Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Letting it Out of My Chest

Hello! How's your day? I hope you're up for a little heart to heart talk, because I'm in need of some wisdom and objective point of views. What I'm about to share with you is probably one of the most classical dilemmas many bloggers have been debating about for years and something that would probably stay as an open topic for more years to come. If you are an avid blog hopper like myself, I'm sure you've noticed that more and more blogs are now opting to become for profit blogs by making advertising and sponsorship available on their blogs. While some feel there's absolutely nothing wrong with this, many have also expressed their uneasiness of receiving money by "renting" out spaces for businesses or fellow bloggers. Me personally? I say do what you want with your blog in the best possible ways, because it's yours and you know what's best for yourself.


What brought this up? Well, it's actually something someone said to me a few days ago. This person asked if I have finally succumbed to the power of money and converted my blog to a commercial one simply because I now offer sponsorship. All I could say to her was that she shouldn't judge people if she doesn't have all the facts. Yes, I do offer sponsorship now. Yes, I do promote people here and on my other social sites. But I don't request payment for any type of advertising, be it ad spots, features, interviews, sponsored giveaways or any other kind of promotions there are in blogland. I have however, sent invites to friends and art related businesses that I think are in line with my blog's theme who may benefit from getting advertised here. For more intensive and active promotional support, I do welcome any amount of donation that they are comfortable with, only to be put toward advertising this blog, so we could all gain more traffic together.  

I hope this post is not starting to sound like a rant, because it's not. I'm not angry or fuming with smoke coming out of my ears. Just disappointed, and at lost at how some people would judge and label others without asking for more information before they do. If you remember my post on why I started the whole sponsorship thing, I'm sure you'll see that my real goal is to reach out to other artists and craftspeople so we could all grow together as a strong group. I've always dreamed of building a support system for all artists, whatever their backgrounds, for them to at least be introduced and recognized within the online world. Something I desperately needed the first time I decided to expose my work to the world, something I wish someone had offered me while I crawled my way up the steep hill.

So anyway, I just want everything to be crystal clear. If you are an artist, or own an art/craft related business, you are more than welcome to apply for a free sponsorship and have a badge advertised on the spots I have available here. However, I do have the rights to filter all requests and decide whether your application is in line with my blog. Also, if you're in need of a more intensive support through my social sites (which in fact helps generate higher traffic), please bear in mind that I will have to dedicate my time and energy to do this, so I think it's quite reasonable for me to ask for a little donation in turn to help support this blog.

Wow. I sure had a lot to say on that one. LOL. Better out of my chest than locked up inside, right? If you have any feedback or experience based on this topic, please, please share it with us here! I always love reading your point of views. :)



Note: The amazing ocean storm photography above is provided by my lovely friend and sponsor, Sylwia Urbaniak. Visit her shop to see more of her stunning work!


  1. I love discovering new blogs and often it will be because I have clicked on an ad on someones blog to get there. I don't think there's anything wrong with advertising on blogs whether it's paid for or not!

    I would like to apply for free sponsorship if my blog fits in with what you are looking for. (I tried to click on the 'apply for a free sponsor spot' button by the way and it didn't work) I am a follower and a great fan of your work!

  2. There is always one ready to judge or say something not very supportive. Don't worry about it, it is your blog just do what you want. I think you have a wonderful place here, sponsers and all!
    Your drawings are outstanding and I think you will go a long way!!! I come and visit to see your drawings and finding some great new blogs is an absolute bonus! Keep it going hon. I love networking of any sort.

    Hmmm....I think I may need to become a spopnsor:)

  3. charity donations
    Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.

  4. Oh hun that sucks, I know when you asked me I said no because it's not 'my thing' but I truly believe that your blog is your own space to do with what you want and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.
    I think you should always do what your own heart tells you is right.
    If you were asking outright for money for selfish purposes then that is a different matter, but you are not.
    You stay true to your own heart my sweet, do what you want with your blog/your life!!

  5. People are going to see things the way they want to see them, regardless of what our true purpose is. If you feel in your heart that you are on the right path, then keep walking your path. If their words cast some doubt in your mind, then don't be afraid to examine your own motives and you'll probably end up strengthening the convictions that you had in the first place. I find that my critics and nay-sayers actually do me a favor by speaking up, because they make me more determined to prove them wrong.
    It's a matter of personal choice whether you want advertising on your blog or not. If somebody doesn't want to visit because of the ads, that is their choice too. I'll be back to visit again soon!

  6. Oh Amalia!!! You are doing what is RIGHT FOR YOU!!! Honey, why are you listening to negative vibes? Don't! You cannot let other people's opinions mar your creative pursuits. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with earning an honest means of living or earning something to make your time worthwhile. It is not a sin to earn money. Some people are better at doing it than others. I am terrible, just awful in this regard but I would never look down on anyone doing it. In fact I found out that actual earnings depend on the number of times visitors visit a page link. Very little amount is earned from what I know. I hate ads, but you know, if a friend or someone I like depends on that stat for a certain amount, I ACTUALLY CLICK on the links just to help them out. I don't blog hop much, I visit the same blog friends over and over. They must be tired of me but once I decide I like something, I will stick to it until something pisses me off and I am gone forever. Well, your blog has changed through the years and I am still here. I still love your art. I still read your blog and I still feel tenderly towards your art. Do not listen to the negative forces. Your blog looks great. You have the best collection of fabulous artists.

    Now having said all of that, I am like you. I listen to people. I listen to comments and some irritate the heck out of me. People who love me and like me say things that they have no idea how it affects me, like "Why don't you sell, why don't you have a show, why don't you this and that. It saddens me. I just want to do what I do, paint and draw as I wish. Unfortunately it is not enough for others. I think you may read some of their comments on my private FB page sometimes. Those who love me even give me guilt trips. I am learning to not allow myself be moved by those forces that disturb my homeostasis, that punctuates my equilibrium. You should too. Earn as much as you can from your blogging activities. It is a good thing. Do it. Do what makes you happy. Tomorrow, post a cheerful image. I love clouds especially storm clouds but for your sake, post the beautiful sunrise. Take care, sweet Amalia. Tsup!!!

  7. Oh and by the way, YOU did DO that! Proud of you. Keep up the good work! Tsup!

  8. I have no problems with blogs advertising or sponsoring other blogs, it's the blogger's choice.

    I think it's best to ignore those who doesn't get it, they have a right to their opinion but that does not mean they should make others feel bad just because you don't agreed with them

    I do like that you chose other artists to sponsor which fits well with your blog plus I got to kow new artists, which I think it's always a joy.

    have a great day.

  9. I would remove that "Apply For Free Sponsorship spot". You are going to get inundated by people who just want things for free. Pretty soon someone will come and ask for a free phone, free birth control pills, free lunch...nothing is free, only human minds.

  10. Amalia, you are one of the sweetest, most talented, and hard-working people I have come into contact with! Your generosity to others is amazing and I & many others love you for it. The work you are doing to help your fellow artists, crafters & bloggers is very commendable and we are all super grateful to you.
    I have no problems paying for advertizing, and you have never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable in that department. I appreciate all you have done for me, and I love all the art you create. You are a Gem and more people should be like you! <3

  11. Many bloggers would love to be blogging and making an income with it as well. I see nothing wrong with this. But then again I'm all about free enterprise as well as being creative! In my wildest dreams I would be so successful with my blog that my hubby could retire! Hugs to you Amalia - ignore the woman who judged you (I would suggest to her that karma is a b____)

  12. Like you said : "do what you want with your blog in the best possible ways, because it's yours and you know what's best for yourself."

    I WILL complain only if you stop making those magical artworks and sharing thoughts with us :) *hugs*

  13. If you are doing what you want to do then it is your choice, I try to help others as much as possible and although my blog is a bit wishy washy I don't charge for features either. I think money is a need and not necessarily the most important thing in life.

  14. hello dear Amalia,

    how wonderful that you are honoring what feels right to you. working with sponsors, building a strong community of beautiful arts. this post is wonderfully clear and i so agree with everyone, it is your blog for you to do as you please.

    sending a warm smile
    appreciating your clear communication
    so happy to know you here.

  15. Amalia..for all of the years I've gotten to know you, you have done nothing but present yourself as someone who a)cares deeply about your art and family, and b) shows respect for and supports others in the creative field.

    I personally do not think that one lessens their credibility or "succumbs to the $ machine" if they host sponsored links at all. Your goals as you've stated on your blog before are clear and I personally think that it is fabulous that you've provided a place – a very safe and lovely place – for others to possibly inhabit to gain some exposure out there.

    It is always easy to quickly cast judgement upon someone or something that has changed. I offer that we all should take more time to pause before stating something without finding out more about why it's changed to begin with. Change is something we must move through all of the time, and some just are more graceful with it than others. I hope the commenter did not intend to cause any hurt.

    Big hugs to you Amalia!

  16. Well, everything has already been said so eloquently. You have my complete support and I love the new look. I think that we artists need to support each other and that is what you are doing, beautifully. :D

    ♥♥♥ (((((HUGS)))))) ♥♥♥

  17. What you have done is amazing for your fellow artisans. :) There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are doing. I personally want to thank you for your friendship AND support. We are all in this together - and we must do what we can to help each other and ourselves. You took a bold leap and there are many who appreciate it. It is hard to deal with negativity - this I know personally. But you are strong and beautiful and have many friends who do support you - and that is what matters most! :)

  18. I think you're amazing, keep on doing what you're doing is what I say! :)
    Thanks for your comment about the birds in this week's IF illo of mine. I drew the birds to look menacing, or disturbed and I was so happy to see that you got it! (Most people didn't!)
    Jess xx

  19. This is your space, your place to do as you wish. I think this is a lovely blog, and its one i stop by often. I took up on your sponsorship because i could see you where like minded - you had lots of other wonderful artist featured and it was more a place to connect and network - at no point have i ever thought you where doing this for money grabbing purposes.
    I send you my hugs and support and hope you take encouragement from the wonderful replies you have had on here.

  20. I am with you~~blogs are PERSONAL and we all have them as we need/like them. Everyone's is different; and I always take issue with the seeming self appointed *blog-police* that tell you how YOUR blog should be.
    I think you provide a great space, though I have not commented much (you know why), and am glad to see you do it.
    Just keep things the way you've been doing them. Obviously you know exactly what works, and that says more than anyone telling you what to do.
    Follow your heart. ♥


  21. I don't have a problem with it.

    It goes against many artists ideals because we see the business end of it as 'selling out'. But why shouldn't we be smart about such things? We've all been taken advantage of by unscrupulous tactics because we didn't do our own homework. I always say, ' A musician gets tired of carrying his own equipment around'. Having art sponsors is a good thing, and a huge compliment. Hopefully it can be done tastefully with an artistic sense.

  22. You know, the reality is that making money (as artists) is a part of what we do. If that is found through paid sponsors along with other paying venues, why would anyone have a problem with that? Whatever you choose to do, it's your choice, and someone getting snarky or looking down on that is doing so for their own personal reasons. I know it's hard, but try to not take it personally. I think you're doing a wonderful thing (and I didn't realize you even did that until now!)

  23. Amalia, as a sponsored link on your blog, my experience has been nothing but positive here. You presented this offer professionally and from a place of genuine support of the community. It was super to see so many wonderful and warm artists amongst my little sponsor badge and it was a great way to visit others whom I've not known of before. Exactly what you were hoping for I believe, which was cultivating exposure. I also appreciated your kind Facebook "shares" of my work or posts. Thanks again and glad to know you are still open to hosting the sponsor spots and offering this for others out provide a warm and safe place to do so.

  24. Amalia you are a beautiful person as is your art. "I" want to thank you personally for reaching out to me & inviting me to be a part of your art world.... I am both honored and privileged to be among so much talent here! I look forward to moving forward with you on your creative ventures! Hugs :) Joanna xo


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