Wednesday, 15 December 2010

An Illusion in Between

Gemma & Daisy, acrylics on paper

Nothing is really what it seems...
What do you see the first time you see this duet?
Can you picture their story? 



  1. I am so glad I follow your blog. Your artwork is amazing, and somehow gets even more amazing with every new piece you post! Did you draw the frame in the top picture? Gemma and Daisy makes me think of the characters in the book Golden Compass. I love the facial expressions you achieve.

  2. When I was a child, I had a little white bear, a very loved toy. But I forgotten it completly. Your drawing made me remember that old white bear, and my own childhood. It's son beautiful... Thanks, thanks...

    (Sorry, I made a mistake in the previous comment :-)My poor English, ha ha)

  3. "I've forgotten...", "It's so beautiful..." well, I made a mistake in this comment too... ha ha, sorry, I'm going to review my English lessons right now! :-D

  4. She and the bear both look so solemn, almost sad, but it's very lovely as always Amalia.

  5. I see love
    I see trust
    I see a wonderful bear
    a beautiful deep girl
    I see colors that thrill me
    I wonder if they are puppets, finger puppets....
    there is a depth to this piece that draws me in.

  6. Wow Amalia, this is truly a beautiful piece of art, I love everything about this!
    I can really see some kind of story here too. I think her expression and the way she's clutching her bear so sweetly makes me think she's lonely, maybe a vagrant or a runaway, and she's stumbled upon one of your magical little worlds that you illustrate so beautifully where they can live peacefully together in a little dream world of their own :) Sorry I get carried away with little stories sometimes hahaha, your work is just so wonderful that I can't help think what their story might be and I guess everyone sees something different in a piece of artwork. This is one super amazing piece of work Amalia!

  7. I see a dance show. These two are the main characters. They have rehearsed and played together so often that they know and trust and love each other without reservation. You can sense the comfort, belief and joy. Another amazing work Amalia! Hey! That’s a perfect name for you. “....And now.... presenting.... the Amazing Amalia!” The crowd goes wild!

  8. The teddy is super cute.
    I would love to have him in my teddybear- collection ;0)

  9. In the first instant I saw your beautiful drawing, I thought that the girl and the bear are circus artists. I don't know who's Gemma and who's Daisy, but these two names sound like artistic pseudonimes to me... Everything from the background suggests this is an arena. The fact that the bear is wearing a dress, the details in the girl's costume (the skirt, the rhombs), even the choice of colours tell they have their own show in the programme. But... looking in their eyes, I see the sad stories of their lives. Maybe the circus - their new home, has given them the best thing they've ever dreamed of - a true friendship! It's easy to be seen that they both love and rely on each other. And maybe this is their only joy, because they don't seem to be happy, working in the circus. So... the circus is always associated with laugh, amusement, lights, glamour... But things are different when the curtain falls down.
    Amalia, dear, you don't simply draw, everything comes from your heart and soul!!xxxxx

  10. I think they are dreaming of running away from the circus instead of to it, like so many children do. Hope you have wonderful holidays, Amalia! :)

  11. This is so gorgeous and mysterious looking. I can tell they definitely do have a story, there is such a deep and pensive look in her eyes. I just adore the way you rendered the bear too! ~Lauren

  12. She looks a bit sad - but no clue as to why...I love her eyes and her bear is too adorable!

    how are you my friend? Hope this finds you well and happy.

    hugs and smiles

  13. Oh my, Amalia! This is a remarkable piece of work!! The first thing I noticed was the rich, beautiful color. At first I thought the bear was "real", then I thought it was a toy...maybe. It feels like a "real" bear somehow. I love that ambiguity. The bear seems to be a protector for the child yet the child is keeping the bear in check.

  14. Hey there! Wow, you all have some amazing imaginations!! I loved reading all your stories of Gemma & Daisy... yes, they're a sad pair indeed! I tried to portray the irony of life and lights of the circus, at least circuses of the old age anyway... The spotlight might looked magnificent to the audience, but what happened after the curtain fell down?

    Anyway, thanks again everyone! I'm sorry I don't reply to individual comments anymore, but I try my best to visit each of you lovely people!

    Many hugs,

  15. Exquisite, Amalia! You do wonders with telling a story simply through expression. These are the stars of the show, yet they are weary. And they are so comfortable with each other, they are practically one and the same. The bear looks content to be wrapped by her protective arms. They've been in it together for a long, long time.

    Sweet kisses to you. xxx

  16. Hello well I am the late one eh?
    Oh this one has resonance. Something stand out beyond the drawing, communicates with us. It must be the ambiguity, but' it's also the ambiguity of emotion, the confronting gaze - and the tonal range


    Love that tonal range - makes everything broodingly harmonious. Sorry to be so long, Christmas makes life hard here. Just stress. Things we should be doing, and we don't pile up like err, pile up like things piling up.

    Storm in a tecup eh? But isn't that life.

    See you in a while.

  17. Hello my friend,
    I have featured you today on my blog, I hope you like it! Thank you so very much again! Everyone I have showed loves it! xxoo

  18. I see a lot of tenderness and melancholy .. besides being a magnificent piece of art.
    I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year full of achievements and happiness to you

  19. Seems like the boy (or girl) is having a different childhood from others as he/she is growing up in a circus. There is a subtle sadness in it, I'm not sure why but then again there's some positive light in his eyes (what am I talking about). Nothing is really what it seems but then again blessing always come in disguise..

    p/s: as they say, sometimes what you see in a painting is a reflection of your current psychology status! haha

  20. oh oh, the story is revealed in the earlier post! :D


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