Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Giveaway

Hello lovelies. So we meet again at Halloween! It's always such an exciting time of year, isn't it? Little ghosts and ghouls roaming about, grinning skulls and cute green monsters every where you look. I hope you have something wonderful planned this year. As for me, I've been so busy organizing my Halloween art and displaying them in my Etsy shop. I just love how Halloween seems to have taken over every corner of the internet world. It feels like we're all having fun together! :)

I even have new printable digital stamps available. You can use them to create craft projects such as card making, scrapbooking, coloring pages or last minute party decoration. I drew these witches out and scanned them to create high quality JPEG images. But then I just couldn't resist coloring them in! I absolutely loved coloring books as a little girl! I remember having a high pile of them in my room and I kept getting more every time I went shopping with my mom. These days, I do the same with my little ones. Although my eldest has outgrown her coloring hobby, my boys still love it. Only they prefer racing cars and robots, of course. :)

I do plan to add more of these digi stamps to my shop very soon. I love the idea of someone out there using their creativity with my drawings. So to celebrate Halloween, I'm giving away these witches digi stamps to three lucky readers! To enter the giveaway, you simply need to sign up to my newsletter through my online shop, and leave a comment right here.
It would be so wonderful to see what can be done with my little witches. So please, if you win these or purchased them in my shop, feel free to send me a photo of your creation to my Facebook page and I will gladly post them there.

So, until next time...and enjoy your Halloween weekend! :)

Much love,

Monday, 19 October 2015

Owls Forever

If there is one animal that could get me all googly eyed and warm inside, it's an owl. There's something so wonderfully majestic and adorable at the same time that sends my heart a flutter every time I see an image of them. I'm sure you've noticed that I've drawn and painted owls in my art so many times before. I mean, I can't help it...can you blame me? :)

Well, to those of you who share the same love for this amazing animal, here are some "owlsomeness" I have stumbled upon... (please click each image to visit the link)

See how owls have inspired so many people to create these wonderful treasures? Just as I was inspired to create these two new owl sculptures, in collaboration with the local traditional craftsmen. A project that I started a few years back.

I had loads of fun working on these two! So beware, expect more dashing cute owls parading through here very soon. Meanwhile, these owls have made their way to my shop and eagerly waiting to find a new home.

I hope you've enjoyed this owl collection. Believe me, I had such a hard time selecting which ones to post because I had found so many! Well, just another good reason for me to write a sequel, wouldn't you say so? ;)

Hoot hoot!

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Friday, 9 October 2015

A Big Announcement

Hello lovelies. Another week has gone by and here we are again welcoming the weekend. I don't know about you, but this week was an extra tough one because I have been pushing myself to finish up an old project that I should've had done a long time ago. Want to know what it is? Are you ready? Ooo...I'm so excited! Please allow me to present... my official website...yaaaayy!! **fireworks and confetti**

Here are a couple of snippets for you...
And what's even better, I now also have an online shop to display my available works and exclusive collections, with amazing special offers for everyone! And by that I mean lots of huge discounts and freebies, available nowhere else but at my online shop. And if you sign up for my newsletters, you're guaranteed to received awesome free goodies and coupons too! Sounds great? :)
So please, it would make me absolutely happy if you would spare some time to visit and check out my website. I owe a huge thank you to my lovely husband for designing and creating the site from start to finish. I'm so lucky to have someone so creative and technology savvy as a brick to lean on. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! :)