Saturday, 20 October 2012

Botanical Dreams

Do you like to spend time gardening? Do you work hard to keep it beautiful and thriving every season? If you do, then you are quite a lucky one. Because I don't. Or maybe can't is the more precise word. Well, if you remembered, I have this huge fear of insects. Nothing I'm proud of, but to those of you sharing the same kind of fear, it's really not a laughing matter. To me, being in the garden means staying in constant alert for bugs, and to have one flying close enough would also mean seeing me in an instant panic. It's really quite an unfortunate thing, because I love gardens and you have no idea how many times I wish I didn't have this blasted fear of insects.

I think one thing I have always wanted to do is to sit in a garden and just be at peace. Even when a bee came buzzing nearby or when a butterfly fluttered its wings on a flower next to me. It just seems like a wonderful thing to experience. Many of you probably think nothing of it and do this everyday, but to me it's always been a far fetched dream. And these new pieces I've drawn were inspired by that dream.

Believe me, sometimes I wish I lived in world where there's no such thing as fears and phobias. :)


  1. hello Amalia,
    when i saw the lady but
    and butterflies, i wondered how you felt as you drew them
    these pieces are entirely beautiful

    you would not like it here in NW Montana, especially in summer. sometimes it is hard to be outside for all the biting mosquitoes! ugh.

    wishing that you loose your fear and can enjoy the friendly bugs....

  2. I don't like all the bugs either, and for some reason I can't seem to get things to thrive like I want! I can't garden like I should, too, because I actually get motion-sick from it (weeding)... so I share your envy. I have the land, and the place, I could make something glorious, if only!

    Beautiful works!

  3. ooooooowwwww, so pretty, I love the tree coming out of the book and the first one is a bit Alice in Wonderland-ish like, which I love :D fears and phobias, yes I believe we could live without them ;) I usually run from spiders and bees, my body doesn't like what they do to it but despite my best efforts to avoid them they tend to bite and sting me anyway!

  4. These are so lovely, we all have our fears and they can be so annoying, still you have such a sensitivity that shows in your works and I can feel the peace of a perfect outdoor garden experience in them, wonderful!

  5. In spite of your fear, these are incredibly sweet and lovely!

  6. Amalia, you are not alone... I feel the Exact Same Way! I love gardens and flowers, but I have an insane fear of bugs, especially spiders. I have even screamed like a crazy person, and cried a few times because I got so terrified of some super big ugly ones. People will laugh and they won't understand, but others in our situation know how you and I feel.
    Congrats on the gorgeous illustrations you drew! I love them! I think this is a great way to cope with this phobia. I too cope by making spider jewelry! Hooray for us! ^_^

  7. Amalia, my dear, you have the most enchanting garden! And the most wonderful thing is, all your bugs are friendly and your plants all thrive. As much as I adore a well manicured garden, I think I'd prefer to sit in the one you create. :) xo

  8. Hey Amalia - I nominated you for two blogging awards today! Check out the post here:


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  10. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your fears, Amalia! But looking at your incredibly beautiful drawings - so peaceful and quiet, I'm wondering how they would look like, if you didn't have this "bug problem"! I think you like all those insects deep inside your soul, only that your body (and mind) react in this way... You are so brave - to face your phobia and struggle with it through your art!!!xx
    The fact that you haven't drawn the images of your horror, but your dream - to feel completely calm and protected in your garden, show what a good and pure person you are!!!
    I can't take my eyes away from the girls' hair!!!!
    I have problems with spiders and mosqitoes - they "love" me, especially in summer! There're some insects that disgust me, but I'm so corageous when I have to protect a member of my family and get rid of them...:0))))

  11. It always amazes me how creative you are with your subjects. Every new piece you post is my new favorite! Each one is so pretty and unique, yet fits with the others. That's really special that you are able to do that!

  12. They are both lovely! Wishing someday that you finally find peace in your garden. :)

  13. So lovely...what a beautiful way to express such a dream. I wish for you that kind of peace with insects in your garden one day. ^_^ I'd love to have one myself...but I live in a very tiny apartment with little sun, so maybe one day. *laughs* I fine with bugs as long as they aren't the creepy night crawler or spider type.


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