Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sponsor Love ♥ Halloween All the Way

Wow. Do you realize that Halloween is practically creeping around the corner? I'll bet many of you are already decorating your homes with spooky fun decoration. But if you haven't, no need to worry because this post is to help you do just that! Just watch how this lovely October sponsor inspired me to create the perfect moods for Halloween. :)

The Baker's Daughter

Nancy Andrews is a featured seller on etsy.com. She named her business The Baker's Daughter in honor of her dad, who in fact was a baker for over 30 years. After plenty of experience working in the graphic design field, she ventured into the world of handmade crafts and began her exploration in creating seasonal decorative elements for the home. Her love for colors is obviously one of the strengths that she uses to make her designs stand out from the rest. And with attention paid to the details, Nancy makes each of them special, unique and fun. 

Here are a couple of moods I created using her designs to make your Halloween special too!

Into the Cauldron We Go

Links: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

A Vintage Halloween

Links: 7

Now wasn't that fun? It sure was for me! I absolutely love mixing and matching stuff, and The Baker's Daughter is just full of inspirations. To see more of Nancy's wonderful products, visit her shop now!

Happy decorating, everyone! :)

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  1. Beautiful, Amalia! I LOVE these ideas...wow..I am inspired now. : )

  2. Nice, a sort of classy-Halloween collection! :)

  3. Super fun collection! I adore the work of Baker's Daughter - I actually own one of her fall wreaths.

  4. Awesome collections! Love them all!

  5. Fun indeed!! I absolutly adore Nancy's work! So charming & inspirational :) I especially love the halloween decor!

  6. The Bakers Daughter has a lot of beautiful wreaths. I adore it too and add it to my favourite shop on Etsy. I also love winter n christmast wreaths at that shop.
    XOXO kak amalia.. ;)



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