Monday, 27 September 2010

Again, thank you, Ces... oxx


Friday, 17 September 2010

A Little Peek Just For You...

Just a quick peek into a few pages of the book I was working on...

Yes, I was practically bound to the drawing table for months, until all pages were done. Thankfully, they are. All 'one hundred and eighty' of them (writing it in digits really freaked me out!).

Well, I'm exhausted, but very happy. (^_^)

Hugs to all,
(Which is right? OXOX or XOXO? Heheh..)


Friday, 10 September 2010

In the Midst of Intricacy

save me from myself,
o brave hunter of the truth.
let me speak in riddles,
hear not my pretenses.

for here I am awake,
yet far deep in sleep.
almost in death,
vivaciously alive.

~ A.K ~

My second piece of the series I'm working on... 
There's not much to add, but I'm working, working, and yes, still working.
I hope you're having wonderful weather and sunny smiles around!

Hugs & kisses,


Saturday, 4 September 2010

Better Late Than Never

Have you ever had that guilty feeling when you promised someone something but just never have the time to get around and do it? Well, I plead guilty of all charges. A few months after I started blogging, I have had e-mails from friends and friends to-be asking me if they could somehow purchase my work. Flattered beyond anything else, of course I promised them that soon I will open up an online shop to make this possible for them. But then things got in the way, work, family...well, you get the picture. So my apologies for those promises. They were never false and I truly meant every word.

So after long overdue, we have finally (yes, finally!) set up an online shop over at We, as in myself and this super cool elf I met while picking mushrooms in the woods (^__^). You see, although I am blessed with many talents such as finding lost socks and peeling off price labels, unfortunately managing a shop is not one of them. At least not that I'm aware of anyway. So bless the super cool elf for saving the day and volunteering to play manager for me! Feel free to visit the shop here and see if anything captures your heart.

You'll notice that we only sell limited edition prints because I think that the art becomes more valuable that way, both to buyers and myself who slaved away making them (just kidding!!). Also, I feel that it would be a good way to help push myself and keep on creating more art. In case I ran out of prints! (Haha!wouldn't that be swell??)

And to show you how much I really love all of you, I'm giving away a free set of 2 mini prints for each limited edition print purchase within the shop. Just let me know which images you would like to be on them and I will gladly send them to you along with the order.

So I guess I'll see you there! Happy browsing, and hopefully happy shopping! (^_____^) oxox


I'm just so lucky, lucky, lucky! So it's true what they say that Etsy is full of wonderful friendly people with a lot of love... Our shop had just barely opened, and we were already included in these Treasuries:

All the more reason for a huge grin on my face!!! (^____^)