Sunday, 25 July 2010

In Rerum Natura (IF - Double)

Being a woman venturing into life, I often wonder how far enough do I know myself. Whether I truly understand my own thoughts, my doings and the outcome of my actions. And of course, the answer, just as to every secret stored in my head is...yes. And no.

Like two faces of a coin and two hands of a compass, I am two opposite sides of a human being, intricately bound as one. Inseparable by nature, impossible to divide. Each standing as two solid towers that compliment one another, and in the same time create all kinds of conflicts and chaos inside myself. It's all in the nature of things, as a great man would believe.

So where exactly do I stand?

I suppose perception is always a way to start. Good or bad is yet another question to answer and the truth lies somewhere in between, like every missing puzzle that keeps popping up in the most unlikely of places and the strangest of conditions. Yet, I find myself venturing even deeper as visions become blurred and logic muddled. Answer, or no answer. It is human nature, and that's the best explanation I have so far.

Answers will come. All in good time.

In Rerum Natura is inspired by my good friend, The Clown Giant, who has ever so kindly shown me the two sides of a coin in every human being, and how natural it is to embrace both. Providing we have the right kind of balance, of course.

With good faith,

PS: My deepest gratitude, Monsieur, for enlightening me with your incredibly complex thoughts. It amazes me how good and evil sometimes think alike. Rabbit or no. Pandora sure knew what she was doing. You were right about one thing, malum quo communius eo peiusmalum. No? :)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Myths of Equilibrium

As a child brimming with curiosity and excitement, I remember the abundant amount of time I had spent exploring nature. Mystical forests of my own imagination. Shimmering brooks of enchantment. Fairies and elves lurking behind trees and shadows, all alive and vivid in my mind. Well, at least until I was called to wash up for supper.

These images, I found slowly turning into echos in my memory as I grew older and life became as what they say, 'as real as it gets'. When everyday became a binding routine of waking up in the wee hours and going to bed when the owl hoots (or maybe when the wolves howl, for some). Nevertheless, like so many other people, I found myself stuck in that routine, a planted mechanism of clockwork, with no urge of breaking free.

Not until later in my mid twenties did I realize that my life was toppling to one side and I was seriously on the verge of falling down. Now, I suppose tending to a huge pile of unwashed laundry while the baby shrieked in the background does that to you. Not to mention the thought of what was waiting on the kitchen sink and the hint of burning scent swiftly penetrating the air.

Lucky for me, I snapped out of it. Like having a bucket of cold water poured right on top of my head, I began searching for what I had lost. And to my surprise, I found it just a few steps away. Not in some exotic place with a trip that could have killed me instantly with the flight fare, but right in my own backyard. Where trees grew tall and grass swayed with the wind. A place where I finally found solace, as I did in my childhood.

The Myths of Equilibrium is inspired by Tammie Lee, who has reminded me that the wonders of nature is in fact more than just a myth.


PS: Thank you, Tammie. I still wish to plunge into your images and lose myself in them every time I visit you! :) oxx

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

You think too highly of yourself
Caught up on your own pedestal

Mark my words.

I am me
You are you

I will never try to be you

It is my pledge.

~ A.K ~

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Little Rhizome

Awake from your slumber, tiny seedling
Spread your leaves and bask in the sun
Let your roots extend and grow steadfastly
For today is the day
When the world bows
and your destiny revealed

~ A.K ~

I always believe that things happen for a reason. Paths may cross and souls intertwined, no matter the age, gender or background. Not enough can be said about the intriguing encounters I 've had the privilege to face, but thankful is one certain thing I feel about them.

Little Rhizome is inspired by my young gifted friend, Amba, a gemstone that never ceased to amaze me with her intelligence and talent.

PS: I know you'll grow tall and beautiful, Sister Tree. I thank serendipity for our encounter! oxx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Sleeping Marionette

Whistle a tune and fill in my hollow chest
Play a symphony and ignite my fire

Lifeless is something I am not
Just deep in sleep
Now slowly awakening

~ A.K ~

Inspiration is everywhere, and to me, human beings reflect the most fascinating stories in each of their life. Family, friends and even strangers in the street may become an intriguing book to read, just as the people traveling around this magical land of blogging. Through them, I have found hidden windows inside my mind and new worlds are shown for me to discover.

The Sleeping Marionette is inspired by my dear friend, Rossichka The Puppet Master, who has lead me to the fascinating fantasia of these enchanting wooden characters. Lifeless, they are not. Just deep in sleep like most of us are.

Bless you all,

PS: Your words are always so soothing, Rossichka. My deepest gratitude to you... (hugs!!)

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Up here, I shall now remain
My ground, my sanctuary

On these trees I shall now lean
My weight bearers, my protection

Search for me, when you are lost
Call my name, when loneliness takes in

The winds will carry your voice
and whisper to my ears
As I wait here in solace and in peace

~ A.K ~