Sunday, 17 March 2013

Popping in, Popping Out

1st of March? Seriously?? That was the last time I posted here??? Wow. I can't believe how badly I've neglected this blog! I guess I just have too much on my plate right now, been focusing on that pile of work and running around chasing an endless list of deadlines. Sadly, my time these days have been spent mostly indoors, working in the studio frantically day and night, while I try my best to steal time here and there just to work on some personal stuff.

One thing I've come to realize from having very little time is how it has affected my latest drawings. Strangely enough, I have started to use minimal colors and blending somehow became a more intense therapeutic ritual. I could go on and on adding layers of a single color, just to get to the right level of intensity that I want. If you follow my Facebook page, I'm sure you've seen this in my latest works. I think subconsciously I have been seeking for simplicity in my chaotic life and it's somehow transferred into my work. Sometimes it's hard being an artist. You just can't seem to hide anything. ;)

Anyway, I'm really sorry for not writing more often and I honestly can't promise to get back to my usual posting routine any time soon. Thank you so much to those of you who have popped in regularly and for the sweet emails you've sent me. I'm doing fine. Exhausted, but doing just fine. :)

Until next time!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Savoring the Quiet Moments

Two days ago, another year was added to my life. And just as the year before, I chose to spend the day as quietly as I could, trying to savor as much peace and serenity that I could find. I suppose this is just a new kind of celebration for me. Something that I find so much more fulfilling for my mind and soul at the moment. Some may say that I'm probably going through a phase when everything I experience in life triggers a set of questions that make me ponder and wonder about the past and future. Even if most of them still stay unanswered.

Although my life seems to be quite an endless tale of quests, I'm truly grateful that my work is the one thing that has stayed consistently real to me. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars for letting me have probably one of the most satisfying and heart nourishing jobs that ever existed. At least to people like myself. To me, it is a sanctuary, a friend, a guiding star, a shoulder to cry on, and most of the time, a place where I can truly call home. It has grown with me throughout the years and will probably continue to be my true confidante as I carry on with the journey ahead of me.

I realize that life will always be an unknown frontier. I may or may not end up in a place that I dream to be, and many questions will probably stay unanswered. But life is a riddle, and I'm more than grateful to have something that will keep me standing tall, no matter the weather.

I hope life is kind where you are, my friends.

With love,

Note: The artwork above is my latest original piece, titled The Wish Forest.