Saturday, 24 July 2010

Myths of Equilibrium

As a child brimming with curiosity and excitement, I remember the abundant amount of time I had spent exploring nature. Mystical forests of my own imagination. Shimmering brooks of enchantment. Fairies and elves lurking behind trees and shadows, all alive and vivid in my mind. Well, at least until I was called to wash up for supper.

These images, I found slowly turning into echos in my memory as I grew older and life became as what they say, 'as real as it gets'. When everyday became a binding routine of waking up in the wee hours and going to bed when the owl hoots (or maybe when the wolves howl, for some). Nevertheless, like so many other people, I found myself stuck in that routine, a planted mechanism of clockwork, with no urge of breaking free.

Not until later in my mid twenties did I realize that my life was toppling to one side and I was seriously on the verge of falling down. Now, I suppose tending to a huge pile of unwashed laundry while the baby shrieked in the background does that to you. Not to mention the thought of what was waiting on the kitchen sink and the hint of burning scent swiftly penetrating the air.

Lucky for me, I snapped out of it. Like having a bucket of cold water poured right on top of my head, I began searching for what I had lost. And to my surprise, I found it just a few steps away. Not in some exotic place with a trip that could have killed me instantly with the flight fare, but right in my own backyard. Where trees grew tall and grass swayed with the wind. A place where I finally found solace, as I did in my childhood.

The Myths of Equilibrium is inspired by Tammie Lee, who has reminded me that the wonders of nature is in fact more than just a myth.


PS: Thank you, Tammie. I still wish to plunge into your images and lose myself in them every time I visit you! :) oxx


  1. Dear Lady Amalia,
    I can only imagine that oh so many of us have had feelings and experiences like you. I love that you take your heartfelt relationship with life and create wonders of art! How fortunate we are to experience what you share.
    Thank you so much for embracing what I share, you have touched my heart. This post is a sweet surprise! xx, Tammie

  2. amazing and beautiful illustration Amalia!...and so true how easy is to fall in the trap of everyday routine...luckily my daughters always remind me of my childhood wonders when I get I'm not lost for too long...and nature walks always help too..I just love listening to the whispering of trees!
    thank you for the link to that wonderful blog!
    ...and by the way love your new header! :)

  3. Ooooh..... I could so relate to your words. Luckily, you snapped out of it in your mid twenties. It took me a little I did get there!! Your piece is amazing!! Loved, loved this post!!

  4. I forgot to mention, I love this piece, so many wonderful details. Her hair turns into a river for me...

  5. Aaah Amalia, "stuck" is a rather strong and harsh word sometimes. It seems we are all stuck in life. What is the other choice? What happens if we unstuck ourselves, I often wonder. Will we be happy then or will we still be here? I love this illustration.

  6. Amalia,
    This is just beautifully expressed and paired, the sentiment and the incredible illustration. I am embracing nature again, slowly, and am amazed at the peace I find just pedaling my bicycle down a country lane.

    Tammie is wonderful isn't she. And quite a talented poet, photographer, and artist! Very inspiring, both of you!

    Thank you for this.


  7. One day, I would like to take a trip through your mind, I can only imagine how magical your thought process is when you create such beautiful works of art like this. It's a shame that imagination seems to disappear as a person gets older, but even better when you manage to find it again. When I feel like I'm losing my imaginative side, I look at beautiful art like this and it reminds me that there is still a magical world out there if only we will let it in :)

  8. such beautiful writing! i was swept to another place as i read your mesmerizing and dreamy piece :) just like the gorgeous girl in your art :)

  9. Amalia, I appreciate your comments, thank-you. This is so lovely, the illustration and the text. I must say that I found myself getting choked up. Childhood is a magical time isn't it? We can only try to re-live the feelings but I'm afraid we can't truly go back.

  10. Hello my dear Amalia! Your words touched my heart and your illustration penetrated it. I spent years not even noticing a sunset, the moon glistening on a placid lake, a flower or the intricacies of a tree with all it wonder. I'm so glad that I had the preverbial "bucket of water" dumped over my head. Life is good! God has surrounded us with such beauty! Thank you for your wonderful illustration, your inspiring words and just being you! Well I better go.... all the blood is rushing to my head.... I gotta try the the beer hat with the long straw..... I'm getting rather thirsty as well :o)

  11. Oh, I must say that I'm reading all these comments with a huge smile on my face. You are all such amazing people!

    Tammie dear, I'm glad you like the little 'surprise', I think I should thank you again for sharing your beautiful images and poetry with us. They are breath taking. (hugs)

    Katalin, thank you. I agree with you that children are such saviors when it comes to reminding us of childhood. They keep us young and happy. Oh, and yes! Trees are the best whisperers, aren't they? :))

    Manon, hahaha! Yes, I really was lucky to have snapped out of it sooner. Though, so are you for snapping out of it at all!! Some people are still lost and some don't even care... Thank you, my lovely friend! oxx

    Aaah, Ces, but of course 'stuck' is a harsh word. Although I've never seen myself being stuck in life, only stuck inside the trap I've created for myself. Thank you, Peach Ice Cream! (hugs)

    Julia sweet, thank you. You know, embracing nature is just about the best thing to do in a world that's already changing. It has a soothing magic, and I always find myself lost inside it. (^_^)

    Oh wow, Vanilla! Thank you, you are just too kind... Actually, my creative process involves extended time of daydreaming, and an excessive amount of coffee! I'm glad you like what I share, because I love what you share too! :))

    Luthien dear, thank you! You are so sweet to say that. :)

    Hahaha! Jack, you are always such a laugh and so very sweet! I understand completely about not noticing nature's wonders and forgetting why it is here for us. Well, my 'bucket of water' was definitely icy cold, but I'm thankful for it. So you got the beer hat? Heheh, better start drinking, don't want the bat to go thirsty! (hugs)

  12. Amalia you are so deep, so tender and so observant. A beautiful image and beautiful words as always. Tt's so easy to get lost in the busy-ness of everyday things and forget about the beauty that surrounds us. Thanks for the reminder, now I am off to the backyard to search for fairies...

  13. Oh, a green tree?! At last a different, fresh colour appeared in your drawing! (You know how much I'm longing to see your girls runnung in a meadow - free and happy, don't you, Amalia?) :-)))))))"Myths of Equilibrium" is one of my favourites! The drawing and the text. I read it several times - just for the pleasure to follow the flow of your emotions! Yes, Childhood is so important part of man's life. Sometimes it plays a main role in it. It is always with some of us; being deep in our inner world, it nourishes it, gives it colour, scent and sound. Like with you - it's your tiny, precious island, from which you obtain force and inspiration. I like so much that your island has a staircase, as if you've pedestalled it! And that tree is a symbol of what those days were for you - a protection then and a source of wisdom now. The memories about one'schildhood make it live, and glimmer (like these fireflies.) And we must give it the chance to breathe, while rushing and hurrying and struggling in our everyday life... Hugs to you!!!

  14. Oh, and that bird in the tree - as if whispering something...

  15. Karen, thank you. I hope you had the chance to get away from that screen and dwell among the trees! (hugs)

  16. Oh Rossichka, always the wise friend that you are. Yes, I think childhood is such a huge inspiration in my life and each memory is rightly stored inside my mind. Like little treasures that I can admire every time my heart wishes it.

    And thank you, for saying such lovely words. I too am waiting for the girl to come dancing in the meadows soon! :))

  17. Oh wow what day is it? Tuesday. I am latest for the party as the White Rabbit. I like the bird in the tree. And the shape of the trees, the beautiful freckled girl - and the sentiment of the whole piece. I also like sitting on the grass and watching ants (and pulling wings off flies :) )

  18. Amalia, your designs are thrilling ... Touch in deep soul ... This is wonderful!!!! The water for me has a very deep and intimate meaning and a beneficial effect on me ... it wash each malaise ... Hug, you're magic ... when you will speak a bit about yourself? Hug Stefania

  19. I sooo feel my life trough your note! It's really hard to think about the usual life stuff while my mind is 10000km away, walking foot naked in the woods!

  20. Well hello, White Rabbit. :)
    As they say, "better late than never"... heheh. Pulling wings off flies? Yep, definitely something I could see you do! Cheers :D

    Stefania, you are the sweetest, thank you! I'll talk more about myself if you'd like, but you must promise not to fall asleep! Haha! :D

    Anko, ah yes, walking barefoot in the woods is something I've been longing to do. Alas, I haven't been able to get anywhere near the woods...just the neighbor's yard. Heheh. :))


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