Thursday, 3 June 2010

An Unsent Message (Reminiscence)

My dear friend,

I dream even when I am awake. Have I ever told you this before?

Images fill my head no matter what I do or where I am. They take me away to places I’ve never seen and speak to me in whispers of riddles. It is never easy to contain them. They push and pull, begging for me to open the door. Sometimes they even sing to me in hypnotic serenades, shifting me to higher grounds and more.

Have I ever told you this before?

Then something struck me. I think you already know. It paralyzed my brain and blinded my senses, swiftly taking away all the colors that lingered in my vision and turned every corner of my mind into a sparkling white mist of divinity. Somewhere, a hidden tunnel is now opened. New images have flown out, dancing with great brilliancy. My senses revived, my energy storming in a passionate rush.

Yes, I still dream even when I am awake.

I think you already know.

 ~ A.K ~

A note to my wonderful artist friends...

True inspiration is a blessing. Don't you think? Sometimes it hits you when you least expect it. Sometimes it wakes you up to things you never knew possible. So use it wisely, I say, and embrace it passionately. Be brave and let it show you who you truly are.

But then, I'm sure you already know.

With love,


  1. dreamy and beautiful... love your new header too, as though it sets a new tone for your recent artworks <3

  2. Let your inspiration, passion and strength last for a long, long time... After rain, there's always a sunrise! Hold your dreams, express them in your lovely drawings and poems,don't let them fly too soon! You dream with open eyes? That's why you are an Artist!
    I like this girl, the movement and the volume of her dress, the colours of her hair... She knows who she is, she knows her strength. And that wooden box "for treasures" - for her emotions, ideas, impressions, inspiration...

  3. Beautiful words Amalia, such a lovely post. I love this drawing it's beautiful.The texture in her hair and her clothes it's just gorgeous, you are an inspiration!!
    Thank you for such lovely words on my blog today too you are a sweetie! :0) x

  4. Oh my goodness look at all I've missed. Work is wonderful, but I do so miss you dear Amalia! I hope that all is well with you and that you are working too. I love your new header! It's wonderfully whimsical and magnificent to boot! I the words are so fabulous! I'm so proud of you doing your thing and sharing it with all of us. You are an inspiration! I miss you so much, but it's back to work. I send you a great big ol' hug from Jersey!

  5. Fess up! fess up! Who is inspiring you to do all these dreamy colors and words?

    Sometimes I want to be in a studio with all my favorite artist-bloggers and we will paint one giant canvas but I think most of the paints will probably fall on our clothes and we won't get anything done because we will just be laughing and playing.

    What an awakening you are having. Some powerful muse you have!

    Keep on!

  6. Yes, yes, I'm definitely awakening from my slumber, Ces. It began with a strong jolt and now everything just kind of rushes out of me. Utterly exhilarating! I owe it to this muse, who's been kind enough to open the passage door for me... (^_*)

  7. Rossichka, what would I do without your sweet kind words?? Honestly, you're like a cool breeze! Hugs to you! :)

    Sarah and Nicola, thank you, you are so sweet to me..

    Now, Vee, don't work too much, OK? And thank you for coming here, I've missed you!! oxx

  8. Just wonderful. She is so mysterious and I love the wooden box / chest. What is in it one wonders.

    Beautiful Amalia!

  9. shaZAM!!! Dang, girl! Your women as of late have been more confident, dare I say glowing. She is utterly gorgeous and mysterious. Actually, she looks like she should be selling perfume or shampoo in a magazine. The color just around her face and the box is fantastic!

    Yes, yes, a surge of inspiration from a muse is a wondrous thing indeed. What a feeling, that unstoppable rush, like an artistic high! Ride it for as long as you can.

    Hahahaha, no need to spray my door with a tommy gun. My doorbell works just fine, you know. :D

  10. What an inspired post! Your images are flowing out of you, wonderful!xx

  11. Lovely image and lovely poem!! Thank you so much for sharing, Amalia!

  12. hi teh!!!!!!!! makasi ya kalung gotiknya aku pake!!!!!
    ni sekarang tentang apa lagi nih cewe lg ngapain?

    ps: skrng kalo online bareng sama si bos :D
    kemaren dong langsung ngebaso xD

  13. Thank you everyone for stopping by! I always love reading your comments... :)

    Now Bella, sorry about the tommy gun incident, I was out of ideas! Hehehee, I hope I didn't ruin your door? :D :D

  14. No worries. Doors are a dime a dozen, but your visits are golden. Biscuits? Pshaw. For you, a dozen different cakes, French macaroons, and eclairs.

  15. Amalia! She is glorious. To see the strength (and always, always, beauty) of your ladies takes me to another place - up and beyond with you in the clouds, but to read and hear of your inspiration makes me SO very happy! There's nothing like that feeling of knowing when it's there, right?! I love this post. It's a celebration of the artist, of which you are one truly gifted one!

  16. Ah, Shirley my sweet. You went away for a long time and here you are again stuffing my head with charming words. Oh, wait... Yes, yes, I can feel my heart expanding a bit there. Thank you, deary! :) oxx

  17. Hola, Amalia, very nice your illustration. If I may want to tell you something: I always notice in the expression of the eyes of your drawing something like sadness. Sorry, but that's what I think.

  18. Well, Roberto, it may take the whole night to explain the sadness in their eyes :)... Maybe the women in my drawings have experienced life to so many extended degrees that their souls are forever in thirst of happiness?

    Of course, I share their feelings, but happiness is sometimes over rated, don't you think? Maybe it isn't sadness that you see. Could it be acceptance?

    I like your question. It jogs my mind. (^_^)

  19. Hallo Amanda,
    Thanks so much for your lovely words ♥

    Your work is delicate, romantic and sweet...Constant dreamers, we all are, and that's such a beautiful bliss :)


  20. ahhh, Amalia your images are always so lovely and dreamy. She is beautiful. I love the glow from inside the chest.

  21. Lovely whimscal art!


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