Wednesday, 21 July 2010

You think too highly of yourself
Caught up on your own pedestal

Mark my words.

I am me
You are you

I will never try to be you

It is my pledge.

~ A.K ~


  1. Aaaaw! This is too sad. Never be somebody else. Be yourself. I love the Gestalt Prayer. It has guided me through so many difficult moments. Take care Amalia. Tsup!

  2. amalia,
    this is heartbreaking. There's only one AMALIA!!!

  3. There's such a power in her! She's the Water, the Air, the Earth... Where's the fourth element? In her ardent cheeks! The tears have just made her see things clearer and realise she must not lose her identity because of this ot that. Otherwise no tears will be left... I like this new appearance, Amalia!

  4. ~only authentic.unique.genuine...are as you wish its truly a remarkable gift...such saddeness and pain in her eyes...i know you know where you stand...forever stay grounded feet planted roots spreading...much l♥ve and light upon you dear one~

  5. Lots of emotion here - very sad and it really comes through. I think she is beautiful just the same.

    Hugs and smiles dear Amalia

    (I like the new header very much)

  6. beautiful, love the new header too

  7. The stains under the eyes are very poignant, subtle, but not subtle. Why does this remind me of Carly Simon?

    I learn something about art and other things whenever I come here.

    Thanks for sharing again.

    How waves are like hair like trees, that essential unity

  8. Ah, yes Ces. Gestalt Prayer is one to keep inside your pocket at all times. You never know when you'd be needing assurance of safety ground. Thank you, dear friend. oxx

    Aw, Heather! You are just a sweet and kind person...thank you so much for that. :)

    Rossichka, identity is a powerful thing. It makes you stand tall even when you feel you have no reason to feel tall. So, better not lose it, I suppose! :))

    faerwillow, oh you have such a way of making people feel calm and peaceful. I thank you for that, my friend. (hugs)

    Julia and Karen, hugs to you! Thank you! (^_^)

    Doctor, you really think she looks like Carly Simon? Heheh, well I love her voice, don't you? And that big hair back in early years?? Groovy! :)) ... Anyway, thanks for saying those nice things. (^_*)

  9. the new header is dreamy :D I feel my head blooming

    and never try to be someone else... you're wonderful being YOU (the wise tree that I met)

  10. You always do manage to portray such strong emotions and ideas within your artwork that speak to people on so many different levels!

  11. You portray emotion so effortlessly-- a bit of anger here, but contained in the confidence about who you are, sounds like healthy boundaries to me!

    Your little rhizome was wonderful-- lucky girl, Amba!

  12. How are you today dear? Your header is marvelous!

    P.S. I deleted Farmville! :) Bella had to do an intervention.

  13. Bellissime parole , le sento vere ... il disegno sempre emozionante ...

  14. yeah baby lets...
    look who's back.
    just to show off.
    gw diemin aja.
    kangen kali ama gw.

  15. such a strong and clear message,
    the feelings in this piece are so strong, so clear.

    Your header is so very wonderful~

  16. Beautiful collection of work.
    Quite talented dear!
    Sending you creative blessings.
    Look forward to seeing more.


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