Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Another Ending... (IF - Mail)

 Fallen expectations, acrylics on paper

My dearest friends and loved ones,

I started this year with a long list of resolutions and expectations. Some came through, some didn't. Some ended in victory, and some remain as dreams to pursue. Either way, life proves to be as bitter and as just sweet as it always does. Never predictable nor easy, but thrilling and gratifying in the same time.

So thank you, life. For the love grown and friendships found, shared laughter and tears I shed, opened doors and sudden diversions. But most of all, thank you for leaving me the room to grow.

I hope this year was a good year for you. Hopefully the next will be even better.

Much love to you,
Amalia oxox


  1. This is a gorgeous creative painting! I love the keys hanging in the tree! Merry Christmas to you, my talented friend!

  2. Much love to you, Amalia! I wish for you a beautiful holiday season and look forward to seeing you wonderful work in the new year! xoxo

  3. Life is always a bag of surprises in that we never know what is coming out next! (except me, and it is usually injuring myself in some manner...LOL!)
    I hope 2011 will be THE YEAR for you; abundance, good things, love, success in what you do so well....your art.
    So glad to have met you; you're a bright spot in my 2010!!!


  4. ~amalia...such beauty within these words...thank you for being here and allowing us to be apart of your days...your growth...your life...your journey! it has been nothing but a wonderful blessings getting to know you...may the new year rise only higher...doors open and adventures to come forth that will set your spirit soaring...much l♥ve light and holiday wishes upon you and yours~

  5. Hi Amalia, I sincerely loved reading this, it makes me think about life and how each and every one of us have our different struggles and successes :)
    I adore the colours of this picture, the muted tones and the way the wind sweeps the leaves and tree branches so beautifully across the picture like a shelter, and the protection and safety of home sat beside her :)

  6. So lovely! I love the bird and her nest. To me, the keys represent all the doors of opportunity waiting to be opened : )

  7. Gorgeous painting Amalia,

    I too am so very thankful to have met such incredible women this year. It has been a year of artistic growth for me, and you are one of the main inspirations for that. I thank you for your kind gentle spirit, your zest for life, your pursuit of artistic excellence, and most of all, I thank you for your friendship. May the new year bring us all we wish, and my life be kind to us.

    and Christmas smiles


  8. Your work is stunning... I am in awe! Thank-you for your art and words. The best to you in the new year!

  9. Well what a loaded work? All that magic working on our subconscious. Hmm. Where is my hat, (thinking hat) oh its in the cupboard.

    I like these works Amalia - the ones that give us riddle, that present us with icons images that we must join together ourselves.

    The secret of life. ? For joyous things anyway. The joy is always (often) in the anticipation, rather than the fullfillment.

    So something unfulfilled always had potential, eh?

    For example - a poor speller like me can only get better!

    take care and wonderous s eason's joys to you!

    till then :)

  10. Hello sister tree! How I miss your drawings! this is delightful, tree leaves (with the help of the wind) are sending your love for the world? today I will take the plane for a holiday in my country... I want to run and hug my siblings... / I wish you a happy Christmas and new year will give away to you millions of good surprises ~

  11. Ah, excuse me. I had a hard time walking towards here because I kept stumbling from steroid overdose. Heeheh! Hello dearest Amalia! This and the previous illustrations are darling! I love the solemn expressions of these girls. So classically rendered.

    As for life, I don't even know what to say anymore. Just hoping that I wake in the midst of my loved ones and all I have to worry is what to prepare for dinner. Yet it is never that simple. I also need to think of desert! Okay, I am being facetious. Blessings to you dearest one and may this holiday season bring you comfort, joy, peace and love. Merry Christmas and a blessed New year!

  12. Shades of Alice...
    your figure 8 keeps us involved in the image and the subtle colors are nice for the year~end.

  13. Oh goodness, Amalia! Your paintings are are gorgeous as your pencil works! So many keys collected. I'm sure they open many exciting doors. There are so many more branches waiting for keys of their own. And she is leaning on her home, always a source of support.

    If we achieve all our goals and expectations, there wouldn't be anything left to strive for next year now, would there. ;)

    Have a beautiful, loving, delicious, and love-filled holiday season. Here's to a healthy and prosperous new year with many new doors, many new opportunities, many more stories to tell. And love. Always lots and lots of love.


  14. I love how her feet are tucked into the base of the tree and the nest and every detail.

    another year leans toward the next, I could say the same you have here.

    I wish you a love holiday season and beyond. May the sun shine for you in the midst of your rainy season.


  15. Dear Amalia...amazing Amalia. Each time I visit, I am blown away..your work shines brighter each time. I thank you, my friend, for your kind visits and shared love of art. I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year ahead. I feel blessed to have made a connection with you this year - you have been such a sweet and inspirational friend. Hugs to you!

  16. My dear lovely friends, I am touched. You are all great highlights of my year. I'm so thankful to have met such warm and giving people like you.

    I hope I get to keep your friendships for a long, long time...

    Amalia oxox

  17. thanks a lot for your comment , Amalia :)
    Merry Christmas to you and have a 2011 full of happiness ♥

  18. Merry Christmas lovely lady! I hope you and yours have a wonderful one. I hope to see many more beautiful creations in the new year and get to know you even better. Hugs!!!

  19. Such resonating sentiments Amalia. :) Life has been a roller coaster for me this year. I look forward with excitement to the next! I love this new painting of yours, I love the way you've drawn her boots and the style of the whole thing and the way the scale is distorted for effect - just lovely! A very happy christmas to you and a wonderful new year. With love, Jess x

  20. I'm just coming here to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, dear Amalia! I wish you an unforgetable and cosy evening among your beloved ones! I'll write here later during the holidays! Now I must run to the kitchen.:0))))))

  21. Wonderful!

    I wish you the Light shine in your Christmas Eve, friend. Be as happy as you can. Besos!


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