Thursday, 25 October 2012

Drawing Memories

Hello there. First of all, let me just thank you for your wonderful comments on my last post. I had no idea that many of you share my fear, it's really comforting to know that I'm not just being "silly", as people have often told me.

So anyway, how have you been? It's already Thursday here and Friday is waiting eagerly for its appearance (well, at least I am). This week has been pretty stressful for me, especially because I've been pushing myself to finish a few deadlines and some custom orders too. Not that I'm complaining. In case you haven't noticed, I love my work. No matter how tough and tiring things can be. Custom portraits, in particular, could be a huge source of stress because they are personal and any personally related work is usually the toughest kind. Some have suggested that I should stop accepting them, but to be honest, they actually give me quite a satisfaction of their own.

Just think of it. To create the portraits above, I had to learn quite a bit about the girls. Their characters, what their hobbies and interests are, and not to mention their mother's (in some cases even the father's) taste! Because they are personal, I have to approach it in a more personal way too. It's such a wonderful feeling to imagine that these portraits will be hanging in their bedrooms and may even be cherished until they have grown up. Somehow it makes all the stress and sweat worthwhile. :)

I must say, though, that I am at the moment working on a portrait that has opened up my eyes and put a new meaning to life. All this time, I have been drawing cheerful faces, thinking that they all belong to these happy and lively people somewhere in other parts of the world. Never once have I drawn a portrait of someone who has passed away. And a child too, at that. At first I only thought of it as a new kind of challenge, but I never thought his story (which I can't reveal right now) would affect me so much, that I think it has somehow broken my heart. It makes me think about my children constantly, and the overwhelming sadness that the parents must feel to lose a child. If there is one project that has affected me so much emotionally, I say that this would be it. I just hope that I will do a good enough job to preserve the beautiful memories they have of their lost loved one.

How about you? Have you ever worked on anything that affected you tremendously? Well, whatever project you're working on right now, I hope it will give you a whole new positive experience and brighter perspective on life.

Peace to you,


  1. oh my goodness, I can see how the commission you are working on would have a deep effect on you or anyone! so sad, so precious, i am sure you will create something that will be held dear.

    the two above are so lovely!

  2. That sounds like a real hard challenge that commission of yours, for the pencil and the heart. I don't envy you your challenge and I'm not sure I would be strong enough to take on something like that myself. I wish you well with it my friend!!

    As for me well I did a series of paintings after the death of my friend which pretty much summed up how I felt at the time, I cried many tears whilst painting but it did give me some relief to get it out of my system.


  3. I love these pictures. They're very sweet and lovely. Beautiful work.

  4. Oh gosh, dear Amalia, that is quite a challenge. Make sure your drink plenty of vodka or whiskey when you are drawing! Wait, maybe after drawing. Tsup!!!

    These drawings are so beautiful!

    They each deserve a toast!!!


  5. Awwww, Amalia, these are adorable portraits. Such happiness is infectious! I know what you mean about custom requests bringing so much pressure and stress. But when you invest yourself into a project like that, your work comes out all the more beautiful and with meaning. Good luck with the current portrait. That is heartbreaking, indeed.


    ps. I completely agree -- mustaches make everything better! Good thing November is coming. It'll be Mo-vember with mustaches abound! :)

  6. I share your feelings Amalia! So much preasure comes with drawing a person's son or daughter, their love of their life! But with that said, it is an honor and oh so rewarding! These pieces will be treasured forever, well done Amalia!


  7. These portraits are simply precious, the little girls will love them forever. I think you are a wonderful artist, really unique work. I've never worked on a piece that has changed my life, but I have had some unusual requests concerning my work, which really made me think. The first was a "Peaceable Kingdom" painting I sold to a couple. They asked my permission to duplicate it, etched in stone, on the tombstone of their recently deceased child. I thought it was an honor, and certainly gave my consent. Another incident....when doing a book signing, I always ask for the recipients name and a bit about their character, so that I can write something personal in their book. This woman gave me the baby's name and when I inquired about the child, the woman's eyes welled up with tears as she told me her baby had died. She was dedicating one of my storybooks to her passed baby. I was quite speechless and nearly started crying myself. I really did not know what to write in the book, but eventually came up with something to say. Both incidents made an impression on me. ART has always been used, in some form or other, to memorialize the Life of a loved one. It is quite a responsibility to create a portrait, as you will be doing, for a deceased child. I am sure you are up to it!


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