Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Standing on Grounds (IF - Savor)

Fourteen. That is exactly the number of times I have moved homes throughout my entire life. Starting as a baby, then as a child, a teenager, an adult, a wife and even now as a mother, I have had to deal with the constant changes of situations and surroundings that came with every move. I remember always having a new bedroom to unpack into, a new school to attend to, new friends to make, and eventually more friends to leave. So by the time I was a teenager, I had learned one very valuable lesson in life. That no matter where I am, learning to adjust and grow was the most important survival skill to have.

Standing on Grounds, watercolor & tea stains

Of course, as a child there was nothing I could do but to follow whichever course my parents took, but to my surprise, the pattern seems to stubbornly carry on until today. In fact, I am now typing this from a house which I have only called home since the very beginning of July. So what is it? A path? A process? A transition? Or is it simply a journey that hopefully leads to the very end of the rainbow? A flight that I wish would one day take me to the luscious green forest I could call "home sweet home" at last. Well, one can only hope.

But like many other unpredictable episodes in life, moving places has added plenty of colors to mine. Experience is always the best teacher, and believe me, I have more than just a handful of them. The downside? Other than having to constantly memorize a new address each time, I now have stacks of unpacked boxes scattered around the house, which will all stay unpacked in case I might have to move again soon. But until then, I'll soak up the sun and savor each moment for treasured memories in the future.

I hope life is sweet, wherever your home is.


A little reminder...

For those of you who remembered my donation posts for the Mentawai-Merapi victims in Indonesia, I'm delighted to say that I have gathered and transferred a total amount of US$150 (equivalent to IDR 1,320,000) to the PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) through purchases of my art on this blog and over at my shop. I know the amount may not seem much in US$, but in our currency the sum will be able to help many in need. Of course, those of you who would like to know more details on the donation book or see the transfer proof, you are welcome to contact me by e-mail and I will gladly give you the information.

I can't thank you enough for all the help, the prayers and the kind thoughts that you have given these people. I for one am deeply moved and thankful to have such generous friends as you.

My Best,
Amalia oxox


  1. I really like the new header, the face, the frame, the haircut of the girl. Lovely :)

  2. ~my dreams be that of the same...and i do believe one day we shall have our home in the mountains...but for now i remain planted where we are...i can relate on all accounts...i have had twelve homes and do not look forward to leaving this place unless it is to go to the mountains and stay there for good!
    i want my littles to have the foundation of a home...a neighborhood where they grew up and friends that stayed...not the constant of saying goodbyes...though funny as hard as i have tried for this...our oldest has experienced a twist...for almost each friend that he has made...somehow they seem to move away and not just down the road but they have all left the was hard for him when he was young but as he gets older he says...well thats life right...people come and does it matter if we are the ones that stay firmly planted trying to keep our roots attached or if we are the ones always leaving...for goodbyes seem inevitable...i don't know but i carry your last lines...savoring life the best we know how...sorry for the muble of words...hehehe...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  3. Oh my goodness! I was writing a composition about "moving" the other day as I was packing my work office again. I was actually referring to my "home" moves, I did not count but now I am thinking 13. These would be the places I ate, lived, worked and slept for months. I am not counting the three months I was homeless and sleeping at a friend's sofa when I first came to the US. I also am not counting the number of times I have packed my work office. I am moving offices, again this Friday. I know it's just work but I spend more time at work than anywhere else.

    Ah, I used to say "Home is where the heart is." Ugh, that's an awkward sentence, but nonetheless, I don't believe that now. Now, "home is where your loved one is and where you are loved."

    I hope love abounds where you are, my dear Amalia.

    Of course this drawing speaks to me because you used the mushroom. Delicate indeed. It can be uprotted anytime but they spring and thrive in the most unusual places!!!

    Take care dearest one. I have been missing you.

  4. This illustration is magnificient, I felt immediately recognized with it... oh, I've fallen in love with your drawing, Amalia!

    is curious to think where is our home... right now I never thought about my home here in bilbao. I just feel very well inside four walls and a roof - but that is a house, not a home, right?. My life now is all out there, and a piece of my heart is in another country. Can you guess where is my home? Oh yes you can ;)

  5. Growing up in the military, this has a particular poignancy to me. I think unless someone has been repeatedly uprooted, only to land elsewhere, it is something hard to understand.
    You have amazing strength to make the transitions with grace, and I absolutely love the illustration, because it says it all.....


  6. Wow.... Beautiful illustration! You know, this post could have been written by me. I have moved a total of 16 houses in many cities and 4 office buildings, from my childhood till today.
    I always had the wrong accent no matter where I was LoL It was hard some times...But that made me traveling light and quick to make friends.
    I hope everything is fine with you and your loved ones.

  7. Oh a little mushroom girl.

  8. What a lovely this beautiful drawing, dear, it's gorgeous, you make me cry of the emotion :-)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Amalia, I love everything about this! I hate moving and have done so too many times. The only good thing I can say about it is it helps you to minimize your belongings.

  10. Wow Amalia, this is beautiful as ever. Sounds like you have quite a busy life moving around so much, I often wonder what that must be like having stayed around the same area pretty much all my life. Nevertheless I still dream about where I'll be in ten years and what kind of a place I'll be calling my home then. It's strange thinking about where you might end up, don't you think? I really loved seeing this illustration and reading your post :)

  11. Ah! You have awakened! Oh joyous joys. What an incredible new header to greet me. And oooooooooooh, I am drooling over mushroom girl! Her skirt! Oooooooooh! You have done it again, dear Amalia. Such romance in your drawings.

    I hate moving so very much. I like being rooted and knowing my neighborhood. I think I have just one more move left in me, and that's to a retirement home.


  12. Well, Amalia... I can certainly relate to your newest post on the joys (or not) of moving! My family moved fourteen times before I was fifteen, and then I kept up that approach until I was well into my forties. I've been in the same house now for eleven years, and although moving has not been an option, I still need to move the furniture around on a regular basis. I suppose this moving thing is in my blood now. I have a passionate love for boxes now! And...I have learned that I have a gift for making a home 'nest' wherever I I suspect you do too, my dear!
    Beautiful painting this week, especially the hands. She seems determined to be content, despite a little unhappiness and weariness?

  13. Hi everyone! So nice of you to drop by and leave me your lovely thoughts!! To be honest, I don't think I know many people who move around as much as I do, but now it seems so many of you actually do or did. Well, it's good to know I'm not alone with the boxes thing...hahahaa!

    Bless you all! Have a wonderful holiday... oxox

  14. Hello Amalia.

    How about 23 moves?? Yep, I've moved 23 times so far in my life. I hope to stay put where I am for a long time to come. I am tired of moving. I can pack a box in no time, though. I've gotten pretty good at it.

    One thing I know for sure. Home can be anywhere as long as you have your loved ones with you, your health, and God's guidance.

    I hope you won't have to move again for a long time, Amalia. (Unless you want to.) (:

    Your drawing is beautiful.

    ♥ audrey

  15. Fantastic, beautiful work! :o)

  16. Oh! and I have moved... eleven times! :D

  17. This is so beautiful, Amalia! I also love the new header.
    What a challenge to pick up and move so often. But no matter where you go, your blog friends will be here for you!!! ♥

  18. I just love this girl and her mushroom dress, just gorgeous and so clever! :) I understand the difficulties of moving, I had to do that quite a bit when I was young (but luckily not quite as much anymore). I love the feeling conveyed in your illustration. And a big congratulations on all of the money you have raised!! :) ~Lauren

  19. lovely lady, moving sure can be hard and take time..... I do hope that your new home is good to you and fills your life with blessings.
    I love mushrooms, yep i do and I love this piece, so creative and charming. So many fungi friends.

    Guess what, your art has arrived! I love it!! It is tender, sad and full of concern.... my heart responds to it. I love it. Thank you, with light from my heart to yours ~

  20. Dear Amalia, your post is like an essay. Emotional and wise, sincere and coming from "real life". Your experience in moving and changing the houses is huge.It must have been very hard! As I see a lot of people with similar faith share your feelings. Aren't you tired? (I hate to make luggage!)Have you kept special memories about a place you wish you could have called home forever or about friends who stayed where they were and are already a past?... I realized that I have moved several times, too, but I don't accept myself in the way you do - as a moving person. No, I'm a traveling one who has changed his places of living, because of his work. I was a director in three towns, before coming back to my native Rousse. I changed theatres, not houses. I didn't call them Homes, maybe because I hadn't my own family by that time. Yes, if you have a family, your home is the place where you live together. And do you know what? I miss my home with Mum and Dad. Although I live there now with my own family and old Mum, it's not the same. This is my home Now, not that one from my childhood where I used to return after traveling, wandering and long absence. To return and find my previous world waiting for me with a lot of memories in every corner or box in the house and feel the love and support of my family any minute!... So at lesat for me, I have three Homes - the homes where I had grown up and the home which I built with my own family.:)
    Your drawing is so beautiful! I like the analogy with mushrooms that grow quickly and don't have roots! But I notice the rock behind the girl!... But... You have to adjust when you don't have an alternative... After all everyone lives his life in the way it happens to him! The point is what lessons he learns.
    Big hugs!

  21. Oh, I meant "fate", not "faith". Probably there're more mistakes - excuse me!!

  22. Hey Amalia, well if there is a heaven you will be in it - deservedly!

    Its a wonderful ting that you have done - as the leprechauns say :)

    Oh I am back by the way :)


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