Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Sleeping Marionette

Whistle a tune and fill in my hollow chest
Play a symphony and ignite my fire

Lifeless is something I am not
Just deep in sleep
Now slowly awakening

~ A.K ~

Inspiration is everywhere, and to me, human beings reflect the most fascinating stories in each of their life. Family, friends and even strangers in the street may become an intriguing book to read, just as the people traveling around this magical land of blogging. Through them, I have found hidden windows inside my mind and new worlds are shown for me to discover.

The Sleeping Marionette is inspired by my dear friend, Rossichka The Puppet Master, who has lead me to the fascinating fantasia of these enchanting wooden characters. Lifeless, they are not. Just deep in sleep like most of us are.

Bless you all,

PS: Your words are always so soothing, Rossichka. My deepest gratitude to you... (hugs!!)


  1. usual - stunning! She is so beautifully done.
    I love how she is at rest, but one feel she may spring to life at any moment.
    Love the wooden texture. Amazing.


  2. I forgot to ask, and I always wonder, what do you do with your art?

  3. Hay! Hay! Very nice Amalia. Just great how the puppette engages the viewer. I wonder what she wants to say? So if Pinocchio means "pine nut", then I wonder hwat Pinocchioette means?

    Thanks for the reference to Rossichka, It's amazing, i sn't it.?

    In your work I wonder if there really is someone holding the strings?

  4. ciao Amalia ... è sempre bello ritrovarti , mi hai chiesto come sto ... Forse perchè non ho pubblicato dipinti nell'ultimo mese ... Sto bene , mi tuffo nel mio splendido mare , lascio che il mare si porti via tutte le ansie e le paire... Ti abbraccio forte... anche tu , sei per me una grande ispirazione. Tempo fa stavo facendo un disegno , dove una donna , vicino ad un albero , aveva i capelli tutti intrecciati all'albero ed ai suoi rami ... Poi ho visto un disegno simile sul tuo blog... ho pensato : Siamo davvero simili. Secondo me siamo davvero simili io e te...!!!! Ciao !!!

  5. This is amazingly beautiful, Amalia! I think this is one of my very favourite illustrations of yours! Your words go so well with this image and are so beautiful and warm hearted! But I have to have another look on your wonderful marionette right now! She is a real in herself sleeping beauty! Who knows who might wake her-

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  7. wowwwwwwwwwww, Amalia, I loveeeeeeee this one, no I really lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!this one. I love marionettes, I love the wood grain and the fingers, I love the ribbon like strings, I just love it all, it is truly beautiful.

  8. Hay, hay to you too, Monsieur! Well, if 'Pinocchio' means 'pine nut', then I suppose a 'Pinocchioette' would mean...err.. 'pine nutette'???

    Sorry, silliness is quite contagious, you know. :)

    Is someone holding the strings? Well, the search is still on for the perfect master, but she's came close a few times before. :))

  9. Julia, you are so kind as always, thank you. And my art? Aah, you see I have an enormous vault in my study filled with oodles and oodles of work I can't seem to part with. One of these days I'll be sending them all around the world by carrier pigeons. :))

  10. Stefania, you are so kind with your words! Isn't it amazing how some of us think and create in similar ways? and yet still able to work in our own distinctive characters? Well, I always adore your art, so it was wonderful discovering you, my friend! (hugs)

    Maria, so good to see you again! You ask the same question as I did... I wonder who will wake her up from her slumber? :)) Cheers!

  11. WOW, Amba!! You notice everything, don't you?? Hahaa...

    Well actually, despite their obvious symbolism in society as lifeless being, I think puppets and their masters have a strong bond that work both ways, equally. One cannot perform without the other, and being together allow them to give unforgettable performances that create 'life' on its own.

    They are like 'a couple', and some are known to feel quite attached to each other without realizing it.

    The question is, what happens when a puppet and its master are set free from each other? :))

  12. Karen, darling! Thaaaaaaank yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Hahahaa... You're so sweet, just like your cupcake! :D :D :D

  13. I've always had a fascination with puppets, so you can guess i love this! A really lovely drawing Amalia! xx

  14. My dear Amalia,
    I’m afraid I’ll write a letter, but I have so much to say!
    My heart is overwhelming with joy and gratitude to you! This is one of the loveliest gifts I’ve ever been presented with! Besides there’s no particular occasion and I didn’t expect it at all! I’ve never thought I could inspire someone to create something /with the exception of the several poems, written by my husband :-)/, so I feel honoured, flattered and happy! I’m impressed that puppet theatre has such an influence upon your artistic soul… And I don’t wonder why, for I know its magic… The marionette is the puppet theatre’s symbol because it reminds that puppet theatre is impossible without the puppeteer. He is the one to give soul, voice and life to this inanimate object. But, yes, it’s so tempting and charming to think that puppets have their own lives and so many children’s books and films have used this suggestion as a source for their plots … The truth is that I’ve never worked with marionettes while studying at the National Academy for Theatre and Cinema Art and after that. But I had some lessons about this puppet system’s construction and I know that acting with it is VERY difficult. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll try to do it myself in my own puppet show…
    What about your drawing - it’s so beautiful and dreamy! I like the mood, the wooden texture... You depict a very special moment (by me) - when the performance is over. The curtain is closing slowly. There’re still some spotlights up there. The girl was bowing to the public just a few minutes ago – her right hand is still squeezing her dress, while the left one is so tired and languid (I hope I’m using the right words) … The strings are loosened, the puppeteer has obviously dropped the controller. And left without him, the marionette is supposed to be dead. But no, yours is not! HER REAL LIFE is beginning from this very moment on. And she’s slightly smiling (like Mona Lisa!), anticipating the precious moments when she’ll be herself!
    Thank YOU, my friend for your warm attitude to me, for your loving soul and for the inspiration you give us with your talent! xxxxx

  15. then it's a good master :) suddenly I saw your puppet dancing infront my eyes!!!

    with the separation I think the puppet is going to feel independent but not free; and the master is going to feel lonely... Your answer has shown me things in a different light, and I appreciate that very much, it forces us to think, to realize that we are not alone as a puppet without strings.

  16. ~i am whistling a soft spoken tune...can you hear...awaken dear one...there is so much to be see, to hear, to savor! she may just be the most exquisite little one i have others have said...her wooden texture drawn so careful brings forth life to this magical one...i absolutely l♥ve her...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  17. Arise, beautiful maiden! Do not let your spirit be at the mercy of another person's whims! Listen closely, and you shall hear your own music!

    I am in love with your beautiful, flowing rivulets of curtain, ribbon, fabric and hair. Lovely, the wood grain. You are a romantic poet with your dreamy images!

    What? Use the feathers before the full moon? Silly girl. I shall do no such thing. I am waiting until the 25th, whereupon my feet shall rise off the floor. I may just fly over to come visit you in person. Think if all the money I'll save in shoes! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

  18. Amalia,
    I love the wood grain texture you have created on this magical little marionette.
    I also was thinking the same as Julia, when I saw this one...What lucky person will be the recipient of this amazing piece...but as I read on i see that you keep them close for, you must have quite a collection...It must be fun to pour through! Another beauty!

  19. OMG! I want so much to say something but I am doinf something very important right now with a very important person, so I must return to comment later. :) TSup!

  20. Aah, Rossichka... you have no idea how good a friend you have been to me with your kind, encouraging words. :)

    The world of puppets seems like an intriguing and wonderful world to explore. I'm thankful that I've met you with an open gate to that realm, delightfully tickling my curiosity!

    I'm glad you like my drawing. Of course, you would understand it so fully. Yes, it's true...the marionette's dance has only just begun... :)) oxx

  21. It's true, Jess! Puppets are so fascinating and not to mention mysterious... Makes you wonder about a lot of things. :)

    Amba my wise girl, you're right...we are all puppets without strings in this world. :))

    faerwillow, you are kind, as always. An embrace to you! :)

    Bella, thank you! Ah, she is listening carefully...and what does she hear?? The Pet Shop Boys!! Olldd scchhoooll!!! Hahahaaa... But she is dancing, all right!! :D :D Now, don't say I didn't warn you about those feathers... they create all sorts of trouble! (^_*)

    Heather, thanks so much! Yes, I'm saving my babies for a rainy day... maybe someday when I'm broke I could have a gala show?? Haha!

    Ces, you should tell that important person to stop bothering you with her silly chats and leave you to do the laundry in peace! Hehehee....:))

  22. Wood for the puppet....$59. Ribbons for strings....$31. Material for her clothing...$27. A beautiful illustration and poem by Amalia....PRICELESS! Hey Amalia! This is simply stunning my friend! Love the soft rosy cheeks and the wood grain. She is so beautiful! Hey thanks for stopping by... I always look forward to your kind and humorous comments. As for us up-side-down bats... We eat blueberries for breakfast. I tried drinking coffee... but... have you ever tried to drink while hanging up-side-down? I burned the inside of my nose! For desert however... I do enjoy a good pineapple up-side-down cake ;o) Did you know that Sigmund Freud's mother's name was Amalia.. and there is a restaurant in NY named AMALIA, after her?... or is it named after you? ;O)

  23. Ahahaa...Jack, you are such a laugh! I suppose making my own puppet would be out of the question now since it would cost too much and I'm already broke?? Hhm, maybe I would have to sell my work after all...heheh.

    And you should try one of those beer hats with the long straw!! it might just work for drinking upside down! :D :D

    You know, you are funny just as you are kind. So thank you, my friend. I'm now happier to know that my name is written across a board somewhere along the street of NYC! Hahahaa!!

  24. Oh, I forgot to like the stars....

    I like the stars - stars are good. The perfect master eh?

  25. Dear Amalia.
    Your illustration is such a lovely idea. I really like the wooden textures on the the marionette's face. As always you create beautiful detail in your drawings.
    Thank you for your kind message. Your friend will always be in your thoughts and heart. I'm sure she new you loved her deeply.:-)
    Lovely to see your new work here and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have just moved house! :-)
    Love and blessings,

  26. Puppets and masters, puppets and strings, all so sweetly poetic-- I love the feeling of how she is so sweetly slumped!

  27. My dear, dear Amalia, as time passes by I realize more clearly what a precious gift you made to me - a gesture, that I'll always wear in my heart with a smile and gratitude!! Thank you, once again! Would you mind, if I post this wonderful marionette on the sidebar of my blog, at least for a few days - so that more people could see and enjoy it??xx

  28. Hello doctor! Yes, I agree... stars are good, aren't they? :)

    Jo my dear, it's good to know you've settled in nicely in your new home, just as I have in mine. Thanks you so much for dropping by and leaving your kind words. Hugs to you and Ziggy! oxx

    Thank you, Krista! :)

    Rossichka my lovely friend, you are free to have her on your sidebar for as long as you wish! oxx

  29. This is really beautiful - I love the wood grain and all the little details.

    Thanks for visiting my site... and introducing me to yours!

  30. It is amazing that it looks so fluid and relaxed. I don't know how you do it!

  31. Hi Amalia. This is just gorgeous. Your work has an etherial quality I love. This piece of work is probably my favourite!

  32. Oh my! Magically wonderful Amalia


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