Monday, 13 December 2010

Lazy Day, Crafty Hour

One cold and rainy day...

...when lazying around and doing nothing was the greatest temptation...

...I reminded myself that it was yesterday's agenda... I picked up the pencil, drew, painted...
...and proved to myself that I could still put a good use to scissors and glue.

It was wonderfully satisfying to do something different. I hope your weekend was great!

Many hugs,
Amalia oxox


  1. This is absolutly adorable. It reminds me of the animal illustrations of Grandville.

  2. Oh how adorable! I just love love love cats and there's nothing sweeter than a drawing of a little cat all dressed up, haha.
    I know what you mean about lazing around, the feeling comes over me all too often but I get back to work eventually! I love the little border of lace and the ribbon and pearly beads, it gives it a whole new feel and adds that little bit more beautiful detail!

  3. Oh, it's gorgeous, and the ribbon make it still more beautiful. Great!!!

  4. So sweet, Amalia...My Mom,the guardian of all catkind, would absolutely be smitten with this kitten:)

  5. Ah dearest one, I have been dancing the shuffle quite a bit lately. Yes, this is a good thing. Lazy and cold equals creative crafting. This is the activity of the gifted ones. The rest just complain and gossip. Have a beautiful week! Oh, and thank you for visiting. Help yourself, be my guest. Heheheh! Tsup!

  6. OH


    I can not describe with words how amazing this is!

  7. Oh! Is this Miss Cessycat again? :D

    Amalia, I love it when you are drawing and painting. The lace is a beautiful addition, reminiscent of yesteryear's finery. I love her long white gloves! She is a very well kept kitty, indeed. Beautiful!

    Hahaha, music instrument between the knees. Thank goodness it was not a woodwind!

  8. So nice & lovely.. :)
    You used color pencil for the cat.. or watercolor..? juz curious..

  9. Isn't it fun to do something different when you have a chunk of time? ;D
    Lovely!!! The lace is so appropriate for the drawing!


  10. Hi Amalia, it's been a while since I've visited and I've missed your beautiful artwork. This kitty is gorgeous, I love her blue dress.xx

  11. Hi Sweetie,
    Ah, your lady cat is so lovely and her face is really cute!
    It is good to be crafty sometimes. I have been sewing pixie elf shoes with gold thread.
    It makes a nice change from jewellery making. ;-)

    Have a lovely Christmas with your family. All best wishes in 2011.

  12. This is soooo cute Amalia - lovely prim kitty! love the ribbon around the edge too - you always amaze.

    on another note, my dear friend, I received my lovely wonderful art and it is so perfect! I can't tell you how excited I am to give my sister the print for christmas, and so so generous of you to include a print for me to keep for myself!
    My daughter (she's 22) was over when they came and she just loved your work too, so I may have to just get a print for her too!

    Hugs my dear and hoping you are finding peace and inspiration - this lovely kitty says 'yes!'


  13. Sweet Amalia, it's so old fashioned-y and cute :)

  14. Lovely work ... reminds me of the kittens in the Beatrix Potter tales.

  15. Hello, my dear Amalia! Such a nice surprise - another lovely cat in such a beautiful frame! I obviously subconsciously haven't expected from you to use some different materials or techniques in your art, but it was wrong, because in the first instant I saw your drawing, I was fascinated! I hope you'll try something similar in future, too! I wish I could see you with scissors and glue in hands!:) Hugs!!xx
    P.S. I'm sorry I'm late with my surprise for you - please, be patient!:)))))))

  16. Oh this is coming from a misanthropope mind you.... your cats give us that snug feeling, tap into our mental wombs - did you know that?

    I do ugly because it reflects me :)
    You must do the oppoiste for the same reason eh?

    Oh I found some great uglies search for mugshot and flicker - you'll wish you didn't

    see you soon,hope alliswell

  17. completely charming! her face and those roses, fantastic. How fun to do something new and a beautiful finished project. So satisfying.

  18. The most challenging thing I find about creating art is not the doing of it, but rather the avoidance of other things sucking up your art time. Once I'm there and creating, it's hard to stop... but lazying sure has it's charms...

  19. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words... I always love reading your thoughts and experiences you share. Now, it's true. For people like me, whose hands seem to have a mind of their own, being idle is only a temporary indulgence. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I had no urge to create anything at all. It would be the end of me, no doubt. Thankfully, it's something I've never been able to picture at all.

    Hugs to you! oxox

  20. oh wow!!! this is amazing Amalia!!!

  21. This is so sweet Amalia, she reminds me of my kitty Jasmine! :) ~Lauren

  22. oh, the phrases of yours 'when lazying around and doing nothing was the greatest temptation' was so true, especially when you hardly find time for yourself!

    Most of my matters are settled last week so I will hop into my blog updates and back to my craft starting this week <3 <3 woot!

    p/s: the lace frame you made for the cat portrait is really beautifully delicate :D


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