Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Early Resolution

Time is ticking and the end of year draws near. As with many years that have passed, the last week is always the crucial moment for me to pause and reflect. Not that I intentionally sit myself down and think about it, but thoughts just swim by every moment of the day and stops me at the littlest things I do. As if my mind tries to remind me of what's done and subtly leaves me space to ponder on.

Well, today I thought about my journey. The beginning, the process and the end I have yet to meet. I realize now that I tend to get excited when things start and rush myself to the end, leaving the process merely as a leap to get me where I want to be. At the end the sweetness just lingers on briefly, while something feels missing out of the picture. So I decided that from now on, the process will have its own spotlight, starting right here.

This is the initial black and white drawing I did. While in the beginning I had the image of a girl drifting at sea, apparently my hand just had a mind of its own. So flying on a cloud, she goes...

I've been experimenting with watercolor and acrylic washes these days. Having spent the past 7 years or so focusing on colored pencils, I've been trying to get myself out of the box this year and had played around more with other techniques. It's just good to know that I now have more options on the shelf for each project I'm doing.

Well, this is she... just before the final touches. I love the antique vintage look on her and how the paper had turned into an old scroll like form. And it smells wonderful, because I like using a little bit of tea stains here and there. (Jasmine is my fave!)

Wishes, acrylics and tea stains on paper, 2010

And here she is... up high in the sky, off to reach out for the stars. Don't you just wish that was you? I do! (impossible it may seem). So I think I'll just post that image in my head for safe keeping, in case I ever felt like crawling under the bed...

I hope you get time to pause and reflect.

My best,
Amalia oxox


  1. Oh yes! I wish it was me floating away!
    Beautiful use of the washes; I love using fluid acrylics to put a wash on lightly, let it stain, and then rub part off. You can build so much color depth. Obviously you will have no problem adapting to different mediums!
    Here is to the joy of the process, that moment of Zen, the delight that comes in creating!


  2. I'm far happier to be out of the clouds, here on Earth, visiting
    and seeing with great clarity such a fine sensitive work of art.

  3. Ms. Amalia,
    She is so lovely~
    so wonderful to take in your pencil drawing and then the wash and your final piece. Love that she is in the sky, way up high, a place that lives in our hearts and in your art.
    Wishing you a lovely 2011, each and every day.

  4. uuu.. i too, wish to be able 2 ride the clouds.. and stars would be one of the things i'd like to touch.

    Thanks for sharing the process, Amalia. It makes me especially curious about the tea stains..

    Have a wonderful New Year.

  5. This is beautiful! I use the same technique in my art to make them vintage, tea stains!!! I tried coffee once and didn't like how it looked at all. This piece you have created looks so wonderful, and the colors are beautiful! I love how you posted your whole process! Your artwork is so lovely.

  6. She is so beautiful, what an inspiring image...your art has such a lovely light and coziness. I know just what you mean about taking the time to savor the process, it's something I'm working on as well.

  7. I do so love watching the progress of a piece and that was a delightful float on the clouds with you and yoiur girl. She is so beautiful.

  8. Than you for showing the lovely progression of work. Wishing you blessings and peace for the year ahead and the enjoyment of the 'process'.

  9. ~amalia...may it be only the sweetest of years to come forth...where each and every day you find yourself pondering such moments as these...savoring and embracing all the beauty that surrounds you and the the pieces you create...i from the moment i stumbled over have been in awe of your talent and have always felt you see life as it truly capture the essence of each moment in your painting...the emotions of your heart seeping off for us to heart is always filled with wonder and goodness when i leave...beautiful is she amalia and yes i would long to be up there in the clouds with her but for now i guess i shall contniue reaching far and wide hoping i may just catch one of those stars...hehehe...much love light and blessings be with you and yours this day and always~ nailed it perfectly in the comment you such...coming by surprise...something you never thought...well it is something i have always wanted to try but my shyness and reservations have kept me from attempting...but tis a new year ahead...breaking free and trying new...and for you...please no hiding in cupboards..we would miss you dear friend!!!~

  10. Oh Amalia! This is by far my very favorite of your work! And that's saying something as you know I love everything you do!

    She is just magical, she really is!

    I can see something here, something new and I love it!!

    Hugs my dear and the very best for the new year to you and your family.

    and smiles of course...

  11. Somehow I tend to find myself reflecting at this time of year too, without even realising it or with any intention of doing so! But it's good to do it either way, since we can all look back on what we did and what we can do in the future :)
    Well I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the process of this picture, I always wondered what would happen if you put the tea stains on after the pencil work. I used to draw pictures in a similar way using coffee, but I'd put the coffee on first and then start drawing. I think there is something about the tea stains that brings a certain vibrant but old fashioned look to the colours in this illustration Amalia, it certainly is a truly beautiful work of art!

  12. She is so gorgeous, I just love the stain and her big bright beautiful eyes! You are so adept at using all kinds of different mediums! I too am trying to slow down and enjoy the process, I am often too impatient to get to the end result :) ~Lauren

  13. This is absolutely breathtaking!! The design and coloring are amazing.You've done such a wonderful job with this technique!
    I work mostly in pencil as well and have always been a bit afraid of adding anything after so I hope you don't mind me asking - did the stain change your drawing & did you need to seal it first?

  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process, Amalia. To me your work never appears rushed. It was a surprise to read this! Your work is always so sensitively done.
    It's interesting that you consider the sense of smell in your work. I've never tried tea staining, but I do love the smell of tea and you've got me thinking now about engaging that sense I have neglected...

  15. Amalia,
    oh amalia, this is just so beautiful . i love the vintage look she has, and you did it with tea? that really adds a unique look to your piece.
    thank you for your friendship this year. it has been a pleasure seeing your work and owning a piece of my very own! i wish you a wonderful prosperous new year! xxx

  16. It's beautiful, with that vintage air... Wonderful!

    I kiss, my friend, I wish you a Happy New Year, full of blessing, health and love.

  17. I absolutely love this! I am drawn to anyting with moon and stars. Will she be available on your Etsy? I will check it out soon.
    Have a joyous New Year!

  18. Thank you so much for all your kind comments! I try my best to keep learning everyday... there's so much more to discover in this blogland alone, sometimes I wonder how long it would take for me to quench my thirst. Maybe a lifetime!! :D :D

    Bless you all! oxox

  19. Superbe dessin... quelle finesse, quelle technique!

  20. Dear Amalia, I'm so sorry I haven't written in your blog lately, but although extremely busy in the last days of the year with our theatre projects, I came here just to enjoy your drawings!! I can't spend a single day, without seeing your art - it makes me feel better, I just admire and sigh with a smile!...
    This girl is so tender. And so courageous to take that journey to the sky on her own. She obviously knows her way. I like her deep big eyes and the mouth, slightly opened in a smile! The colours are so muted and soft. I wish you to reach your stars and may this journey be exciting and beautiful! I'm sure you will succeed!
    Well, about the process of creating - it's the most significant for me. More than the final result. I feel that way in the last years, maybe because my profession let me realize the beauty and importance of rehearsals. Directing is not like drawing, writing or composing. There's not a painting, a book or music to remain. The "child" of my hard work is a show, that always differs to a certain extent from my dream, conception and vision of what it should be! And do you know why? Because my intention and sensations pass through the sensations, hearts and souls of so many people who "build" my vision. (I dont want to speak what happens when they don't reach their souls...!!!) So I'm glad when the final result is really close to mine as it happened with "Rapunzel". And in this case the awards made me feel happy!
    The creative process in art is always very important and special because just then the artist grows up in searching different ways of expression, following his emotions and listening to his talent.

    You see how your decision to show the process of creating this beautiful drawing provoked such thoughts in me - even I am surprised!! Sorry if i was dull!!

  21. I don't know how I missed this, busy with the holidays I guess. It's lovely, lovely, lovely. Love the aging. Hugs!

  22. Hello my friend, I came the other day but had no time as I was not here :) Have been on holidays working on my one pack. It was a six pack 24th december and now is a one pack.

    Love the tea. I was thinking about your images the other day. They are all so stable and well controlled. Did you know that?

    They always ask questions but they leave us with a sense of serenity. It must be the underlying icons and those lovely curvacious arabesquian compostional elements. Nothing sharp and jagged and ugly.

    well see what I learn when i should be mowing the lawn.

    hope 2011 is grand and arabesquian :)

  23. Hey I forgot to say how beautiful she is and to thankyou for sharing your process.

  24. oh gotto change my head that parrott keeps biting my ear (that's 'ear')

  25. Ooooooooh, she's dreamy and romantic! She is a cloud nymph. A-blowin' in the wind, headed wherever chance will take her. Or perhaps she is your newest delivery girl? And SHE is why your deliveries will be faster and more efficient.

    I love the tea! Do you drink the leftovers?

    Happy Happy Happy 20!! Hope the year is even grander, more exciting, and full of wonderful process! xoxo


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