustration's gorgeous!
    love all the spring love here!

  15. Love the jewelry and the drawings! Hello from Sweden!

  16. I am crazy about your art I am your art fan. I also like your pendent. Thanks for amazing post. This image is really very appreciable.

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  17. I really like your art (and the jewelry too) lol. Your works are rarely seen! Seriously. I like your drawings characteristic, wide head with large eyes, it reminds me of the once famous doll i've ever had. I do not know, I always thought when I grew up I did not choose to marry. Haha absurd. And this drawing .. I do not know .. I like it <3 :D


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