Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Star Blogs - Jess Quinn (Making, My Way)

Do you believe in serendipity? Isn't it just sweet when you have a special encounter and be lucky enough to receive a hug, a kiss, and in my case a gorgeous gift? Well, that's exactly what happened to me. You see, I have been a great admirer of Jess Quinn's art ever since I found her on Etsy. There's just a deliciously fun quirky way in every single one of her creations and I fell in love instantly the minute I saw them.

Of course, finding her blog was the next cool thing. I love watching the way she works magic with her incredibly strange yet lovable characters. Not to mention that I'm lucky enough to win one in her recent giveaway! What's even more cool is that I received an e-mail from her about winning it just as I was writing a post about her blog. Now, wouldn't you call that serendipity with extra icing on top???  (^_^)

Fantastic art, don't you think? Well, if you like these adorable faces, you will love seeing a lot more on Jess Quinn's blog. And maybe take a little peek into her life as she manages her role as an artist and a mother of three lovely children (something I could definitely learn from her!).

Happy blog hopping!

Amalia, oxx

PS: Sorry for being a little bit on the down side these days and thank you for all the wonderful supportive comments you left me. I'm still working hard to cope with everything and hopefully I'll get my act together soon. (The gift sure made my day, so thanks, Jess!)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

In My Island

In My Island, pencils and digital mediums

Hello darlings, how are you today? It's been a long one for me and I'm just exhausted. Sorry for not picking a more cheery note to start this post, but I guess I'm really writing to myself this time. If that makes sense at all.

Do you ever feel like days go by like a blink of an eye? As if you've just gotten used to sunrise when suddenly the sun already sets outside? Daylight, nightfall. Daylight, and nightfall again. My brain is telling me to pick up the pace while my body is growing sluggish every minute. And my heart? Well, it won't answer when I asked. Probably still trying to figure out what's all the commotion my brain is shouting out. Am I sounding more pathetic now?

Well, I was thinking about this and I realize that I'm probably in some kind of mental shock. Not just from taking care of the baby and getting used to the new chaos I have to face each day, but especially from losing a heap amount of time for myself. Mind you, "my time" is the only thing that keep me sane through everything. I sure wish there was a secret switch somewhere in the closet that I can push so I could travel from home to another place and back again in a flash. Yah. Wouldn't that be swell?

Of course, I hope you understand that this is just a little whisper to myself, so I could make a mental note that after this I will have to take a deep breath and start again with a smile on my face. So go and have a wonderful day out today. Meanwhile, I think I'll go look for that special switch in the closet. :)

Hugs and more hugs,

Amalia, oxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Angels in Winter

When I was thirteen years old, I saw snow for the first time. Growing up in a place where the sun blazed almost everyday half through the year and rain poured consistently the rest of the months, seeing snow was definitely one of the most wonderful moments for me. I still remember the first scent, the first touch, even the first smack of snowball behind my neck..they're all safely planted in my memory even until now. Well, I guess it's true. Winter is magical. I know that the only chance of seeing snow for me now is probably by watching Jack Frost with the kids (for the zillionth times), but that shouldn't stop me from daydreaming, right? :)

Anyway, these are my Snow Angels, lively and bright to add some color to a cold white winter season. Of course, you're probably wondering how on earth did I manage to make them while I have a baby who cries every half an hour and two little kids who seem to need something every time I finally have the chance to take a break. :) Well, to be honest, it took me over a week to make these...and it was sheer torture each time I walked passed my desk and glanced at them, wishing I could get my hands all dirty with paint and glue so I could finish them! I'm sure many of you recognize that kind of torture. Haha!

So here's to a white magical winter to you! Even if you don't get to see snow, at least you can daydream...like I do. :))

Amalia, oxx

A little shop update

Throughout November and December, all shipping for purchase of $50 and over will be automatically upgraded to Express Mail for fast delivery with no added cost!! If you plan on buying a gift from my shop for the holiday season, best to do it soon so your orders will arrive right in time.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Missing the Parade

It's early here. 4:15 am to be exact and I've just put the baby to sleep (for the third time!). Funny, it just dawned on me that days go by so quickly after I've had the baby and now I don't greet Saturday as happily as I used to. Why? Because then I'd realize that my half done drawing for Illustration Friday is still sitting nicely on my desk, probably collecting dust as I write this.

Ah well, maybe next week... (^_^)

Anyway, at least now I get to do something I've been wanting to do for a long time! You see, the first time I took part in IF, the first thing I thought was...What? Only one winner?? But there's so many good ones to see! And such teeny weeny thumbnails to do them justice!! Well, grumble no more because at least some of them will be available to see here for all of us to ooh and aah over. Here are a few of my favorite submissions for the past topic, "Stripes"...


Aren't they all fabulous? I just love how each illustrator brought up their idea in such different ways. I wonder what they'll come up with for the next topic... And as for me? Well, lets just say that I'm learning new ways of stealing time. :)


 Amalia, oxx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Stolen Minutes

Psst. The baby is asleep. Big Sister is still at school and Big Brother is outside playing. Quick! I have only 20 to 25 minutes tops to post this before the chaos starts again (^_^). Just a little update of what I have been doing in those stolen minutes during the day.

A couple of original hand painted nursery art available in the shop, inspired by my youngest bundle of joy...

And a little update of my Etsy shop. Some recent items have been added, some older ones are still waiting for a new home...

But most importantly, there's a 25% OFF SALE on all items in honor of Baby Rayyan that will end on 15th November (coupon code CELEBRATIONSALE).

Well, I best be going now. I think I hear someone stirring in the nursery... :)

Amalia, oxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Monster Abduction (Scary!!!)

Now who would post about Halloween on the 2nd of November? Hmm, I don't know... maybe a cranky, sleep deprived mommy who had planned on doing it before the actual Hallow's Eve, but got abducted by the diaper monster right before she did? Hehe. Yeah, she would be it (make that me!). I'm sure the sight of the beautiful dark circles around my eyes alone would scare the bejiggers out of everyone, but I'll spare you just this once. :)

So instead I'll show you this drawing I made while the diaper monster wasn't looking...

Beastlings, graphite on paper

...which was something I thoroughly enjoyed! Especially because I haven't been drawing cute characters for a while now. It's always fun to play, isn't it? In fact, I think it would be a good therapy for me, considering the load I'm taking right now. Believe me, it's serious business to raise children, and so far the best advice I've been giving myself is to stop, inhale, exhale, count to five, then carry on.... well, it works for me. Most of the time, anyway. The Beastlings itself is inspired by my three kids, of course. Salma the calm and self reserved, Kinaya the bubbly easy going boy, and Rayyan...who is still too tiny and in need of protection from big brother and sister.

And speaking of Halloween, here are some of the cutest spooky themed treasures I found on Etsy...

1 - Original art by moonandlion
2 -  ACEO print by DanitaArt
3 - Skull decoration garland by RawBone Studio
4 - Art print by atpalicis

So anyway, how was your Hallow's Eve? Was your party a huge success? Well, I hope you all had monstrous fun and came home with your bags full of treats!

A BIG hug from the monster's lair,

Amalia, oxx