Saturday, 13 October 2012

Evoking Emotions

Thank you. Those two words seem to keep popping up a lot here lately. I suppose when I have wonderful caring friends and followers like all of you, it's no surprise that they will become very popular in this little space of mine. So again and again, thank you for all your kind words and support whenever I'm feeling down. I know that I would post lovely happy things here for everyone to see and then suddenly out of the blue I would share my sentimental side too. I guess now it's safe to say (and confirm) that I am a soft melancholic girl that most people say in real life. :)

Well, yes. If there is one thing people think of me, is that I dote on emotions. Although I'm not the kind that would easily share my true feelings with anyone, I do however crave on showing mine through my art. It's the one way I'm totally comfortable with. It's the only way I know people would truly understand. After all, art is a universal language, right? So to celebrate our true emotions... here is Amy Sol, one of my all time favorite artists, showing her emotions through undeniably beautiful pieces of art...

I don't know about you, but I think even the word "amazing" is not enough to describe her work. To me, she's one of the very rare people that can translate beauty and feelings in one complete piece of art, where every aspect and element seems perfectly composed. You don't believe me? Try listening to a soft soothing tune while you watch her work, and you'll hear it whispering to you. :)

If you'd like to see more of her work, visit her website and prepare to be whisked away into an unknown world of enchantment...

With love,


  1. Oh wow that is truly beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loely Pic.lovely feelings..really nice work!

  3. Thankyou for sharing this with us Amalia, it looks lovely, such original imagery too. I'll check out her link now.
    Jess xx

  4. I've admired Amy's work for some time now..and these are simply stunning. They do transport you to another place..much like your work does for me, Amalia. Sending a happy hug to you this weekend and hope you're enjoying your little ones and getting some good you-time!

  5. Incredible work! I am transported. Thank you!

  6. breathtaking! inspiring! true!

  7. Her art is beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  8. so beautiful
    her work touches my heart and spirit
    thank you for sharing Amy Sol
    and thank you for sharing you with us ~

  9. Gorgeous and so soothing, I can feel my brain relaxing just gazing at them.


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