Saturday, 3 July 2010


Up here, I shall now remain
My ground, my sanctuary

On these trees I shall now lean
My weight bearers, my protection

Search for me, when you are lost
Call my name, when loneliness takes in

The winds will carry your voice
and whisper to my ears
As I wait here in solace and in peace

~ A.K ~


  1. Amalia! I am transported to your beautiful world immediately when I view your work. I love that she is supported by the trees for we must respect nature and all of the strength that it has! Oh how she's beautiful Amalia really! I wish you a lovely weekend ahead dear friend...we are getting ready for a party so it's balloons and streamers very soon. Hugs to you Amalia...keep these wondrous works coming! : )

  2. She looks so appeased and secure in the tree's embrace. I like the shadows of the branches upon her face. Still I long for the time when she'll scurry and dance barefoot in green meadows - soft and endless, full of colours and sounds, absolutely free - from her bitter memories, regrets, sorrows and pains.
    ...I find you're so generous to offer understanding and solace to other lonely and hurt souls...

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  4. Sometimes I do not know what is more beautiful, your pen lines or your words.

    Isn't it funny, in the blogs, these artists who paint and draw are so much better poets that some of those who simply just write poetry? That is my observation. Is it because their senses are more astute and their feelings more intense?

    This poem, I consider one of the bests. Like Bella's Entangle and Mita's Ripple; I shall implant this one in my head.

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  6. Hey Amalia! Thank you for taking me back to a place that I had almost lost in the recesses of my mind. One of my favorite places was resting in the branches, letting the wind sway and the strength of the tree hold me. Another wonderful and inspiring work of art my friend! Have a great 4th.... God bless.

  7. Hhammm I am running out of superaltives, also suepraltives, and superlatives as well!


    the himilayas must be good

  8. So perfect! I am a forest lover and often forget how much peace I find just being in amongst the trees. I love this so much~!
    Your words really complement the art.


  9. Shirley, your words are so kind, thank you :) I hope you enjoy the party, and happy big 9th birthday to your girl!

    Rossichka luv, you are always so observant. No need to worry, the girl will prance and dance on the meadow soon enough. You'll see. Thank you, of course. :)

    Amba, I miss you too! Your family blog is growing bigger as you are taller. So I'm sure you are busy? Take care of yourself, Sister Tree... (hugs)

    Oh, Ces. Coming from you, those kind words just made me feel really good. So thank you, but believe me, I'm just a babbler and a rambler. Most of the times, I don't intend the words to come out as poetry at all. oxx

    Jack, my good, good man, thank you. Trees are incredible, aren't they? Somehow you always feel so peaceful, supported and protected near them. Magical, indeed. :)

    Ah, Monsieur Finnie :) True, I think The Himalayas will do me good. I'm beginning to see new images in my head. You'll see them soon, when I'm a little warmed up, of course. Thank you, my good friend. :)

    Julia dear, thank you. It's good to know that you're a forest lover too! Smiles to you. :))

  10. Your art never stops amazing me! I am loving her beautiful long, swirly hair, my eyes can't stop following it round and round in those beautiful patterns. And the trees! They're so detailed and pretty and the texture you have created with those lovely patterns is just fantastic!

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  14. HELLOOOOO!!!!! :D
    another cup of coffe? eiah!!! when I drink coffe I can't sleep for days! :) [ok, that is because I don't drink coffe... I love coffe in chocolate candy]

    OHHH!!! yes! I have that final presentation this tuesday!

    That is great, Amalia, is amazing to accompany your exploration about yourself

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  17. you sent it now? :) I didn't receive it yet

  18. dear dear Amalia, you touch my heart. your words ring a deep note, so tender and full of a safe haven. Your art endlessly is more than extreme talent, more than exquisite creativity, it holds a spirit that moves and inspires. Thank you.

  19. So beautiful! She really does look like she is being held safely by the tree. And I love her sweet lovely face :) ~Lauren

  20. Your work is amazing Amalia...
    I am honoured to have you spend some time at "my place"...

  21. ah si onlain 24 jam, dasar loe ngaget2in gw aja HAHAHA :D
    asa udh lama ga onlain, apa kabar blogger?

    ngantuk can mandi meureun, euweuh cai xP

  22. gambar ini mengingatkan gw pada sebuah lagu berjudul Solace... Sarah McLachlan!

  23. how wonderful, I love the poetry of your words and your illustrations!!!

  24. Ah, Amalia, I can see all of these lovely posts as a beautiful poetry book to linger over! I have been away and you have been quite prolific! What a feast for the eyes.

    Yes, we have been on vacation to see my family in Oregon and then on a cruise to Alaska with my husband's family. I thought I had better not advertise my absence and invite the robbers over! (Although they may well have been disappointed by the all-we-need-is-love condition of our house! :)

  25. Amalia ... parlo con chi mi ascolta da luoghi che non sono piĆ¹ questo. Le voci lontane mi rispondono che devo stare tranquilla e che loro si prendono cura di me ... ti abbraccio...

  26. psssssssst


    Can you hear me?

  27. I am lost. I need some more bottled sunshine. Or twilight dust to show me the way.

  28. Aaaaah, she is beautiful, dear Amalia. There is a look of deep inner peace in her eyes. And her face partially covered in shadows reminds me of your previous avatar.

    Your women are incredibly beautiful to behold!

  29. Oh, and your new photos!

    You are so beautiful!!!

  30. Tammie, your words are soothing breezes, as always...No wonder they call you the Spirithelper! :D

    Lauren, Andrea & Vittoria, you are so kind! Thank you for your lovely comment... :)

    Vanilla & Stefania, it's always wonderful to read your thoughts on my works, cheers :)

    Mita, yes! I LOVE that song!!

    Krista? You're back!! Welcome, it's great to see you here again!

    Oh, Bells!!!! You sweet, sweet, cotton candy! You just gave me a heart attack with your sudden appearance...but I love it when you do that. Thanks so much, I am now blushing very badly..hehe. :))


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