Monday, 29 October 2012

Artist Sketchbooks Show and Tell

Hey all! A new week has started. To me, it's usually a good time to sit down and organize my weekly work agenda, setting priorities and goals so I can pretty much work less chaotically. Believe me, when you have three kids and a heap of deadlines to finish, this is quite crucial. Other than that, I also like to flip through the ideas I've gathered over the previous week and see if I could hopefully get some extra time to work on them. Now, I don't know about you, but I always find it interesting to see the raw ideas that artists come up with and put down in their sketchbooks. It's amazing to see how an idea is born and later on transformed into a piece of art through their thought process.

So to inspire you, here are some of my wonderful artist friends, showing us peeks into their sketchbooks and sharing a little bit about how it all begins...

"OK the first image is a little fairy that I did last year. This was a sketch done after taking a pic of my daughter... & just too cute I had to add wings :) I've always been so afraid of color. This piece was (or perhaps may be) one of my very first plays with watercolor. I've always enjoyed drawing the sweet & innocent.. I suppose this explains my art taking off shortly after having my daughter ;) She's a huge inspiration :)

The second image, is a work in progress & my most current piece. I've obviously become obsessed now with color after being afraid of it for my whole life! I've yet to do a girl using watercolor in the eyes. I've always felt that I could just get so much more detail using pencils. So I don't know if I've achieved perfection here, but wanted to give it go." :) ~ 
Joanna Haber, A Bit of Whimsy

"Generally my paintings are done on the fly without any forward planning but I have so many ideas in my head at any one time that I keep a little doodle book for over-spill ideas which I use in those awkward times when my brain flow is running flat. The 2 pages here are a basic idea of how I doodle, a general idea of a character and a few words to jog my memory when painting time comes, nothing fancy just a bit of fun." ~ Micki Wilde, The Secret Hermit

"I love drawing in my sketchbook, it's where my ideas start to grow with just a few lines of a pen and a sprinkle of imagination. In these pages I am exploring characters and through sketching and have a play around on paper the characters come to life." ~ Heidi M. McDonald, Little Nore

"I do have a strange practice of reaching for the nearest piece of paper to doodle down my ideas. I don't regularly sketch, in fact, I usually just sketch right on the paper or canvas....but, every now and then, when I want to get down a concept or idea, I grab the closest paper at hand and draw a quickie sketch. I have saved these...all loose and haphazard...a bit like me...haha!" ~ Cameron S. Reutzel, Paint Myself Pretty

"Sketching is a wonderful way to let my imagination flow and express the spirit of life. Recently I find pleasure in exploring characters in playful stances, almost dancing, telling some sort of story." ~ Tammie Lee, Beauty Flows

I hope you're feeling inspired and all ready to create! Have an awesome Monday, everyone...Here's to plenty of good vibes for the week ahead! :)



  1. Oh Wow, be included with these Creative Divas makes me blush with happiness and do an inner dance of joy :D
    I just love to see how ideas come to life for other artists....what a fun peek into their process!
    Thank you, thank you!!

    ...but what about your sketchbook, my Dear? Hmmmm? ;P

    Biggest Hugs to you!

  2. hello Amalia,

    i love this post! it is wonderful to see artist's sketches, a bit like having an insiders peak.

    thank you for including me with these lovely artists!

    and yes, i agree with Cameron.... what about your sketchbook peak?


  3. OOOh Lovely, my sketches are always so scrappy, it's good to see some others putting more effort into their's lol ;o)
    And yes Amalia I agree with the comments above, you must give us a sneaky peek at your's too ;o)

  4. Love it ! I love these wonderful artists pages of the sketch book and feel honoured that you included mine in this feature. Its great to see how the inner workings of artists minds :)

  5. thanks for the inspiration sweetie :)

  6. What a great idea. I love seeing peoples creative process. Thanks for sharing! :-)

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  8. Dear Amalia, maybe you don't even suppose but a post like this one can be inspiring for people who are not artists, too!:) The creative process is impulsive to some extend, so keeping the memory of sudden impressions, feelings or thoughts turn the sketchbook into a chest of precious creative ideas!
    It was so interesting to have a glimpse at these talented artists' private territories! I'm just wondering what secrets does YOUR sketchbook keep?:-))
    Have a lovely week!xx

  9. Thanks Amalia for a peek into the sketch books of such creative souls. I have followed all the links and enjoyed myself immensely!

  10. Oh Yes! I am definitely inspired now. I feel like I have just peeked through a keyhole to some magic place. Off now, to find an empty sketchbook. xoxo

  11. Oh wow definately inspired. I love seeing into other artists sketchbooks, and see where the brain child for a finished peice came from. My sketches are horrible and scratchy like doodles...usually cause I'm just itching to get the idea out. Which reminds me, I must get back to my sketchbook, I've ignored it for weeks. Thank you so much for sharing and writing such a wonderful post. ^_^

  12. You know, I stopped using my sketchbook years ago, and I've only recently realized I need to get back to using it! I'm honestly not sure why I stopped in the first place! I just seem to go straight to canvas now, without any sketchwork, and I know I miss my book.

  13. I love to peep into other artist's sketchbooks and this is such a treat, thankyou Amalia! We all have different ways of making our paintings and have different thought patterns. It's so interesting to see how these painters 'think'.
    Jess x

  14. What Jess said :) Thanks for shariing!

  15. Hi,
    I found your beautiful blog and your site on Etsy. Love it all. Will have to make a purchase soon...I am now your newest follower.

  16. How wonderful to see into the beginnings of such creativity! Agreed with all, must see your sketchbook my dear! Love & hugs, Joanna :)


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