Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Memories of Gold

Today is my late best friend's birthday. She would have been 36 years old if she were still with us now. For those who have followed my journal here since the very beginning, you may notice that I celebrate her birthday every year. It's just something I like to do to remember all the wonderful memories we shared together for over 10 years. They say that true friendships last forever, and I couldn't agree more . I think I will always look back on our days together just the way they were, as if those days were only yesterday and tomorrow everything would stay the same. As vivid and fresh as they are in my mind.

I must admit that losing her was one of the hardest things I've ever had to face in my life. I have gone through the lowest points where all I could feel was anger and disappointment at life. Wondering how someone so wonderful and loving could be taken so soon, away from those who loved and needed her. But they also say that time heals all wounds, and mine has left a giant scar that will never vanish. Always a reminder of how bittersweet life can be.

So wherever you are, my friend, I love you, and I miss you terribly. Nothing can ever replace you in my heart, but I'm thankful that the memories I have of us stay alive within me.


  1. It's a beautiful drawing, may your friend rests in peace :')

  2. Your drawing evokes such emotion, its truly beautiful like your memories must be of your dear friend. xx with hugs xx

  3. Amalia - I do remember that you celebrate your friend each year. I'm so sorry for your loss but I know that the love of your friendship continues on in your heart. Big hugs to you!

  4. A Spanish writer, Antonio Gala, wrote some time ago: "If nothing lasts forever, Death won't last either". Be hopeful, my dear.
    Your drawing make me dream, as always... xxx

  5. :(... you are so kinds Amalia, this is such a lovely heart felt drawing.


  6. A sad post, full of love and tenderness! I remember you've shared with us your grief about your darling friend before! I know that it hurts, because I lost a dear friend, too, when she was young.
    The drawing speaks so much! Your friend is living, Amalia - in your memories, in your heart and tears, in your art...

  7. How sad. I know you made this wonderful drawing that comes from your heart. And I guess you dedicated this to your friend. I'm sure she will always be there deep inside in your heart forever.

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  8. Dear Amalia,I am one of youre new readers.First of all..I have to say I love all of youre work and writings.Congrats!The picture above is absolutly beautiful and I sympathize with youre feelings cos I lost my Father a few years ago and I always wanted to make a drawing about him but every time I started I could not see enything from my tears.But now as I saw yr picture I have to say thanks to share this cos You gave me strengh to give a nother try...:)
    PS:sorry about my writing Im Hungarian and my english is not the best.:)Best wishes,

  9. Oh Amalia, I' am so sorry. Some things never heal, but you know, in some ways we wouldn't want them to. Of course it were better if there was nothing to heal in the first place. When we love someone and give our heart in friendship or love, the pain of loss is all the worse. But Andia must have been very happy at her goodfortune to have a friend like yourself. Her happiness in knowing you should always be in your thoughts.

    Hugs from me

  10. This is a lovely and sweet drawing, full of tender sentiment. Happy birthday to your beloved friend. I'm sure she is smiling. Sometimes a large scar serves as a nice reminder of the love that still lies underneath.

    I have been asking every bird who flies to my window if her name is Amalia. :)


  11. I'm really in awe of the expressiveness that you've portrayed in this painting, with the colors you used and the pose of the girl, and the background movement... it's mesmerizing. I'm so sorry about your friend, I can tell how difficult this day was for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your tribute to her, I'm sure somehow she knows of your touching remembrance of her birthday.

  12. such a tender and loving post
    a beautiful art as you and now we remember her by
    sending light ~


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