Saturday, 5 June 2010

Rhythmic Magnetism (North and South)

North to South
South to North
Two hemispheres
One ultimate force

A natural pull
An absolute call
Perfect attraction
Magnetic and strong

No ancient wisdom
Nor common sense
No words to explain
Nor doubts to regain

Just a perfect attraction
One absolute call
An ultimate force
Magnetic and strong

~ A.K ~

Note: This is an afterthought of an older piece.

As you can see, my head is quite busy right now. I don't think I've ever posted so many things in just a matter of days. I sincerely hope I'm not overwhelming any of you. This is the only place where I can spill out all the things that are going on inside this strange head of mine. And believe me, it gets ugly when I don't :). So my deepest gratitude to you, good souls, for bearing with me.


Post update:

To me, blogging is more than just about sharing my thoughts and feelings. In fact, I find it to be a very satisfying world where I'm rewarded with gracious friends who widen my horizon and teach me more knowledge than before with their comments and inputs. My new friend E.V., bless her, has given me a great tip to compliment this piece, a mesmerizing poem by John Donne, Valediction Forbidding Mourning. You can read the summary here, and believe me, it will sweep you off your feet!  oxx


  1. oooooooooooh, I'm first, I'm first! Yay!!!!! This is a beautiful companion piece to the previous one. Wow, you are being so productive and I seem to be frozen and can't get anything done. May I feed off of your vital creative energy please? Seriously though, it is a really beautiful piece Amalia. You are on a role and your images are all lovely.

  2. ~such depth lies within your soul...and yes i do believe it was serendipity that led me here yesterday! speechless am i by your words and paintings...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Hahaha.... Yes Karen, you're first!! Hhm, what kind of prize should I give you? I gave Jack something nice and delicious, maybe I'll give you something shiny and pretty? :)

    You know, I would lend you my muse, but the little thing is on vacation now...hehehee. And thank you, I like it when you come by. :)

  4. Geez, Amalia, I need to catch up, sorry for the delay - but now I am getting much less busier for a while, hurray!

    I suddenly realized what I love about your work so much - among other of course: your very unique "line" work! It is actually "path" work, as you lead the eye with a wider (broader) type of "line" in almost all of your works. They lead to the focus point very nicely. Sometimes directly, sometimes leisurely, winding here and there a bit before. Love the idea and the execution a lot.

    Great "lighting" in this one too (the reflection on the faces is fabulous).

  5. *GASP* The passion! The beauty! How divine, dear Amalia. I am transfixed by your series and in awe over the force that has taken over your imagination as of late. The hands intertwined, the black and white emanating from their bond, the cauldron of magnetism.... so very powerful!

  6. I can't get over this. These people are in love with each other! It is so obvious as daylight! I am gasping!!!

  7. Faerwillow and Stefania, thank you so very kindly... (^_^)

    Aaah, I see I now have a new woman professor friend?? Thanks, Kinga, for taking time to enlighten me with your vision. I love reading interpretations of my work, especially from great artist like yourself! (^_^)

    Bells, this is actually quite a special piece for me. It's been stuck in my head for a while, and yesterday it tapped me on the head and said,"Hey! Are you gonna lemme out or not??!!" Heheheee... Thanks sweet, you're sweeeet! :)

    Ces, me luv. You've never been speechless before. Is that good or bad? In love?? Hhm, that's new. I have to ponder upon that. Oh, no!! See what you have done??! :)

  8. Never too much! I think we are all happy to be on the receiving end of all this creativity!

    This is so beautifully said and I love the ancient feel to the man and woman in the drawing - they somehow look like time itself embodied.

    Wonderful textures too.


  9. Sorry, Amalia, I won't be a smarty face again.

  10. lovely, both the poem and the illustration...reminds me of John Donne's Valedition Forbidding Mourning...he compares love to a compass :)

  11. Kinga, please don't say that. You have no idea how much these 'professor friends' mean to me. They are my teachers and I always look forward to their inputs and criticism. You are NOT a smarty face, I see that very clearly.

    About the fogs? I really mean that. Thank you again. :)

  12. E.V., how can I thank you?? This is precisely the reason why I love meeting 'professor friends'! So much knowledge in this world that I still need to quench my thirst! Now, I will update my post and slip in this information. I hope you don't mind? Thank you! :)

  13. ini lanjutan crita para korban tabrak lari itu ya teh??!!!! :D

  14. Hey, Anana! Yes, I WILL have a lovely morning. No matter what. (^_^) oxox

    believe me or not si bos lagi makan cuanki.
    yu ah daaaahhh rebutan komputer nih riweuh...

  16. North and South, left and right, black and white, man and woman... And their attraction, their love and unity - hand in nand, enlightened, in a peaceful harmony. Guided by THEIR compass...
    Oh, Amalia, you're not overwhelming me with your fascinating drawings! On the contrary! Live the moment of inspiration to the full and do continue following yourself!
    The poem is wonderful!! :-)xx

  17. Awesome, Amalia! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem, J. D. is one of my favorites...I believe we do have the same fascination with the world as well. Never lose your verve, your curiosity, or your spirit!

  18. Stunning work! Your style is so delicate and dreamy...and I also love the poem :)

  19. Absolutly lovely.
    And thanks for your kind words on my dragonhouse- project.
    Have a great sunday

  20. Hello Amalia! :) I was looking for a english version for you, but I didn't find it. // "The Black Sheep" (I think in english will sound something like that) it's a summary of fables, and these illustrations are for the sixth chapter: "The faith and the mountains"... This history tells us how the faith could move mountains and leave a trail of desolation and confusion, as the people lost their orientation in the space, becoming completly blind... Saludos!

  21. WHAT THE HECK?!!!

    3 in the morning!!!

    Have I corrupted you?

  22. Noooooooo! That is way tooooooo early! I don't think I wake up that early. I go to bed late. Hahaha, like 3 AM. :)

  23. Hahahah! Good morning to you! However, I need to take a nap now. I am getting sleepy and tired. Maybe I will catch you later. I have been doing laundry and drawing. :)

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  25. I still have a lot to learn :) and I will always have a lot to learn. when I was a child, I was feeling like an elderly woman... but now I feel as a little girl. Talking about purity... I don´t know how purely I am. I'm just the olddest sister of a big family that wants to enrich the growth of her brothers... it's that a kind of art too? and pure? (sorry sorry sorry Amalia... I don't want to bore you)

  26. Oh, dios mio... this seems be a infinite blog conversation, and I feel so lucky for it! (why? because ... well... I don't know exactly why... ahahah!! curious! I'm with a big smile on my face, is a good reason?) and you never bore me, Amalia, even when you aren't "talking" (commenting?) with me.

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  28. This is so beautiful and thought-provoking! I love the light shining on their faces. I hope you are having a lovely day :) ~Lauren

  29. hi teh sepertinya ada salah satu temen kamu berinisial a 4 huruf berakhiran a (kaya maen TTS ga nih...HAHAHAHAH) yg mampir di blog aku, cuman bingung mo ngomong trimakasih dimana ya? aku ga tau blognya yg mana dan ga kenal juga sama orangnya, ntar disangka judes lagi.
    soalnya ada orang yg bilang gw judes.

    loh ko ini jadi ngomongin gw gini.

    yeah salamin aja deh kalo gitu sama si doi.

  30. Hi Amalia...
    It has been a while since my last visit ~ been sick for over a month and did little blogging. I see I have missed much on your blog. You have been very busy both drawing and writing. I think it is wonderful that you have such a creative mind and put your thoughts down on paper so quickly. I see no reason to worry about overhwhelming us... your work is a pleasure to look at and read. Keep it coming, Amalia. Your talents are a blessing and I love that you share.
    ♥ audrey

  31. Amalia -

    Your drawings, your dreaming, your translucent blue chamber of secrets - how can I not be overwhelmed? But overwhelmed in the sense of inspiration, of receiving gifts. Thank you for sharing. Please keep on spilling.....

    You poem can be read on many levels. Someone sees John Donne, I was reminded of Kipling with his Ballad of East and West.

    “OH, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet, Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat; But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth, When two strong men stand face to face, tho’ they come from the ends of the earth!”

    But then, as I read again, I don’t need to be reminded of other poets. Your words are enough on their own!


  32. I am so blessed to be able to breathe in all the wonderful scents of your spirits!! I thank you all from the depths of my bottomless heart for sharing your thoughts here! Bless you! oxoxo

  33. Gorgeous work! I'm happy I found you :)

  34. Hi Amalia! So glad to look on my blog and see your comment and questions!! I've always loved the natural world, as I grew up in the middle of no where and spent a lot of time in forests and fields and groves and near streams...and i love the ocean! I love flow...especially in nature. I read a lot about evolutionary biology, like Loren Eisley's Immense Journey and The Lives of a Cell, Your Inner's all about connectedness and I want my art to reflect that. Also I like woodcuts and linework, like 16th and 17th century herbals and their illustrations...I just love the world! Thanks so much for your interest and your beautiful words and pictures!

  35. Really love this illustration Amelia, beautiful!

  36. such powerful words to go with your gorgeous piece!

  37. Hello Amalia

    I am just looking at your work backwards. It is superb. You have the material for a beautiful book here. The words and the images - just magick.

    Sorry to be so late to the party.

    Jammer om so laat by die party.

  38. Well, 'magick' comes from real magic, you know... :)


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