Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Little Rhizome

Awake from your slumber, tiny seedling
Spread your leaves and bask in the sun
Let your roots extend and grow steadfastly
For today is the day
When the world bows
and your destiny revealed

~ A.K ~

I always believe that things happen for a reason. Paths may cross and souls intertwined, no matter the age, gender or background. Not enough can be said about the intriguing encounters I 've had the privilege to face, but thankful is one certain thing I feel about them.

Little Rhizome is inspired by my young gifted friend, Amba, a gemstone that never ceased to amaze me with her intelligence and talent.

PS: I know you'll grow tall and beautiful, Sister Tree. I thank serendipity for our encounter! oxx


  1. This beautiful picture illuminates my day, thank you!

  2. I see you have a new post on my sidebar and I can't wait to hop over and see what wondrous creation you are treating us to today! She is so perfect this little Rhizome, unfurling and growing as we all do continually. I love her!

    Smiles and thank you for all you bring to this arena.

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  4. I'm writing you an e-mail :)

    * * *

  5. Amalia this is just so beautiful... a wonderful drawing my friend.. x

  6. Oh, how sweetly she's dreaming in her pod! It has new leaves - she's growing fast. Still in a search of Her place, curious to taste, anxcious to try, free to choose and finally let her roots grow. Somewhere in this world...
    I suppose how Amba is feeling now!!... A marvellous, tender drawing, Amalia!!

  7. Beautiful piece, Amalia!!
    I also believe that all things happen for a reason. I've always believed that!

  8. oh my heavens!!! this is another gorgeous piece Amalia!!! your work is always so peaceful and serene and I love it!!!!

  9. Well today in s erch of something meaningful to say I googled gargag and came up with Rhizotomy. Which is a strange coincidence seeing that I can't spell, I imagined up a word into existence.

    Lovely coccoon in this, snuggled, warm, nurturing.

    Better than a Rhizotomy any day.

    But seriously, it's all very beautiful

  10. Anko, Kathy & Sarah, thank you for your kind comments! :)

    Julia, aw, you're making me blush. That's so nice of you! I think I could say the same about your art and writing, especially those about your challenges as a mother. I have SO much to learn from you! oxx

    Amba darling! Ahahaa... you are making me laugh and all warm in the same time! I'm glad you like the drawing, and I should thank you for the friendship, Little Rhizome! (hugs)

    Rossichka, again thank you for your kind words. They always make me feel good, like a summer breeze! oxx

    Manon, isn't though? Sometimes you wonder why things happen, whether they are good or bad. And some time after that the answer would just come your way! :))

    Diana dear, thanks so much! Anyway, happy 4th birthday for your beautiful boy! (^_^)

    Heheh, now Mr. Giant Clown. So, gargag, eh? Well, have you looked up gagrag instead? That would probably be less painful. But of course, thank you, you are too nice to me. Careful, I might get the wrong impression, you know... I might think that you're trying to sell me something. Hahaa! :D

  11. awwwwww you made the Little Rhizome aka Little Amba shed some tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Amba is very charming, very cute, very tiny.

  13. (sejauh itu, gw juga ga tau...kliatannya sih...tapi bener kan???)

  14. sebenernya si gundus anteng2 aja pas maen sendirian tapi pas kakanya dateng mulai brantem2 ngga karuan and heboh si bunny ampe bingung

  15. Io spero di poter germogliare ... anche io ho un seme in me che aspetta la pioggia ed il sole giusto , quello caldo che non brucia ma aiuta a crescere... quando arriverà allora potrò germogliare senza paura ... ti abbraccio sei sempre bravissima ...che emozione i tuoi disegni...

  16. Amalia Well, (I guess that your name is of Greek origin, strange, there are many Amalia in my country)
    Well, I am not a descendant of American origin, but I feel that we owe to all those that are, at least the respect and affection for having taken what was theirs.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Ah, good illustration for a beautiful and intelligent Chilean friend!

  17. Gorgeous!! Love the shimmering golden brown tones, so stunning :) ~Lauren

  18. Wow your work is beautiful/hazy/dreamy.

  19. Wonderful. Such a feeling of content. Beautiful.

  20. I like your work! Beautiful!!

  21. Anana, having a soft spot for the devil, are you? Careful, I know what that could do to you! Hhm. Are we talking about the same devil, I wonder?

    Karen, Lauren, Jess, Gina & momo-tomo...thank you so much! You are so sweet :)

    Stefania, yes I think you're right. I too feel like a growing rhizome most of the time. I suppose it won't end as long as we wish to grow, don't you think? :)

    Ah, thank you Roberto. You know, it's strange that 'Amalia' was a popular name decades ago in the West, though still frequently used in my country (with a different meaning). So no wonder I'm among those people myself, being over two decades old, of course. Heheh :)

  22. Adorable piece Amalia! Love how she looks as a cocoon... and the way you work the shades... so beautiful!

  23. oh my, this is so lovely!
    I have missed so much in blogland by going away to Italy.

  24. My dear amazing Amalia,

    Oh my goodness, how I've missed you! I have happily lost myself here in your blog, traversing every curvature, every wave, spreading my arms in the splendor of your colors. I am having an elegant tea party with all your soulful, beautiful women who look like they will spill out with passion at the turn of a key. I must admit, sitting here amongst these beauties is a little intimidating. I feel somewhat like a wet rat next to these ladies who just stepped out of the most expensive hair salons. Taking them all in at once gave me butterflies in my stomach. It was a very visceral reaction, full of wonder and awe. And I do not believe you for one second that you are a novice at Photoshop. My goodness! Your recent artworks are incredible! All those incredible textures and layers! And a SHOP! Oooooohhh MYYYYYYYY! A shop a shop a shop a shop! That is such fantastic news, worthy of celebration.

    A million hugs to you, my sweet friend! What a prolific and wonderful summer you've had!



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